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  • It’s official! We now have the Roberto [email protected]_RC3  with us at! It’s been difficult to…
    14 Aug @ 8AM

  • Roberto Carlos casually recreating his famous free-kick against France!
    14 Aug @ 7AM

  • Robert de Niro Linked to Child Sex Trafficking Ring According to Court Records. Roberto de Perv, is that why your wife l…
    13 Aug @ 7PM

  • A warrant has been issued for Roberto Sinay for felony hit & run resulting in injury of a bicyclist. If you know of his…
    13 Aug @ 7PM

  • we got almost no content this season the only thing i was excited for were those scenes fuck roberto
    13 Aug @ 5PM

  • omw to Vancouver to threaten Roberto for not giving us the scenes, who’s in
    13 Aug @ 4PM

  • Roberto Campos dizia que o subdesenvolvimento não nasce por acaso, pois é obra de séculos. No caso da Argentina, o curios…
    13 Aug @ 3PM

  • Vejam meu irmãozinho Arthur e nosso amigo Paulo Roberto!
    13 Aug @ 2PM

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