@brfootball: We need Mauricio Pochettino back in our lives https://t.co/PjBeBckVIn

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  • We need Mauricio Pochettino back in our lives https://t.co/PjBeBckVIn
    25 Jan @ 1PM

  • It's obvious what Man United need to do after the blind optimism of appointing Ole Gunnar Solskjaer - hire Mauricio Pochetti…
    24 Jan @ 1PM

  • If Solskjær fails to deliver even when a number of signings have been made, then #mufc will look at a new manager. Mauricio…
    23 Jan @ 6PM

  • Manchester United hold talks with Mauricio Pochettino to become the new manager
    23 Jan @ 8AM

  • Fresh from the VIP area at Old Trafford High level official: I want Solskjær out ASAP! Get Mauricio Pochettino in & let hi…
    23 Jan @ 12AM

  • The fact that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer remains Man Utd manager while Mauricio Pochettino is chilling at home, presumably makin…
    22 Jan @ 10PM

  • Next Man Utd manager odds... - Mauricio Pochettino: 1/1 - Massimiliano Allegri: 7/2 - Brendan Rodgers: 14/1 - Ralf Rangni…
    22 Jan @ 9PM

  • Mauricio Pochettino has opened talks with Manchester United over taking over as manager next season. https://t.co/KFUc98
    21 Jan @ 1PM

  • Mauricio Pochettino has opened talks with Manchester United over taking over as manager next season. (Source: Alfredo…
    21 Jan @ 10AM

  • Mauricio Pochettino has been talking to #mufc about becoming manager next season. He would want full control over transfers.…
    20 Jan @ 11PM

  • Posting this everyday until Mauricio Pochettino is Manchester United’s manager. https://t.co/tJn7PoPLLw
    20 Jan @ 7PM

  • According to our #MUFC sources, Ed Woodward held one hour meeting with Mauricio Pochettino’s lawyers last week in Paris. htt…
    19 Jan @ 11PM

  • Did this the other day, about how Utd persisting with Solskjaer actually feels just like the reactionary decision they h…
    19 Jan @ 8PM

  • Former Tottenham coach Mauricio Pochettino was at the Bernabeu today - he talked briefly to @diarioas "That was a great…
    18 Jan @ 9PM

  • FourFourTwo ranked the Premier League's 10 best managers over the last decade: 1. Pep Guardiola 2. Jurgen Klopp 3. Maurici…
    18 Jan @ 11AM

  • Bruno Fernandes is the beginning of a post-Pogba United - that may yet include Pochettino #mufc https://t.co/ZgibeBz38y
    17 Jan @ 3PM

  • Jose Mourinho on whether he's spoken to Mauricio Pochettino: "No, I'm too busy. It would be very, very easy for him to…
    17 Jan @ 2PM

  • List of Governor Uzodinma’s first appointments https://t.co/VBK1jWOe1l
    17 Jan @ 10AM

  • Manchester United are closing in on a deal for Bruno Fernandes. His signing will represent a short-term fix for the c…
    17 Jan @ 8AM

  • Mauricio Pochettino on sharing a room with legend Diego Maradona: "When I woke up, he wasn't in his bed. No one knew w…
    16 Jan @ 11PM

  • Where next for the former #THFC boss? "Football was born here in England but I think La Liga has amazing football and ama…
    16 Jan @ 9AM

  • My article about Pochettino is up. I tried to tell you all you need to know about Pochettino. I also added context to make y…
    16 Jan @ 12AM

  • Mauricio Pochettino made his return to the limelight in the UK for the first time since his departure from Tottenham H…
    15 Jan @ 9PM

  • Let me give you few thoughts on the last few hours at #FCB and what happened with Mauricio Pochettino 1. Barcelona had…
    15 Jan @ 1PM

  • Piece on United and the potentially historic decision of why they should pick Pochettino over Solskjaer. https://t.co/m
    15 Jan @ 10AM

  • Arsenal said NO to Mauricio Pochettino Barcelona said NO to Mauricio Pochettino. Bayern Munich said NO to Mauricio Pochett…
    14 Jan @ 3PM

  • Mauricio Pochettino on sharing a room with legend Diego Maradona: "When I woke up, he wasn't in his bed. No one knew…
    14 Jan @ 12PM

  • Imagine Bruno Fernandes under Mauricio Pochettino at Man United next season..
    14 Jan @ 12AM

  • [@NAagencia] | Former Tottenham Hotspur manager Mauricio Pochettino has just rejected the opportunity to become the Barcelona…
    13 Jan @ 9PM

  • Mauricio Pochettino received a call, he answered his phone, it turned out to be Barcelona's president Bartomeu. Pochettino…
    13 Jan @ 8PM

  • Mauricio Pochettino to Barcelona? Back in 2018, the former Espanyol manager said he would never coach their cross-town rivals.…
    13 Jan @ 6PM

  • Mauricio Pochettino has signed up to La Liga.... He's due at a launch event for La Liga TV in London later this week
    13 Jan @ 4PM

  • £65m bid for Bruno Fernandes? ? Christian Eriksen to Inter Milan? Mauricio Pochettino to Barcelona? The latest trans…
    13 Jan @ 12PM

  • Barcelona are determined to replace head coach Ernesto Valverde and they'll now look to Mauricio Pochettino for the ro…
    13 Jan @ 10AM

  • Christian Eriksen in a £17m deal? Mauricio Pochettino to Barcelona? Lewis Dunk to Chelsea? The latest transfer gos…
    13 Jan @ 8AM

  • Mauricio Pochettino 'contacted for Barcelona job' as clock ticks on Ernesto Valverde https://t.co/er1ZNJhNYi https://t.…
    13 Jan @ 6AM

  • Mauricio Pochettino is now the main candidate to become the new Barcelona manager after Xavi rejected the opportunity o…
    13 Jan @ 1AM

  • BREAKING: Mauricio Pochettino is now the main candidate to become the new Barcelona manager after Xavi rejected the oppo…
    12 Jan @ 9PM

  • #thfc captain Hugo Lloris on Mauricio Pochettino's departure: "It was hard. It is not nice to see people who you like e…
    11 Jan @ 2PM

  • Bruni Fernandes agent deletes Twitter account United guarded over 'noise from Portugal' Tottenham explored signing…
    11 Jan @ 12AM

  • "Man Utd midfielder Bruno Fernandes is on the verge of completing an 18 month loan move to AC Milan. After just 12 months…
    10 Jan @ 7PM

  • Tottenham Hotspur Player Transfer Spending under Mauricio Pochettino Incoming Transfers: £364,811,000 Outgoing Transf…
    9 Jan @ 4PM

  • There are two possibilities for #mufc's rebuild: • Ole Gunnar Solskjaer succeeds • Mauricio Pochettino takes over For me, t…
    9 Jan @ 2PM

  • Mauricio Pochettino is keeping a close watch on developments at United. #mufc [Mail]
    8 Jan @ 10PM

  • Manchester United fans are chanting “Mauricio pochettino to United” https://t.co/0qOF0WBqCq
    7 Jan @ 10PM

  • It’s an insult to Mauricio Pochettino that Manchester United continue to persist with this. #MUFC
    7 Jan @ 9PM

  • Pep Guardiola was #MUFC's primary target to rebuild the club in the post-Ferguson era. He ended up reshaping #MCFC. Can…
    7 Jan @ 9AM

  • Harry Kane's absence is likely to prove a much bigger problem for Jose Mourinho than it did for Mauricio Pochettino. He…
    6 Jan @ 9AM

  • Mauricio Pochettino clearly hinted over the summer a painful rebuild was required in order to take Tottenham Hotspur f…
    6 Jan @ 12AM

  • Mauricio Pochettino’s last 5 games as Spurs manager : 2 wins 2 draws 1 loss Jose Mourinho’s last 5 games as Spurs…
    5 Jan @ 9PM

 Tottenham Hotspur News

    • 👔 Happy birthday, Jose! 🍾 #THFC ⚪️ #COYS https://t.co/6op7rGP02N
      26 Jan @ 08:05
    • 📺 Sonny: "It's a replay, but it's another home game and we can improve our level and show our fans we can get the v… https://t.co/1GUCngg6CW
      25 Jan @ 08:15
    • "It's not a drama for us. It's not good that we have to play another match, but let's go again at home." 📺 Jose's… https://t.co/1AUDfmqUpT
      25 Jan @ 07:34
    • FULL-TIME: A late equaliser for the hosts means the tie will need to be decided by a replay at Tottenham Hotspur St… https://t.co/h0uByRHFCK
      25 Jan @ 06:53
    • 87 - Goal for Southampton. Boufal. 🔴 #SaintsFC 1-1 #THFC 🔵
      25 Jan @ 06:46
    • 80 - Ings wins it in a dangerous position, cuts inside and drives towards the box before firing wide of the far pos… https://t.co/GnXVDitnM5
      25 Jan @ 06:39
    • 📸 ⚽️ Sonny gets us going at St Mary's! 🔴 #SaintsFC 0-1 #THFC 🔵 https://t.co/5S3nWVzyHP
      25 Jan @ 06:26
    • 58 - Brilliant play from @LoCelsoGiovani in the middle as he drives us forward, the ball eventually finds Sonny who… https://t.co/TMpvm0whMK
      25 Jan @ 06:18
    • YESSSS, SONNNY! 🔴 #SaintsFC 0-1 #THFC 🔵 https://t.co/RioVFWTuhl
      25 Jan @ 06:17
    • 56 - Jose makes his first change: ➡️ @ErikLamela ⬅️ Gedson Fernandes 🔴 #SaintsFC 0-0 #THFC 🔵 https://t.co/fqf1TUwlrQ
      25 Jan @ 06:15
    • 53 - Obafemi gets in down the right and fires a dangerous cross in which Ings flicks just wide of the far post. 🔴 #SaintsFC 0-0 #THFC 🔵
      25 Jan @ 06:11
    • We're back for the second half and it's still all to play for at St Mary's. 📲 @WilliamHill latest (18+)… https://t.co/ehkj61ODwP
      25 Jan @ 06:03
    • HALF-TIME: An evenly-contested first half on the whole. We've had the better of the chances at St Mary's, but it re… https://t.co/mxLMGVF6fr
      25 Jan @ 05:47
    • 35 - Best chance so far for the hosts. Ings meets Ward-Prowse's free-kick and takes it around Hugo, but Tanganga is… https://t.co/YWijmpRqsd
      25 Jan @ 05:35
    • 33 - Another chance. Excellent play in the middle of park before @dele_official sets @LucasMoura7 in. Gunn narrows… https://t.co/kkykh1oREO
      25 Jan @ 05:34