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  • Tanguy Ndombele and Harry Winks miss out with groin and ankle injuries respectively. You could see Winks take that heavy…
    7 Dec @ 3PM

  • Harry Winks is basically Elneny
    4 Dec @ 10PM

  • Things I never want to see from #thfc again: ? Moussa Sissoko-Harry Winks midfield ? Christian Eriksen
    4 Dec @ 9PM

  • Harry Winks is booked for sending Daniel James crashing into Jose Mourinho... The Spurs manager with an early injury!…
    4 Dec @ 7PM

  • Grealish has as many goals and assists as Mason Mount, Hudson-Odoi and Harry Winks combined this season. In the last 9 m…
    3 Dec @ 10AM

  • Jack Grealish- 12 appearances 3 goals 4 assists Ross Barkley- 6 appearances 0 goals 0 assists Delph- 7 appearances 0 goals…
    2 Dec @ 5PM

  • Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Harry Winks is ever the professional when providing an interview on Spurs: "Can you hold…
    27 Nov @ 6PM

  • "Can you hold my Singapore noodles?" Harry Winks is ever the professional https://t.co/S9DcyIxJzT
    27 Nov @ 3PM

  • Mourinho: "The first thing I did in the dressing room is apologise to Eric Dier. It is never easy for a player but not for the…
    27 Nov @ 12AM

  • impact on this game: ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦…
    26 Nov @ 10PM

  • Harry Winks - he gets it. https://t.co/LHQ8TWTK6A
    26 Nov @ 10PM

  • Most ground covered today: Harry Kane (10.96km) Eric Dier (10.94km) - yeah, me too Harry Winks (10.87km) Most sprints: So…
    23 Nov @ 4PM

  • I want to take this moment to apologise to Christian Eriksen for hating on him by saying he always hits the first man on corne…
    23 Nov @ 1PM

  • Three changes in Jose Mourinho's first @SpursOfficial side. Lucas Moura, Harry Winks, Toby Alderweireld in. Ndombele, Lo Ce…
    23 Nov @ 1PM

  • New Tottenham Hotspur head coach Jose Mourinho recalls Toby Alderweireld, Eric Dier and Harry Winks for his first game in cha…
    23 Nov @ 12PM

  • Poor Harry Winks What Mourinho arrival means for #THFC players [email protected]_Marking? [email protected]? https://t.co/QnxBMsm
    20 Nov @ 6PM

  • #thfc midfielder Harry Winks' message to Mauricio Pochettino. https://t.co/e6RklU8vKx
    20 Nov @ 9AM

  • “I’m forever thankful." #THFC star pays tribute to Mauricio Pochettino https://t.co/VLlgXngzoH
    20 Nov @ 8AM

  • Harry Winks about to be Mou’s favourite player. Eric Dier is gonna get back into the team too. Maybe Wanyama. Ndombele to f…
    20 Nov @ 7AM

  • Gonna tell my kids this was Harry Winks https://t.co/Md2Ud3aNb0
    19 Nov @ 11PM

  • Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Harry Winks has backed Spurs boss Mauricio Pochettino: "I wouldn't be where I am if it w…
    19 Nov @ 9PM

  • 6 years of hard work developing talent like Harry Kane, dele Alli and Harry winks and all for what? To be “relieved of d…
    19 Nov @ 9PM

  • Harry Winks wearing #10 for your country's football team should mean the sport is scrapped in the country. Ideally. But h…
    19 Nov @ 7PM

  • "I wouldn't be where I am if it wasn't for him. I'm forever thankful to the gaffer." Harry Winks on Tottenham Hotspur m…
    19 Nov @ 7PM

  • Harry Winks compared to Zinedine Zidane after impressive England display in Kosovo https://t.co/iUpUWvRiDa https://t.co…
    19 Nov @ 6PM

  • Harry Winks compared to Zinedine Zidane after impressive England display in Kosovo https://t.co/CB8ZgsGvCo https://t.co…
    19 Nov @ 4PM

  • #OTD in 2016, Harry Winks marked his Tottenham Hotspur debut with a goal against West Ham United in a 3-2 victory. T…
    19 Nov @ 10AM

  • Gareth Southgate on Harry Winks: “Harry Winks was excellent in both games. He took the ball well in moments when we n…
    18 Nov @ 11PM

  • Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Harry Winks on scoring his first-ever England goal: “To score the first goal was a great…
    18 Nov @ 8PM

  • Harry Winks https://t.co/XUU56Lbx1U
    18 Nov @ 6PM

  • Harry Winks on scoring his first England goal... "I never thought it would happen" https://t.co/jie7RiNE0R
    18 Nov @ 2PM

  • Harry Winks scores against the mighty Kosovo and all I'm seeing is the name of Matteo Guendouzi stupid clowns... Guendouz…
    18 Nov @ 10AM

  • Could Harry Winks graduate into a regular starter for England? https://t.co/UqswyVigTC
    18 Nov @ 6AM

  • 'A dream come true' https://t.co/e6Q2WEu9Ja
    18 Nov @ 4AM

  • Tottenham Harry Winks scores Manchester United Marcus Rashford scores Chelsea Mason Mount scores Arsenal Emery OUT #…
    17 Nov @ 10PM

  • #thfc midfielder Harry Winks has been on the winning side in all six of his @England appearances so far, the joint-best…
    17 Nov @ 9PM

  • Harry Winks’ first goal for England. Unbelievable first touch followed by a composed finish #THFC https://t.co/lu
    17 Nov @ 8PM

  • Harry Winks >> Guendouzi Won't tell you again.
    17 Nov @ 6PM

  • James Maddison: Constant starter for Leicester City every week... Harry Winks: Started on the bench in recent weeks for…
    17 Nov @ 3PM

  • Harry Winks thought Maddison wanted to take a picture Credit by IG story Maddison.. https://t.co/ShbHFQeZ5n
    16 Nov @ 9PM

  • If Harry Winks untucked his top, wore a pair of pink Nike HypoVenom boots and got a skin fade he’d be rated so much higher…
    15 Nov @ 11AM

  • Why Harry Winks doesn’t insist on wearing the number 40 is the biggest failure of modern football. #ENGMON
    14 Nov @ 11PM

  • Harry Winks the rightful heir to Michael Carrick’s throne. What a player
    14 Nov @ 9PM

  • Where are you my good guy with a good dick? Call me... ENGMON england1000 Maddison ENGMNE KSIDLT askmellobludbear Harry…
    14 Nov @ 7PM

  • so what has JM got to do to get into the England 1st 11. can someone tell me what harry winks has done this season oh yea…
    14 Nov @ 6PM

  • Giovani Lo Celso has been excellent and will be a key player for the club, according to #thfc team-mate Harry Winks. ht…
    11 Nov @ 8PM

  • Commentator just said N'dombele's a powerful runner who doesn't move the ball like Harry Winks. Sack him at half-time tha…
    9 Nov @ 5PM

  • Wait, this is the clown #AFC fans are trying to compare with Harry Winks? Give me a break! #THFC #COYS https://t.co/s
    27 Oct @ 11PM

  • Obvs Twitter doesn't do context but here's Poch's actual answer to @JackPittBrooke RE: Ndombele. This is clearly more abou…
    27 Oct @ 10PM

  • We all sit here and moan about Levy not backing Pochettino but at the same time he drops his 60 million record signing f…
    27 Oct @ 4PM

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      14 Dec @ 08:32
    • RT @RyanMason: Feel grateful to have gone to the hospital today with some early Christmas presents and put a smile on some kids faces ! htt…
      13 Dec @ 02:11
    • RT @HKane: Very special to go back to the hospital where I was born and put some smiles on faces. Brave kids and brilliant work by the staf…
      13 Dec @ 09:01
    • "Spending time with them and bringing presents is a small but hugely important thing we can do to help raise spirit… https://t.co/nbjZ4bGc6g
      13 Dec @ 08:43
    • ⭐🎄 @AlderweireldTob, @KWPeters, Danny Rose and @RyanMason visit North Middlesex Hospital to meet the children.… https://t.co/a83OWW9uLe
      13 Dec @ 08:14
    • ☃️🎄 @HKane, @LucasMoura7, @RyanSessegnon and @JTanganga99 surprise children at Whipps Cross Hospital. #SpursXmas ⚪… https://t.co/2z9943Zjn4
      13 Dec @ 08:07
    • 🎅🎄 Hugo, @ChrisEriksen8, Alfie Whiteman and Brandon Austin spreading festive cheer at Whittington Hospital.… https://t.co/YQE0oniZlV
      13 Dec @ 08:01
    • Back in training 👊 #THFC ⚪️ #COYS https://t.co/vrTHcZPTON
      13 Dec @ 07:39
    • Getting ready for Wolves 💪 #THFC ⚪️ #COYS https://t.co/u7rBF2P2QF
      13 Dec @ 07:38