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  • Eric Dier played 251 minutes at the World Cup. While he was on the field; England didn’t score a single goal, conceded…
    17 Jul @ 12AM

  • #thfc team-mates Eric Dier and Dele saying goodbye to each other yesterday after @England duty this summer. https://t.c
    16 Jul @ 12PM

  • Eric Dier against Belgium: Successful tackles 8/8 Successful take ons 3/3 Passing accuracy 94% Key passes 2 Times dribbled…
    15 Jul @ 6PM

  • Toby Alderweireld on his goal-line clearance from #thfc team-mate Eric Dier: "I spoke to him after, I said I am sorry.…
    15 Jul @ 5PM

  • Eric Dier showing how daft any claims that he's a limited footballer are today. Showing a bit of everything. Had to be Al…
    14 Jul @ 9PM

  • "World Cup winner Jordan Henderson wins the tackle" "Eric Dier who won the World Cup passes the ball forward" "Ashley You…
    12 Jul @ 3PM

  • Eric Dier on what's been driving #ENG on at the #WorldCup
    9 Jul @ 8PM

  • When you stop the traffic and ask the driver to take a penalty in the middle of the road (Eric Dier-esque) #WorldCup #EnglandvCo…
    6 Jul @ 7AM

  • If England win the World Cup we won't have a rest. Premier League commentary will be like: "World Cup winner Jordan Hende…
    6 Jul @ 1AM

  • I've just had my third cup of tea since Eric Dier's penalty and it's still not calmed me down.
    4 Jul @ 12AM

  • Never realised how good Hendo was till you see Eric Dier trying to play the same role
    29 Jun @ 4PM

  • Eric Dier is what rivals think Henderson is.
    29 Jun @ 12PM

  • Eric Dier: Best mates with Vardy. Racist as fuck. Parents are on benefits. Gets sent out of every lesson. Gets called meat…
    15 Jun @ 9AM

  • Eric Dier has strapping on his left thigh but took full part in training & showed now sign of discomfort. Says it’s a g…
    13 Jun @ 11AM

  • 4. Eric Dier - Safety first Eric. Also fluent in Portuguese so if we get Portugal he can get in their heads. Not much else t…
    12 Jun @ 3PM

  • “Eric Dier, BANG”. 2 years ago today v Russia in Marseille. #ThreeLions #EnglandAway
    12 Jun @ 12AM

  • @England's World Cup numbers: 1 Jordan Pickford 2 Kyle Walker 3 Danny Rose 4 Eric Dier 5 John Stones 6 Harr…
    4 Jun @ 5PM

  • Eric Dier and Dele alli spinning our midfielders and we still have to face Modric Kovacic and Rakitic
    2 Jun @ 5PM

  • WORLD CUP WISHLIST: - Harry Kane getting substituted after scoring a hat-trick, walking over to Jordan Henderson, shak…
    22 May @ 9PM

  • Jordan Henderson and Eric Dier when Raheem Sterling and Jesse Lingard make runs in behind the Tunisia defence.
    20 May @ 9AM

  • Jordan Henderson and Eric Dier when Sterling and Alli make a great run in behind the defence
    19 May @ 1AM

  • @GaryLineker People were once worried that Frank Lampard and Steve Gerrard couldn’t play together. Now we’ve got Eric Dier…
    16 May @ 7PM

  • Congratulations to Eric Dier, Kieran Trippier, Harry Kane, Dele Alli and Danny Rose for being selected for @England's 23-…
    16 May @ 4PM

  • Danny Murphy thinks the ref should have given Spurs a throw-in because Eric Dier let it run and he wouldn't have done so un…
    21 Apr @ 10PM

  • Dele Alli and Eric Dier hacking at Jesse Lingard's achilles. Classy move from his English teammates.
    21 Apr @ 9PM

  • Just simply watch and admire the ball from Eric Dier, then the touch and finish from Dele Alli. It’s a simply world-c…
    1 Apr @ 7PM

  • Eric Dier before kick off today
    1 Apr @ 4PM

  • 2 years ago since Eric Dier nodded in that winner in Berlin.
    26 Mar @ 6PM

  • Eric Dier: "Carrick was probably the best English player to play in that deep midfield position. I was lucky enough to t…
    12 Mar @ 10PM

  • Eric Dier: “Michael Carrick was probably the best English player to play in that position. I was lucky enough to train a…
    12 Mar @ 8PM

  • Next week, Eric Dier talks exclusively on: - why apples are bananas - five actually being seven - purple rabbits tur…
    10 Mar @ 4PM

  • ‘Cars? No, we discuss Brexit, Catalonia and VAR at Spurs. Footballers have so much to talk about, so much to say.’ Eric Di…
    10 Mar @ 8AM

  • Dive or no dive? Tottenham's Harry Kane and Eric Dier defend Dele Alli over diving row Full story:
    26 Feb @ 2PM

  • Eric Dier on Harry Kane's heroics - “It’s getting boring isn’t it? He just keeps getting the records. But he’s a class act…
    25 Feb @ 5PM

  • Eric Dier disasterclass incoming
    25 Feb @ 1PM

  • Eric Dier: “Tottenham’s young stars can make new stadium a fortress next season”. #COYS #THFC
    25 Feb @ 12PM

  • Pausing his warm-down to pose for pictures and sign autographs - and to get his teammates to sign too! Eric Dier Go behin…
    18 Feb @ 9PM

  • Fair play, Eric Dier He even passed the signature book on to other Spurs players! #ROCTOT #bbcfacup #FACup
    18 Feb @ 8PM

  • May God bless u bro, Plays with only Eric Dier
    13 Feb @ 10PM

  • Eric Dier making a point to ensure he gives his shirt over to a Spurs fan after full-time. Class-act #THFC #COYS…
    10 Feb @ 6PM

  • Eric Dier's game by numbers vs. Arsenal: 82 touches 51 (80%) passes completed 5 (100%) aerial duels won 4 clearances 3 tackle…
    10 Feb @ 3PM

  • Eric Dier just casually flicking the ball over Aubameyang’s head right there
    10 Feb @ 1PM

  • Salah onside for both goals. 2nd he clearly is. 1st goal Eric Dier plays him through...
    5 Feb @ 11AM

  • The moment Eric Dier saw the Dele Alli video. If you look closely you can actually pinpoint the exact moment his hear…
    5 Feb @ 12AM

  • If Dele Alli & Eric Dier weren't English they wouldn't be relevant Overhyped English shit..
    4 Feb @ 10PM

  • #thfc 5 talking points here after this evening's drama at Anfield - Pochettino's tactics (did they work?), Eric Dier's…
    4 Feb @ 8PM

  • Eric Dier: Good News: He can play defence-splitting passes Bad News: The defence is his own #LIVTOT
    4 Feb @ 6PM

  • Eric Dier claims the presence of Alexis Sanchez "won't make a difference" to Manchester United on Wednesday https://t.c
    29 Jan @ 5PM

  • Harry Kane tw*tting free-kicks over the bar, Eric Dier struggling against supposedly inferior opposition. It's an early gli…
    27 Jan @ 6PM

  • Eric Dier angrily appeals for a free-kick when it turns out he simply ran into Tadic’s elbow at full speed.
    21 Jan @ 6PM

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