@Kro2000K: WHAT A GOAL! JUKE. #BCFC #SWFC https://t.co/6Vhl7IH7Mw

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  • @LouisShackshaft: #SWFCSTATS: Unbelievably, Sheffield Wednesday have now dropped 22 points from winning positions this season #SWFC
  • @1867News: We have 45pts but have dropped 22 from winning positions. That's almost half. If we'd held them all we'd be top of the league…
  • @EnglishAbroad1: What a strike from Matt Penney (@Matt_Penney7) to make it 2-0 for St. Pauli The full back is on loan from Sheffiel…
  • @Clarelo68483423: Fuck Garry Monk fuck Chansiri and Fuck that bunch of over paid fucking shite they call players and while iam at it fuc…
  • @johnada75157425: I've got 99 problems and every single one of them is Sheffield Wednesday fc #swfc
  • @1867News: Much better attacking performance.. should really have score four or more. Forestieri looked good, Wickham made a huge differ…
  • @Kro2000K: WHAT A GOAL! JUKE. #BCFC #SWFC https://t.co/6Vhl7IH7Mw
  • @ndunne76: 3-2 Murphy #wawaw #swfc @swfc https://t.co/9V9O8sNMBH
  • @PolarNigel: Bannan equalises!! #swfc https://t.co/MJDZYHfjXl
  • @OutContextSWFC: Still #swfc https://t.co/4D4dJ7PuqH
  • @nigel_short: The meltdown on Twitter tonight seems unreasonable to me. We worked harder than I've seen for weeks, came back twice to eq…
  • @footyawayday: Sheffield Wednesday fans at Birmingham City today #swfc https://t.co/ydtcLnkwVX
  • @_Sean7_: Jude when he see’s Garry Monk today #BCFC #SWFC https://t.co/Wy1G7ssPq8
  • @ploehmann: #swfc Get in. As scrappy a goal as the second half has been as a whole, but players being opportunistic and quicker thinking…
  • @olly13x: Westwood’s last 8 games for us he conceded 9 whilst putting in huge performances and stops against Leeds and Wigan. Dawson has…
  • @Joe_Marriott15: Understand the disappointment after conceding yet another late goal, but we've scored more goals today that we have for…
  • @swfc: “Football can be a cruel game and today it was cruel..." #swfc
  • @JoeGoodmanJr: So...this happened today at storied St. Andrew’s before Birmingham City FC’s match against Sheffield Wednesday. Sweet Hom…
  • @HoltChris: Iorfa may have picked up a knock but if he hasn't I'd have taken Lees off before him. He was awful in the first half #swfc
  • @GeoffSWFC: Get in!!! #swfc https://t.co/vvks8awF0Y

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    • “Football can be a cruel game and today it was cruel..." #swfc
      22 Feb @ 08:34
    • 🎥 Post-match reaction from Garry Monk #swfc https://t.co/dBZgOJ1UQW
      22 Feb @ 08:31
    • 📝 A hammer blow at the last but positives to take forward from today's clash at St Andrew's #swfc
      22 Feb @ 08:28
    • 💬 GM: I’ve got mixed feelings sitting here, we have to deliver wins and we didn’t do that but the performance level… https://t.co/eeipMf4ccW
      22 Feb @ 07:22
    • 💬 GM: We had chances to finish the game off but we all know, if you don’t take those chances, you can get punished.… https://t.co/Ad6hWPYDWL
      22 Feb @ 07:19
    • 💬 GM: It’s gutting in terms of the end of the game but overall we were more like ourselves, fight and passion, show… https://t.co/SOvAgSy5O2
      22 Feb @ 07:18
    • Full time at St Andrew's #swfcLIVE https://t.co/qffjyB8P6T
      22 Feb @ 06:55
    • 90 | GOAL - Hogan levels for Birmingham [3-3] #swfcLIVE
      22 Feb @ 06:51
    • There will be four added minutes #swfcLIVE
      22 Feb @ 06:51
    • Into the final minute at St Andrew’s #swfcLIVE https://t.co/3ORkWyLT49
      22 Feb @ 06:50
    • 88 | Superb defending from Lees! Read the situation so well as the ball was sent into the box, he got his head to t… https://t.co/IQyGjDqKq3
      22 Feb @ 06:49
    • 78 | SAVE! The ball sat up nicely for Wickham on the half volley but what a stop from Camp! [2-3] #swfcLIVE
      22 Feb @ 06:38
    • 75 | HUGE CHANCE! Harris sent Murphy through on goal, one on one with the goalkeeper but Camp wins the battle on th… https://t.co/5auHNuTA9l
      22 Feb @ 06:35
    • 72 | Here is that change; ⬅️ Forestieri ➡️ Fletcher #swfcLIVE
      22 Feb @ 06:32
    • 71 | Bellingham header well saved by Dawson, as Owls prepare to make their third and final change... Fletcher ready to come on #swfcLIVE
      22 Feb @ 06:31