@OfficialRUFC: 86| The Sponsors' Man of the Match is a well-earned one. Scorer of a brace on his return to competitive action, Proctor…

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  • @LS11LUFC: WIN VIP #LUFC tickets for #RUFC this Saturday!! Just RT our new Roofe on fire T Shirt Admit it, it's 10% off with prom…
  • @PaulChuckle2: The boys making Barry proud #rufc https://t.co/bllwygxPkt
  • @SouthStand_LUFC: 32,000 sold for Rotherham so far. That means Rotherham must have only sold about 500. Poor that #RUFC
  • @HensonsPRman: #rufc fans please raise your comments about @SheffieldStar coverage with @NancyFielder and @RHollingworth they are the…
  • @OfficialRUFC: | "To me...To You..." There's only one Barry Chuckle. Thank you @OfficialRUFC and @Official_ITFC fans for a wonderfu…
  • @OfficialRUFC: FT| Millers 1 v 0 Ipswich. To you, Barry. #rufc https://t.co/ja9G09tqy1
  • @OfficialRUFC: | Saturday's Man of the Match Kyle Vassell's talents extend beyond just leading the #rufc line... The Millers forward t…
  • @OfficialRUFC: 86| The Sponsors' Man of the Match is a well-earned one. Scorer of a brace on his return to competitive action, Proctor…
  • @OfficialRUFC: 42| GOAL! It's 2-0 to the Millers as Ajayi applies a powerful header to a lovely Forde delivery from the corner. #rufc h…
  • @JoeTomRed: Rotherham & Ipswich fans chanting ‘to me, to you’ before chants of ‘one Barry Chuckle’ #RUFC #ITFC https://t.co/QGpGKkDyzQ
  • @Imlisawisa: There’s only one Barry Chuckle #tometoyou #rufc https://t.co/vwtZL3HQ3V
  • @OfficialRUFC: READ | Millers seek part-time Academy scouts. #rufc https://t.co/TGIxDOwqum
  • @OfficialRUFC: FREEVIEW | Great feeling to be back - Jamie. #rufc https://t.co/NKiSqPE7Nc
  • @OfficialRUFC: 65| GOAL! If scoring one on your return wasn't enough, he's got two now! Proctor's glancing header beats Jones at the f…
  • @Millerman78: @craig99 @paulm_davis The contempt they (@SheffieldStar) have shown for us is disgusting. Pains me but I can’t even read @…
  • @HensonsPRman: Come on @SheffieldStar sort these abysmal #rufc reports out if you are using a freelance then find somebody who is at lea…

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    • PRESS | That concludes the highlights from today's iFollow Millers interview with Paul Warne. #RUFC Full video con… https://t.co/HeC0wd9Rkf
      16 Aug @ 01:44
    • PW on team photo day | "I've heard the rumour that me and Richie are wearing the yellow kit. I don't know if he'll… https://t.co/ubQr2Alx4D
      16 Aug @ 01:44
    • PW on team photo day | "I haven't worked as much on my hairline as much as I normally do. I usually at least treat… https://t.co/Cu6JZ3iHIa
      16 Aug @ 01:42
    • PW on Leeds | "I'm hopeful after back-to-back wins the lads have confidence in themselves, which they should have a… https://t.co/5Y2p0nz7NY
      16 Aug @ 01:41
    • PW on Bielsa | "It's strange to be coming up against someone as a manager who has such a high profile, but that's t… https://t.co/oVq2d5tll5
      16 Aug @ 01:40
    • PW on team news | "He [Ihiekwe] definitely won't be in the squad. He's not training today and if you don't train al… https://t.co/iWc9SOECSd
      16 Aug @ 01:38
    • PW on Wiles | "I wouldn't say he's in front of where we'd expect, but we've always liked him hence why we gave him… https://t.co/4BuVyUecli
      16 Aug @ 01:36
    • PW on Ajayi in midfield | "I really like him in there and the other thing it gives me is another centre half on the… https://t.co/dlE0SwwmH3
      16 Aug @ 01:34
    • PW on attacking options | ...Smudge has pace and an eye for a goal and then Vass is powerful and off-the-cuff and d… https://t.co/9p1cpRlo19
      16 Aug @ 01:32
    • PW on attacking options | "The three big lads have different skill sets, as does Bally. They openly admit that he's… https://t.co/tsjdWwA3pA
      16 Aug @ 01:31
    • PW on Proctor | "He's definitely taken a step closer to a start. We'll see how he is today and he hasn't got any is… https://t.co/YppltqOveb
      16 Aug @ 01:29
    • PW on tactical changes | "Semi played out of possession and he needs help with his passing but he can definitely pl… https://t.co/8y6KNZPNgd
      16 Aug @ 01:27
    • PW on tactical changes | "Bally played on the right but inside a bit which is a different fitness to playing as a c… https://t.co/sVox22dJQg
      16 Aug @ 01:27
    • PW on Wigan | "It was a good experience and it does give us other options. It gives some of them a reason to knock… https://t.co/NqF4Rgjnv8
      16 Aug @ 01:25
    • PW on Wigan | "It was a great game and I enjoy a cup game. I made a lot of changes and I would have made more but I… https://t.co/MVePRmWpo2
      16 Aug @ 01:24