@NUFCgallowgate: Reports: £340m bid formally made Premier League notified 80% PIF, 10% PCP, 10% Reuben Brothers Directors named as…

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  • Breaking: Newcastle United's £340m takeover by Saudi Arabia's sovereign wealth fund moves a step closer #NUFC
    29 Mar @ 8PM

  • All #NUFC Premier League wins 1993-94. Thread.
    29 Mar @ 5PM

  • Today in 2002 Newcastle United 6 Everton 2 Alan Shearer 13’ Carl Cort 15’ Andy O’Brien 59’ Nobby Solano 71’ 73’ Olivi…
    29 Mar @ 8AM

  • Pick that one out! #NUFC https://t.co/U6yrZ5B5Xr
    29 Mar @ 2AM

  • 43' Batty and Butt come to blows in midfield. Both booked. [2-0] #NUFC https://t.co/D3Kq2j5JjU
    28 Mar @ 9PM

  • In the 13 seasons before Ashley got his mitts on #NUFC - A world-record transfer - 7 x top-six PL finishes - 11 x seas…
    28 Mar @ 5PM

  • A 5 display from the Magpies! #NUFC https://t.co/DEBPV0ya7I
    28 Mar @ 3PM

  • Enjoy that, @alanshearer? #NUFC https://t.co/PD1flm7w9F
    28 Mar @ 2PM

  • [email protected] are showing their infamous 5-0 win over Man Utd at 3pm on YouTube today. We want to know who scored the first goal tha…
    28 Mar @ 10AM

  • An open letter to Mike Ashley. #NUFC @MsiDouglas @lee_ryder @stevewraith @nufctrust @GeorgeCaulkin @NUFC @SportsDirectUK ht…
    28 Mar @ 2AM

  • A reminder we will be showing this classic fixture in full on YouTube tomorrow from 3pm! #NUFC
    27 Mar @ 6PM

  • We can tackle this together. Stay home. Protect the NHS. Save lives. #NUFC https://t.co/RU6sVZY8ZQ
    27 Mar @ 6AM

  • At 8pm tonight I want you to all stand outside your council houses and give a minutes applause for Steve Bruce and mys…
    27 Mar @ 4AM

  • "We call him Gucci!" - Miggy on Allan Saint-Maximin. Teammates with #NUFC's Paraguayan!
    27 Mar @ 2AM

  • It's back! On Saturday at 3pm we will be showing the full 90 minutes of #NUFC's memorable 5-0 win over Manchester United from Oc…
    26 Mar @ 11AM

  • Mike Ashley has done the wrong thing again - and this should be the beginning of the end for him at #nufc. Column: https:/…
    26 Mar @ 9AM

  • #NUFC legend Bob Moncur and a number of club staff are taking time to phone elderly and vulnerable supporters who face an exten…
    26 Mar @ 8AM

  • In times like these, I like to think of myself as the 5th Emergency service. #nufc #COVID2019 #coronavirus
    26 Mar @ 7AM

  • BORIS JOHNSON THREATENS MIKE ASHLEY?Well done to @ChiOnwurah for pressing the question #NUFC #MikeAshley #Coronaviru…
    26 Mar @ 4AM

  • Sports Direct warehouse today clearly not following @GOVUK guidelines, is @BorisJohnson gonna shut these muppets down? #NUFC
    26 Mar @ 3AM

  • Didier Drogba single handedly stopped #NUFC getting to a European final whilst playing for Marseille...
    26 Mar @ 2AM

  • Boris Johnson on #NUFC owner Mike Ashley who tried to keep his business open: “Obey the rules or expect the consequenc…
    25 Mar @ 11PM

    25 Mar @ 10PM

  • FULL-TIME! #NUFC progress into the next round of #UltimateQuaranTeam. Superb, @PlanetToast1! https://t.co/i8zEuMMhha
    25 Mar @ 5PM

  • NEW: Read statement as #nufc confirm to NUST 'no intention' of freezing or delaying payments. https://t.co/krKmtq7TmB
    25 Mar @ 4PM

  • An updated statement from the Newcastle United Supporters Trust. #NUFC https://t.co/T29BIkKdfK
    25 Mar @ 1PM

  • You LITERALLY asked me to take your money lol. You instructed your bank to pay me today. Don’t know what you are c…
    25 Mar @ 12PM

  • A giveaway of #NUFC shirts from previous seasons you say? https://t.co/ZeiE4NDOTO
    25 Mar @ 9AM

  • For all those Ashley sympathisers amongst #nufc support. Forget about his crimes against our beloved club. Remember how he…
    25 Mar @ 7AM

  • Protect yourself from Covid-19 by purchasing a Lonsdale hoodie from your local Sports Direct store. Open as usual …
    24 Mar @ 5AM

  • Fight off the deadly Corona virus with an aluminium Donnay tennis racket, available in store at your local Sports Dire…
    24 Mar @ 5AM

  • Maintain social distancing. #NUFC https://t.co/wrDU76OFy1
    23 Mar @ 12PM

  • Smallpox epidemic ? Miners' strike World War Club historian Paul Joannou takes a look back at other periods of history whi…
    23 Mar @ 9AM

  • Tottenham are ready to sell Danny Rose to #nufc after Mourinho decided that the left-back isn't in his plans. Rose has sett…
    23 Mar @ 8AM

  • I can't believe how much I miss our tragic football, I'd sell my soul to see us shithouse a 29% possession win right now #NUFC…
    23 Mar @ 1AM

  • Who could forgot those noises he made when getting in and out of his chair? Relive Steve Bruce's funniest moments as…
    23 Mar @ 12AM

  • WE'RE INTO THE 2ND ROUND!!! That was absolutely insane, 1.4k viewers and a @AndyTCarroll hattrick in a 3-0 win! GG to @G…
    22 Mar @ 9PM

  • An @AndyTCarroll hat-trick sends #NUFC into the next round! Well played, @PlanetToast1 #UltimateQuaranTeam https://t.co/Xzve0
    22 Mar @ 5PM

  • Our #UltimateQuaranTeam campaign kicks off this evening as #NUFC take on Gillingham! The game begins at 7pm and will be stream…
    22 Mar @ 4PM

  • Happy birthday, @IsaacHayden65! Who remembers this stoppage-time winner from the birthday boy? #NUFC https://t.co/1tdC2gFn8U
    22 Mar @ 11AM

  • Happy birthday to @IsaacHayden65, who turns 25 today! #NUFC https://t.co/Yxx1y1HlJT
    22 Mar @ 7AM

  • If this POLL is perfectly balanced then I’ll give EVERYONE who interacts a SO. Which is the BIGGEST club out of these club…
    21 Mar @ 10PM

  • One of the greatest goals in Premier League history. Cheick Tiote #NUFC https://t.co/YWJmqGyLX6
    21 Mar @ 3PM

  • TEAM-NEWS One hour until kick-off! ? #NUFC
    21 Mar @ 12PM

  • An unforgettable moment on his @premierleague debut Happy birthday, @mattylobby48! #NUFC https://t.co/2xMUNRvaMQ
    21 Mar @ 10AM

  • Happy 2?0?th birthday to one of our own, @mattylobby48! #NUFC https://t.co/UMmwSPpXIa
    21 Mar @ 7AM

  • #NUFC legend @alanshearer on winding up Roy Keane that much he waited for him in the tunnel. https://t.co/WzpNEhnMPQ
    20 Mar @ 11PM

  • WHICH: is the biggest club up north? Remember to *RETWEET* after voting! #LUFC #NUFC #SUFC #HTAFC
    20 Mar @ 6PM

  • Missing football? Tomorrow at 3pm we will be showing #NUFC's classic 4-4 draw with Arsenal in full on our YouTube channel! The…
    20 Mar @ 2PM

  • Allan Saint-Maximin with Tits. cc: @asaintmaximin #footballerswithtits #nufc https://t.co/lOZAfqlf6j
    20 Mar @ 12PM

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    • It's full-time as #NUFC are knocked out of #UltimateQuaranTeam. Congratulations @FCSion and best of luck for the r… https://t.co/NbhIfR4yOr
      29 Mar @ 05:42
    • Stay home. Protect the NHS. Save lives. #WeAreOneTeam https://t.co/E730GzO20E
      29 Mar @ 05:30
    • We finish level... The replay is now live. #UltimateQuaranTeam
      29 Mar @ 05:22
    • We're under way... Come on, @PlanetToast1! #UltimateQuaranTeam
      29 Mar @ 05:04
    • 🎮 Not long to go until we're back in #UltimateQuaranTeam action as we take on FC Sion in 15 minutes LIVE on Twitch.… https://t.co/CQMkHNLQZ2
      29 Mar @ 04:45
    • 🗣 "There's still so many quality opponents left in the cup, and I know my route to the final is ridiculously hard,… https://t.co/55ahE7YAbM
      29 Mar @ 02:47
    • RT @IsaacHayden65: If you are a football person please join the challenge of posting a football photo. Just one picture, no description. Pl…
      29 Mar @ 01:11
    • RT @steveharper37: If you are a football person please join the challenge of posting a football photo. Just one picture, no description. Pl…
      28 Mar @ 09:05
    • RT @the_dilsh: Stay Home. Protect the NHS. Save Lives. #StayHomeSaveLives https://t.co/v0HlBBIPcw
      28 Mar @ 08:43
    • A 5⭐️ display from the Magpies! #NUFC https://t.co/DEBPV0ya7I
      28 Mar @ 06:50
    • ABSOLUTELY GLORIOUS! https://t.co/B35L6CcDqo
      28 Mar @ 06:41
    • An opportunity Shearer couldn't turn down... #NUFC https://t.co/Hj81di2RCW
      28 Mar @ 06:34
      28 Mar @ 06:32
    • 70' Shouts for a red card against Eric Cantona... Nothing given 😳 [3-0] #NUFC https://t.co/bbyfnm2URX
      28 Mar @ 06:29
    • Enjoy that, @alanshearer? 😄 #NUFC https://t.co/PD1flm7w9F
      28 Mar @ 06:22