@DeanJonesBR: Leicester value Ben Chilwell similarly to Harry Maguire - so expect his valuation to stick around the £80million mark.

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  • Leicester value Ben Chilwell similarly to Harry Maguire - so expect his valuation to stick around the £80million mark.
    5 Jun @ 3PM

  • Premier League leaders for Progressive Carrying Distance this season: 1) Wilfried Zaha 2) Jack Grealish 3) Adama Traor…
    5 Jun @ 1PM

  • Also have the same number of clean sheets as Burnley and Watford. Also went on our longest run without a clean sheet in…
    3 Jun @ 9PM

  • On Harry Maguire: • Sir Alex dey confused ontop why Manchester United no sign am before. • Mourinho talk say #mufc for…
    31 May @ 7PM

  • Unpopular opinion: Harry Maguire is criminally underrated and plays the most crucial role in United's squad, walks into…
    31 May @ 3PM

  • To all the people asking to buy my account, just wanna remind you that in this current market Harry Maguire cost 80milli…
    30 May @ 12AM

  • Na My Manchester United XI vs Tottenham: De Gea Wan Bissaka Harry Maguire Victor Lindelof Luke Shaw Nemanja Matic…
    28 May @ 7PM

  • ON TOP: Man United's Harry Maguire beats Liverpool's Virgil Van Dijk to the Premier League's most creative centre-back…
    28 May @ 1PM

  • Whenever Guido Fawkes is in the news I just remember how they launched a petition to get Margaret Thatcher on the redesig…
    26 May @ 5PM

  • Official: The #mufc foundation will be launching a major fundraising campaign in response to the coronavirus pandemic, with…
    26 May @ 3PM

  • Manchester United have managed to keep the second best defensive record amongst all clubs in Europe this campaign but I…
    25 May @ 9PM

  • BREAKING: Harry Maguire has tested positive for being better than Aymeric Laporte and Virgin Van Dijk. https://t.co/7IhQF
    25 May @ 1PM

  • Harry Maguire has met every expectation at #mufc: ?Became the leader on & off the pitch ?Evolved the link-up play from deep ?…
    25 May @ 4AM

  • On Harry Maguire: • Sir Alex was mystified as to why he hadn't signed sooner • Mourinho said he should've been at #mufc a yea…
    24 May @ 7PM

  • Harry Maguire vs Manchester City (H) https://t.co/SDS0OVw8It
    24 May @ 5PM

  • Harry Maguire rated higher than Victor Lindelof only because he is english, but the fact is Lindelof has been the better pl…
    24 May @ 1PM

  • Harry Maguire carrying Lindelöf in every matchweek https://t.co/3UVScWjWFm
    23 May @ 9PM

  • Harry Maguire has more blocks on Twitter than he does in football matches this season DFKM https://t.co/O6tqVzroLp
    22 May @ 9PM

  • Paul Pogba, Brandon Williams, Harry Maguire & Mason Greenwood arriving at Carrington today. [men] #MUFC https://t.co/NVKHg68
    22 May @ 3PM

  • "There is a lot less people at the training ground when we go in. Today I was in a group of four, working with one coach, so…
    21 May @ 8AM

  • Hope it is common knowledge Harry Maguire starts for every team in the league Not a flop. https://t.co/mipsV3OYSG
    21 May @ 2AM

  • Harry Maguire: “It’s so good to be back just around the lads, even though we are maintaining the social distance and respect…
    20 May @ 9PM

  • Harry Maguire: “It’s nice just to go through the gates and to head back to Carrington, get on the pitches, put the boots bac…
    20 May @ 7PM

  • Jesse Lingard finished first in #mufc's high speed running (total distance covered at a speed of 5.5 meters per second+) wit…
    20 May @ 1PM

  • Dejan Lovren: 4 trophies at 3 different football clubs Harry Maguire: 4 relegations at 3 different football clubs Dej…
    18 May @ 9PM

  • Harry Maguire's offensive output amongst big six centre backs: Most chances created [14] Second most passes into the final…
    18 May @ 7PM

  • Harry Maguire amongst big six defenders: Highest pressure success rate [38.5%] Fewest errors leading to a goal [0] Most mi…
    17 May @ 7PM

  • Harry Maguire has more goal contributions (5) than Mesüt Ozil in all competitions (4)
    17 May @ 5PM

  • Aaron Wan-Bissaka and Harry Maguire top @ArvinAminUR's defensive player ratings so far, but where do the others rank?
    17 May @ 3PM

  • Harry Maguire mistake comp Start for the mistakes, stay for the music https://t.co/T0Ld4bOWJE
    17 May @ 1PM

  • Former Manchester United defender identifies Harry Maguire's biggest strength #mufc https://t.co/CiwiCG6aLX
    17 May @ 8AM

  • So aspire to perspire and inspire your desire to acquire Harry Maguire?
    13 May @ 7PM

  • This season, Harry Maguire has been one of Europe's best in defensive duels. https://t.co/mTQATzcrev
    13 May @ 5PM

  • Unpopular opinion: Gary Cahill has had a better season than Harry Maguire https://t.co/148mglx8z3
    13 May @ 1PM

  • Not been a bad season for Harry Maguire... #mufc https://t.co/u1EtMYRKyD
    12 May @ 5PM

  • You're quoting Maguire, Harry Maguire, not Paolo Maldini
    12 May @ 10AM

  • Harry Maguire details three captains who have inspired rise to Man Utd skipper https://t.co/aCvz9S0Vn9 https://t.co/mak…
    12 May @ 8AM

  • Harry Maguire has hailed Manchester United and England team-mate Marcus Rashford as the most talented footballer he has play…
    11 May @ 3PM

  • Harry Maguire has hailed Manchester United and England team-mate Marcus Rashford as the most talented footballer he has pl…
    11 May @ 10AM

  • Harry Maguire: “Yeah, definitely [he could become club captain]. I think as a club, you should have a captain and rely on h…
    11 May @ 2AM

  • Time again I see Virgil van Dijk slander on FT because he didn’t get his big move till he was 27. Hope you all know that he'…
    10 May @ 7PM

  • Congrats On The Sex (Again): Man U Star Harry Maguire Announces Birth Of Child, 9 Months After $105 Million Transfer ht…
    10 May @ 5PM

  • Harry Maguire reveals his partner has given birth to a baby girl https://t.co/RkNsmqfQPS
    9 May @ 8PM

  • Congratulations to Harry Maguire & his partner on the birth of their daughter. #MUFC https://t.co/HYVLOPnbfY
    9 May @ 5PM

  • Congratulations to Harry Maguire and his partner on the birth of their daughter. #MUFC https://t.co/p1PpxAgzKU
    9 May @ 3PM

  • Dejan Lovren: 4 trophies at 3 different football clubs Harry Maguire: 4 relegations at 3 different football clubs De…
    9 May @ 8AM

  • Harry Maguire contacts his team-mates every day to check if they are coping with lockdown. He is said to be one of the most…
    8 May @ 7PM

  • Just imagine how great Manchester United's back line would be if we signed Trent Alexander-Arnold. • David de Gea • Aar…
    8 May @ 1PM

  • Goals conceded per game (PL): Titus Bramble - 0.7 Phil Jones - 0.85 Chris Smalling - 0.9 Shkodran Mustafi - 1.2 . . . Ha…
    7 May @ 9PM

  • ‘We’re having a VAR check to see if Harry Maguire spat, or if saliva just escaped from his mouth as his head hit the ball.…
    7 May @ 8AM

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    • ✨ You've seen the stats, now watch the magic 👇 https://t.co/zti6qlSIaV https://t.co/LZII8CPKxQ
      5 Jun @ 04:43
    • 💫 The Reds have completed more nutmegs than any other #PL team this season 💫 #MUFC
      5 Jun @ 04:33
    • 2️⃣ weeks today, we return to #PL football with a trip to Spurs ⏳ Who needs a reminder of how the reverse fixture… https://t.co/m2pIsDGa6g
      5 Jun @ 03:10
    • 😍 We finally know when we'll next see #MUFC in action 👍 https://t.co/XucpN3SJEU
      5 Jun @ 02:41
    • The wait is nearly over ❤️ #MUFC #PL #FACup https://t.co/rsbl0W3zsQ
      5 Jun @ 02:09
    • Our first three matches of the 2019/20 #PL restart have been confirmed! 👀 #MUFC
      5 Jun @ 01:03
    • Old Trafford always looks good, but how good is this drawing?! 😍🙌 🎨: Asif Mujthaba M #MUFC #FanArtFriday https://t.co/XKJov9RSNs
      5 Jun @ 00:28
    • Our final @MU_Foundation raffle prize of the week is a good one! 🤩 ▪️ VIP hospitality at Old Trafford ▪️ Meet an… https://t.co/SXwEDBDTPJ
      5 Jun @ 08:51
    • Us too, Bruno, us too 😅 #MUFC @B_Fernandes8
      5 Jun @ 07:36
    • #𝐆𝐨𝐚𝐥𝐎𝐟𝐓𝐡𝐞𝐃𝐚𝐲 𝐀-𝐙 𝐬𝐞𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐬: 𝐆 He didn't just score the goal, he started the move – that's our @MasonGreenwood 🏃‍♂️… https://t.co/Zui326nQAp
      5 Jun @ 06:14
    • RT @MU_Foundation: Today's raffle prize is @D_DeGea's very own, signed @TAGHeuer watch ⌚️ You know it's been kept in safe hands! 🧤⚽️🥅 En…
      4 Jun @ 00:40
    • The third @MU_Foundation raffle winner this week: Russell Bell! 👏 You can still donate to be in with a chance of g… https://t.co/QI6cx8O31K
      4 Jun @ 00:04
    • 1️⃣5️⃣ years on from Sheasy's iconic 🍟 against Arsenal, his reaction is still our favourite thing about it 🤷 #MUFC… https://t.co/5T5Tgesy3g
      4 Jun @ 09:33
    • U N I T E D 🔴 #MUFC @Daniel_James_97 https://t.co/EUy02IDNBU
      4 Jun @ 08:38
    • Aaaaaaaand stretch 😤 #MUFC https://t.co/vJUVr4VGyc
      4 Jun @ 08:25