@utdreport: The prospect of playing with Bruno Fernandes will likely become a significant factor in Pogba's long-term thinking about his…

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  • Rashford, Pogba, Bruno Fernandes & Greenwood arriving at Carrington today [men] #MUFC https://t.co/KGiZhOeV6F
    5 Jun @ 3PM

  • The prospect of playing with Bruno Fernandes will likely become a significant factor in Pogba's long-term thinking about his…
    5 Jun @ 10AM

  • #mufc believe the prospect of Paul Pogba playing and building a partnership with Bruno Fernandes will likely become a s…
    5 Jun @ 4AM

  • If Paul Pogba & Bruno Fernandes can flourish in tandem as the season resumes, there is likely to be a willingness from both…
    5 Jun @ 12AM

  • ‘Barry Neville‘ messaged me. The man’s track record: Aaron Wan-Bissaka ? Harry Maguire ? Bruno Fernandes ? Odion Ighalo…
    4 Jun @ 9PM

  • Bruno Fernandes and Paul Pogba 2021 https://t.co/oAzgTqygPv
    4 Jun @ 5PM

  • Since the start of last season, Paul Pogba and Bruno Fernandes have been directly involved in a combined 77 league goals…
    4 Jun @ 4PM

  • Bruno Fernandes: "When I received the call saying ‘Bruno, you have the chance of moving to #mufc’, I called my wife, my brot…
    4 Jun @ 12AM

  • Bruno Fernandes: "I think Paul [Pogba] is one of the best players #mufc have, in the world — the opportunity to play side-by…
    3 Jun @ 9PM

  • Pogba's passing range is something else! Can't wait to see a fully fit Paul Pogba playing alongside Bruno Fernandes https:…
    3 Jun @ 7PM

  • Who's your favorite player in your club Me: Bruno Fernandes
    3 Jun @ 5PM

  • Rashford, Bruno Fernandes, Martial & Greenwood arriving at Carrington today [men] #MUFC https://t.co/RdwR6zWLrJ
    3 Jun @ 3PM

  • No one has more goal contributions(5) in PL than Bruno Fernandes since his debut for Man Utd. Paul Pogba had the most goa…
    3 Jun @ 3PM

  • Bruno Fernandes’ free-kick in training [mu] #MUFC https://t.co/Fiu8kvXqk9
    3 Jun @ 12AM

  • And Bruno Fernandes makes an all lives matter post. Yuck:
    2 Jun @ 11PM

  • Anthony Martial has scored three goals in five Premier League games since Bruno Fernandes joined Manchester United. He score…
    2 Jun @ 9PM

  • Bruno Fernandes... because using a normal wall for a free kick is too easy for him. https://t.co/x115ETQCjJ
    2 Jun @ 7PM

  • We have Mata, Matic, Fred, Mc Tominay, Pogba and Bruno Fernandes.. Do we really need Saul Niguez from Atletico?
    2 Jun @ 3PM

  • Bruno Fernandes: "My vision of coming to Manchester United is that I’m at one of the best clubs in the world, for me, the best…
    2 Jun @ 12PM

  • Bruno Fernandes: “Everyday you need to be better. Doesn’t matter if it’s 1%, 2%, 3% but everyday going up. You need to…
    2 Jun @ 10AM

  • Bruno Fernandes: "I think Cristiano [Ronaldo] changed the minds of most players in the world. This training in the gym, trai…
    2 Jun @ 2AM

  • Bruno Fernandes: "I'm at one of the best clubs in the world, for sure. For me, the best club in England. My ideas for the ne…
    2 Jun @ 12AM

  • The pass from Bruno Fernandes to Juan Mata increased the Possession Value (PV) from 0.030 to 0.310. Mata's cutback for Ighalo…
    1 Jun @ 7PM

  • Manchester United ay3 d3 Ighalo stays Sancho incoming Anthony Martial Rashford Mason Greenwood Gomes Paul Pogba…
    1 Jun @ 5PM

  • Fred, Ighalo, Bruno Fernandes & Solskjaer arriving at Carrington today [men] #MUFC https://t.co/7O9lcbIb81
    1 Jun @ 1PM

  • Also, Rhian Brewster has more Champions League medals than he has Champions League minutes. That’s more Champions League…
    1 Jun @ 12PM

  • Paul Pogba & Bruno Fernandes have been getting along well this week according to those who have watched their progress at…
    1 Jun @ 8AM

  • 'It’s common knowledge that Bruno Fernandes is a better player than Ziyech right?' ... https://t.co/hEP9beWOZp
    1 Jun @ 12AM

  • Why are united fans so gassed about Bruno Fernandes X Pogba like it's the 2nd coming of Jesus christ
    31 May @ 9PM

  • Paul Pogba and Bruno Fernandes have been getting along well this week according to those who have watched their progress at…
    31 May @ 5PM

  • Pogba and Bruno Fernandes have been getting along well this week according to those who have been watching their progress at…
    31 May @ 1PM

  • Bruno Fernandes has ‘liked’ a picture regarding Jadon Sancho on Instagram. via 433/MEN https://t.co/BYhHHJI1zw
    31 May @ 10AM

  • Manchester United player Bruno Fernandes likes Instagram post about Jadon Sancho #mufc https://t.co/ScPKfIHDZl
    31 May @ 8AM

  • Bruno Fernandes is keeping a close eye on Jadon Sancho #mufc https://t.co/c9E3czps8V
    31 May @ 4AM

  • Ziyech has more goals and assists in the UCL this season alone (10) than Bruno Fernandes has UCL appearances in his whole foo…
    31 May @ 2AM

  • Pastor Fred and Bruno Fernandes dey bring that drip #MUFC https://t.co/n9d5ze1byI
    31 May @ 12AM

  • Pogba, Bruno Fernandes, Matic & Martial arriving at Carrington today. [men] #MUFC https://t.co/kIUqKbkWEf
    30 May @ 12PM

  • Unpopular opinion that should be common knowledge : All these players are better than bruno fernandes : https://t.co/0D
    30 May @ 10AM

  • Anthony Martial dey link up wella with #MUFC players.. Martial and Marcus Rashford = Martial and Paul Pogba = Ma…
    30 May @ 8AM

  • Anthony Martial has scored 3 goals since Bruno Fernandes made his PL debut, only Mohamed Salah (4) has scored more in that…
    30 May @ 6AM

  • Paul Pogba and Bruno Fernandes league stats since 2017/18 [Squawka] https://t.co/izpbbVCVMi
    30 May @ 6AM

  • Bruno Fernandes on Pirlo: “ One of the best players I ever seen. ” #MUFC [IG] https://t.co/wD43iN8iv4
    30 May @ 3AM

  • Manchester United have scored 21 goals in the eight games where Bruno Fernandes has started. Prior to his arrival, they had…
    29 May @ 5PM

  • If dem talk say make you select your 3 starting midfielders for Manchester United, who you go select? Pastor Fred Sc…
    29 May @ 3PM

  • Bruno Fernandes & Diogo Dalot training [@RHEliteCoaching] #MUFC https://t.co/JAF92WjACh
    29 May @ 8AM

  • The return: La Liga - 11th June Premier League - 17th June Serie A - 20th June The Whole World wan see Bruno F…
    29 May @ 8AM

  • Bruno Fernandes and Diogo Dalot training [@RH_EliteCoaching] #MUFC https://t.co/qbq1mM5D8K
    29 May @ 2AM

  • We get to see the Paul Pogba, Bruno Fernandes, Anthony Martial & Marcus Rashford link up in just 23 days.
    28 May @ 7PM

  • When Paul Pogba and Bruno Fernandes fire their 10th shot at Hugo Loris goal https://t.co/LOQl6gczn0
    28 May @ 7PM

  • Bruno Fernandes is an elite penalty taker and is comfortably the most proficient taker at the club. https://t.co/iJs13bvWbT
    28 May @ 7PM

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    • 🎙 It's time for 𝙏𝙀𝙌𝘽𝘼𝙇𝙇! ⚽️ @DalotDiogo and @Fred08Oficial face @B_Fernandes8 and @AndrinhoPereira, but who wins? Find out below 👇 #MUFC
      5 Jun @ 05:45
    • ✨ You've seen the stats, now watch the magic 👇 https://t.co/zti6qlSIaV https://t.co/LZII8CPKxQ
      5 Jun @ 04:43
    • 💫 The Reds have completed more nutmegs than any other #PL team this season 💫 #MUFC
      5 Jun @ 04:33
    • 2️⃣ weeks today, we return to #PL football with a trip to Spurs ⏳ Who needs a reminder of how the reverse fixture… https://t.co/m2pIsDGa6g
      5 Jun @ 03:10
    • 😍 We finally know when we'll next see #MUFC in action 👍 https://t.co/XucpN3SJEU
      5 Jun @ 02:41
    • The wait is nearly over ❤️ #MUFC #PL #FACup https://t.co/rsbl0W3zsQ
      5 Jun @ 02:09
    • Our first three matches of the 2019/20 #PL restart have been confirmed! 👀 #MUFC
      5 Jun @ 01:03
    • Old Trafford always looks good, but how good is this drawing?! 😍🙌 🎨: Asif Mujthaba M #MUFC #FanArtFriday https://t.co/XKJov9RSNs
      5 Jun @ 00:28
    • Our final @MU_Foundation raffle prize of the week is a good one! 🤩 ▪️ VIP hospitality at Old Trafford ▪️ Meet an… https://t.co/SXwEDBDTPJ
      5 Jun @ 08:51
    • Us too, Bruno, us too 😅 #MUFC @B_Fernandes8
      5 Jun @ 07:36
    • #𝐆𝐨𝐚𝐥𝐎𝐟𝐓𝐡𝐞𝐃𝐚𝐲 𝐀-𝐙 𝐬𝐞𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐬: 𝐆 He didn't just score the goal, he started the move – that's our @MasonGreenwood 🏃‍♂️… https://t.co/Zui326nQAp
      5 Jun @ 06:14
    • RT @MU_Foundation: Today's raffle prize is @D_DeGea's very own, signed @TAGHeuer watch ⌚️ You know it's been kept in safe hands! 🧤⚽️🥅 En…
      4 Jun @ 00:40
    • The third @MU_Foundation raffle winner this week: Russell Bell! 👏 You can still donate to be in with a chance of g… https://t.co/QI6cx8O31K
      4 Jun @ 00:04
    • 1️⃣5️⃣ years on from Sheasy's iconic 🍟 against Arsenal, his reaction is still our favourite thing about it 🤷 #MUFC… https://t.co/5T5Tgesy3g
      4 Jun @ 09:33
    • U N I T E D 🔴 #MUFC @Daniel_James_97 https://t.co/EUy02IDNBU
      4 Jun @ 08:38