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  • ON THIS DAY: Saturday 13th November 2010 Goals from Ashley Young and Marc Albrighton give Aston Villa a 2-0 lead at home…
    13 Nov @ 9AM

  • A bird literally shit in Ashley Young’s mouth though... https://t.co/AU4IqOH3u2
    12 Nov @ 12PM

  • Brandon Williams' excellent performance on his first Manchester United league start is bad news for Ashley Young... https://t.co
    12 Nov @ 1AM

  • My thoughts on Manchester United - Brighton: • Brandon Williams is the future • Fred deserves a lot of credit for step…
    10 Nov @ 4PM

  • Spare a thought for Ashley Young who's just been retired by Brandon Williams.
    10 Nov @ 2PM

  • Me about to celebrate that Ashley Young is not starting for Manchester united today but seeing the inclusion of Andreas P…
    10 Nov @ 1PM

  • I see no Young? I see no Ashley Young! I SEE NO ASHLEY YOUNG!!!!! Yes!!!!! Doesnt mind losing as long as no Young! http…
    10 Nov @ 12PM

  • Retweet if you want Brandon Williams to start over Ashley Young today #mufc https://t.co/1m4jpd3Gh7
    10 Nov @ 10AM

  • Hopefully get to see Brandon Williams in the starting XI tomorrow - he definitely deserves it and with Ashley Young sus…
    9 Nov @ 6PM

  • Ashley Young has more assists in the Europa League this season (1) than Mesut Özil (0). Class is permanent. https://t.c
    7 Nov @ 10PM

  • Proper black excellence. None of that ashley young , lingard and Lukaku stuff https://t.co/OBSEvweXkq
    7 Nov @ 1PM

  • Who gives a fuck about what Ashley Young has to say ?! https://t.co/H0RegyPTwR
    7 Nov @ 9AM

  • #OTD in 2009 Villa smashed Bolton 5-1 with Ashley Young, Gabby Agbonlahor, John Carew, James Milner and Carlos Cuellar al…
    7 Nov @ 8AM

  • ? | "Since he came in it was like the boss had walked back through the door." Ashley Young sees similarities between Ole G…
    6 Nov @ 7PM

  • Ashley Young at left back https://t.co/2rp9tBUvSS
    6 Nov @ 6PM

  • Ashley Young compares Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to Sir Alex Ferguson #mufc https://t.co/ugPdNlnOOU
    6 Nov @ 5PM

  • "We've got a great squad. I know what I see in training every day" Ashley Young
    6 Nov @ 3PM

  • ? 5. Ruud van Nistelrooy ? 4. Didier Drogba ? 3. Gareth Bale ? 2. Ashley Young ? 1. ...... @DarrenBent names his top 5 div…
    6 Nov @ 3PM

  • "It's been fantastic. It was like having the boss back (Sir Alex). Same winning mentality" Ashley Young.
    6 Nov @ 1PM

  • What a match! To be honest, 9 men Ajax were still very dangerous. P.S: I think Chelsea needs to dash Alonso to Man United…
    5 Nov @ 10PM

  • Alonso is Ashley young version 2.0
    5 Nov @ 9PM

  • When A Bird Shit In Ashley Young's Mouth https://t.co/VFa5cBog6U
    4 Nov @ 5PM

  • @herbeeyurdhun It's crazy. The owners need to back off. Ed Woodward has to go. Ole? You see that Ole? He's not exactly s…
    4 Nov @ 2PM

  • That thing where Andreas Pereira and Ashley Young stick their arm in the air when they're about to take a corner kick. Is that…
    3 Nov @ 6PM

  • Play Brandon Williams EVERY match over Ashley Young. Buy a creative midfielder in January. And start Tuanzebe. #MUFC
    3 Nov @ 4PM

  • The only positive from today's game. Ashley Young has been booked and will miss our next game.
    2 Nov @ 2PM

  • Ashley Young averages 2.8 accurate crosses per 90 for #mufc in the Premier League — second only to Kevin De Bruyne [3.5]. He…
    2 Nov @ 1PM

  • @ManUtd Brandon Williams still being benched for Ashley Young. What has the kid got to do to start a Premier league game…
    2 Nov @ 11AM

  • United have spent about £700m in 5 years and they’re going to line up with McTominay, Fred and Pereira in Midfield tomorro…
    1 Nov @ 11PM

  • “I don’t date young guys, I prefer old men” Sorry oo Aburo Ashley Young #RedFlag Red Flag
    1 Nov @ 10AM

  • Brandon Williams has basically retired Ashley Young this last week. Unless there's a huge injury crisis there's absolut…
    31 Oct @ 3PM

  • Brandon Williams is certainly pushing Ashley Young and Luke Shaw very close for the left-back slot.
    31 Oct @ 9AM

  • Ashley Young has no business starting ahead of Brandon Williams. Scratch that. Ashley Young should never start ahead of any…
    30 Oct @ 11PM

  • Brandon Williams > Ashley Young !!! People need to listen to @MrStephenHowson more often!
    30 Oct @ 10PM

  • Brandon Williams has been studying Ashley Young's handling of Angel di Maria. #mufc
    30 Oct @ 8PM

  • @Vintage_Utd @ManUtd Brandon Williams starting which means it’ll be Ashley Young on Saturday https://t.co/J4N1xL9vj5
    30 Oct @ 8PM

  • Ashley Young e Jesse Lingard. https://t.co/b4EsC5ridK
    30 Oct @ 2PM

  • Guess having Ashley Young as captain isn’t that bad... https://t.co/2AhoOzwrdx
    28 Oct @ 3AM

  • I find it so depressing that Ashley Young is our captain. And then I remember Arsenal's captains and it doesn't feel so bad. htt…
    27 Oct @ 11PM

  • Daniel James > Ivorian Ashley Young
    27 Oct @ 6PM

  • “We’ve found a LB in Brandon Williams.” *Plays Ashley Young.* https://t.co/Vh4EQUak19
    27 Oct @ 4PM

  • @CAdede That's where he Goes wrong. Today Ole will Play Ashley Young and Jesse Lingard. And we will lose terribly. #NORM…
    27 Oct @ 3PM

  • Ashley Young joins @FCUnitedMcr https://t.co/hyeRF4fC5x https://t.co/yRYjU6fyft
    25 Oct @ 3PM

  • Man are still in my mentions about the Ivorian Ashley Young #PresenceBlud
    25 Oct @ 11AM

  • @utdreport Ashley Young will start on Sunday. You hate to see it https://t.co/eBBhB2Dp6w
    25 Oct @ 12AM

  • Ashley Young should never see a single minute at left back as long as Brandon Williams is healthy. Kid clearly showed he can…
    24 Oct @ 10PM

  • Brandon Williams is better than Luke Shaw and Ashley Young. Pass it on.
    24 Oct @ 9PM

  • Brandon Williams has stated a very very strong case to start ahead of Ashley Young v Norwich on Sunday. But fear not, Ole w…
    24 Oct @ 8PM

  • Just found out Ashley Young is the 13th highest assister in premier league history, 69 assists only 5 less than Thierry…
    24 Oct @ 8PM

  • Martial was never missing. He’s had a hard time of it so far but ice cold finish. All credit to Brandon Williams for g…
    24 Oct @ 6PM

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    • 🚫 No-one has won more tackles than @AWBissaka in the #PL this season 👊 #MUFC https://t.co/rc8ALcdyrd
      15 Nov @ 07:26
    • Two of our players could feature for their respective national sides this evening. Best of luck, Reds. 🔴 🇷🇴 v 🇸🇪 (… https://t.co/vvOMyWIUlo
      15 Nov @ 05:21
    • Can you name the only Red faster than @Daniel_James_97 this season? ⚡️ #MUFC #PL
      15 Nov @ 04:16
    • A number of #MUAcademy lads have stepped into the first-team fold this season 👇 #MUFC
      15 Nov @ 02:40
    • #OnThisDay in 2008, @DannyWelbeck scored his first #MUFC goal, and what a goal it was 🚀 #GoalOfTheDay https://t.co/X6bYCfBgXV
      15 Nov @ 01:02
    • 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 @MarcusRashford and @HarryMaguire93 were involved for @England on Thursday, as they thumped Montenegro on a… https://t.co/FEu0TkYAKP
      15 Nov @ 09:21
    • 🎥 Here's something that's sure to give you that #FridayFeeling... ...it's just a few of @McTominay10's 2019/20 bes… https://t.co/tjTFaYh8K0
      15 Nov @ 08:04
    • 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 @MarcusRashford gets on the scoresheet for @England! https://t.co/CP3X6st2pj
      14 Nov @ 00:21
    • We've picked our greatest XI of #MUFC's @England internationals... Now it's your turn — who gets in your team? 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
      14 Nov @ 08:29
    • On the 30th anniversary of his death, we remember Jimmy Murphy's #MUFC legacy.
      14 Nov @ 07:09
    • Former #MUFC defender Gary Pallister gives us an insight into what it was like playing in front of @PSchmeichel1...… https://t.co/N7D1SMsu2b
      14 Nov @ 05:43
    • Best of luck to @MarcusRashford, @HarryMaguire93 and @DeanHenderson, who could be in #EURO2020 qualifying action th… https://t.co/PVvZSQOUch
      14 Nov @ 04:24
    • Peach of a ball, peach of a finish 🍑 Today's #GoalOfTheDay is brought to you by @WayneRooney! #MUFC https://t.co/VH7gQchrD3
      14 Nov @ 02:50
    • We're remembering the great Jimmy Murphy, who passed away 30 years ago today. https://t.co/62P7Ho5YKf
      14 Nov @ 01:27
    • @HarryMaguire93 It's yours! 👍 https://t.co/ahveL9IvMH
      14 Nov @ 00:36