@FootyHumour: Zaha just destroyed Ashley Young about 4 times in one encounter https://t.co/gmta1rAxbY

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  • Zaha just destroyed Ashley Young about 4 times in one encounter https://t.co/gmta1rAxbY
    24 Aug @ 3PM

    24 Aug @ 3PM

  • Football is in safe hands after messi and Ronaldo retires, I stan the next set of young balon d'or winners. Who do you thin…
    24 Aug @ 10AM

  • LB Brandon Williams Ashley Young CB Teden Mengi Chris Smalling CB Axel Tuanzebe Phil Jones RB Ethan Laird Matteo Dar…
    23 Aug @ 10PM

  • Imagine comparing that fraud Trent to the Ashley Young loooooool https://t.co/lqHNJdY7HM
    23 Aug @ 12PM

  • Dani Alves now plays in midfield for São Paulo. Alexis Sanchez has scored less goals than Ashley Young since his United…
    22 Aug @ 11AM

  • @AssombalongaSZN Ashley young's most productive PL season (23 G/A) is just behind De Bruyne's (24 G/A)
    21 Aug @ 10PM

  • Same with Ashley Young. He's had 4 Manchester United contracts despite being one of our worst ever players Same with Jon…
    21 Aug @ 9PM

  • Ashley Young can't even get a game in a behind-closed-doors game. Things you love to see
    21 Aug @ 3PM

  • Ahn ah! Wait! Isn’t Ashley Young our captain? What is this https://t.co/ClqCwmjBXW
    20 Aug @ 8PM

  • So Ole has replaced Ashley Young, dropped Nemanja Matic, Chris Smalling and Phil Jones nowhere to be seen & Alexis, Roj…
    19 Aug @ 6PM

  • i wasn’t worried until the premier league page tweeted, “wolves haven’t lost a game at home in 8 games” and then i remembered a…
    19 Aug @ 2PM

  • KdB playing like 2009 Ashley Young
    17 Aug @ 6PM

  • This is my captain Lionel Messi. Not Ashley Young https://t.co/xLLr3IG0XG
    15 Aug @ 4PM

  • Man Utd fans beg Harry Maguire to stay away from Phil Jones and Ashley Young to 'stop them poisoning you with their awfulness…
    14 Aug @ 7PM

  • Man Utd fans beg Harry Maguire to stay away from Phil Jones and Ashley Young to ‘stop them poisoning you with their awfulnes…
    14 Aug @ 5PM

  • Ashley Young to Phil Jones when Ole informs them that they’ll be on the bench this season https://t.co/vVVC7y0COh
    14 Aug @ 4PM

  • FUN FACT: • Kieran McKenna is 33 years old - he’s younger than Ashley Young. Not only the players who are ridiculously tale…
    13 Aug @ 9AM

  • Faltando apenas 4 seguidores pra marca de 2.000. Convidem o coleguinha red devil para conferir nosso trabalho, estamos p…
    13 Aug @ 3AM

  • Daniel James me representa quando percebo que não tem mais Ashley Young na lateral direita... https://t.co/HXvAdvrAV8
    12 Aug @ 11PM

  • As soon as Dalot is fit, swap him for shaw. Tbh I would swap shaw with Ashley Young. He’s horrendous. Sums up why he only has…
    12 Aug @ 7PM

  • SpiderWan! The man who saved us from Ashley Young https://t.co/kCK47u02h9
    12 Aug @ 1PM

  • Interesting even at 3-0 yesterday Solskjaer was planning to send Ashley Young on, no doubt for Luke Shaw. Made the sub…
    12 Aug @ 8AM

    11 Aug @ 11PM

  • No Ashley Young, no Phil Jones, no Chris Smalling, no Nemanja Matic and no Juan Mata. Is this actually real life?
    11 Aug @ 3PM

  • Really impressed with how Ashley Young did this summer & in pre-season working on his game, becoming a leader, and mayb…
    11 Aug @ 3PM

  • Waking up on a match day knowing the Chuckle brothers and Ashley Young won’t be in the starting line up is a delightful fee…
    11 Aug @ 10AM

  • A day before Man Utd plays, Chris Smalling, Ashley Young and Phil Jones are no longer starting options. It’s been a j…
    10 Aug @ 11PM

  • Pogba is a serious candidate to captain the team whenever Ashley Young is not on the pitch. [mirror] #MUFC
    10 Aug @ 11PM

  • The guy that said Ashley Young is still a very good Manchester United player is in the Emergency Ward but is responding to…
    10 Aug @ 8PM

  • 18: Ashley Young 20: Diogo Dalot 21: Daniel James 22: Sergio Romero 23: Luke Shaw 24: Fosu-Mensah 26: Mason Greenwood 28:…
    10 Aug @ 1PM

  • 16: Marcos Rojo 17: Fred 18: Ashley Young 20: Diogo Dalot 21: Daniel James  22: Sergio Romero 23: Luke Shaw 24: Tim Fosu-Mensa…
    9 Aug @ 4PM

  • Solskjaer: “Captain? There’s a few here in that group beneath Ashley Young and there are some leaders. You might get a clue…
    9 Aug @ 10AM

  • Get used to this squad, with Mata, Gomez, Greenwood, perreira, Fred, matic, Chong, Dalot, Tuanzebe, Smalling, Jones, Ashle…
    9 Aug @ 1AM

  • If football was fair Chris smalling is a Fulham player Phil Jones is a Blackburn Rovers player Marcos Rojo is a B…
    8 Aug @ 9PM

  • Manchester united fans were hoping they will sign players like Paulo Dybala, Bruno Fernandes, Christian Eriksen and Mario…
    8 Aug @ 7PM

  • Kieran Tierney to Arsenal... Lukaku to Inter.. Cancelo to City.... and Ashley Young still can't cross.
    8 Aug @ 4PM

  • When at the start of the window you got linked with Jadon Sancho,Koulibaly,Dybala,Bruno Fernandes and Icardi but realise y…
    8 Aug @ 2PM

  • Bruno Fernandes is literally the only deal United can do to save this window and he's training in Lisbon whilst Ed Woo…
    8 Aug @ 11AM

  • This season is going to be an absolute disaster Any game Pogba can't be arsed or don't play in we are getting absolutely…
    8 Aug @ 9AM

  • Ashley Young and a Swiss Joey Barton captaining Manchester United and Arsenal. How far we've both fallen. Hope this h…
    8 Aug @ 8AM

  • @goal Ashley Young is our captain Rejects loan move for Smalling Jones still first team Dermian Rojo But Lukaku our high…
    8 Aug @ 12AM

  • Instead, it’s been the opposite. In the time Solskjaer has been coach, Phil Jones, Chris Smalling, Juan Mata, Ashley Young h…
    7 Aug @ 9PM

  • Good riddance. Lukaku's first touch was a crime against football. So happy he is gone. I pray of the day the chuckle b…
    7 Aug @ 7PM

  • Her: He must be thinking about another woman. Me: why is smalling, Phil Jones and Ashley young still at Manchester U…
    7 Aug @ 4PM

  • So Manchester United have no replacement for Lukaku, no replacement for Ander Herrera and Fellaini, Ashley Young is club cap…
    7 Aug @ 1PM

  • Christian Eriksen just rejected Manchester United too. Baba would rather stay at Spurs, than be captained by Ashley You…
    7 Aug @ 10AM

  • THIS DAY IN 2011: David de Gea, Ashley Young, Phil Jones and Tom Cleverley all made their ManUtd debuts in a 3-2 Community Sh…
    7 Aug @ 6AM

  • Dybala probably thought of being captained by Ashley Young, and playing side by side with Lingard. Of course he rejecte…
    6 Aug @ 7PM

  • BREAKING NEWS: MUFC have made a new offer of £250m and Lukaku in exchange for Cristiano Ronaldo. Juventus are looking…
    6 Aug @ 6PM

 Manchester United News

    • Ole has news on the fitness of @AnthonyMartial and @LukeShaw23 👇 #MUFC #MUNCRY
      24 Aug @ 07:47
    • Immediate reaction to #MUNCRY from today's goalscorer, @Daniel_James_97. #MUFC https://t.co/Oy76gJorYT
      24 Aug @ 06:35
    • A first defeat of the season for #MUFC. #MUNCRY
      24 Aug @ 05:58
    • DANIEL JAMES AGAAAAAAAAIN! 1-1! @Daniel_James_97 #MUFC #MUNCRY https://t.co/NkaGg7YGsO
      24 Aug @ 05:49
    • 🎲 One final throw of the dice for #MUFC, as @JuanMata8 takes the place of @McTominay10. Five minutes left in… https://t.co/xqIugukKTX
      24 Aug @ 05:46
    • ⏱️ 1⃣0⃣. More. Minutes. #MUFC have been dominant in the second half as we continue to try and break Palace's resis… https://t.co/1zDSkQdjl2
      24 Aug @ 05:41
    • #MUFC are awarded a penalty, but Marcus Rashford's effort strikes the post and rolls to safety. #MUNCRY
      24 Aug @ 05:30
    • It's been all #MUFC since the restart, and backed by a vocal home crowd, the Reds are pushing for that all-importan… https://t.co/FY8Igkjs9u
      24 Aug @ 05:22
    • Our second change of the afternoon takes place, as @JesseLingard makes way for Mason Greenwood. Just under an hou… https://t.co/30VJB2EDWo
      24 Aug @ 05:16
    • We're back under way in #MUNCRY, with #MUFC now attacking towards the Stretford End. Let's put things right in th… https://t.co/C9HDa9VAZk
      24 Aug @ 05:05
    • A big second 45 minutes is needed at Old Trafford. #MUFC #MUNCRY
      24 Aug @ 04:50
    • We're forced into an early change as Ashley Young replaces Luke Shaw. #MUFC #MUNCRY https://t.co/Xzo7jaLlNR
      24 Aug @ 04:35
    • Goal for Crystal Palace. Ayew scores. 0-1. #MUFC #MUNCRY
      24 Aug @ 04:32
    • 👔 Ole. Almost half an hour gone at Old Trafford, but no goals yet for #MUFC... #MUNCRY https://t.co/EkgJRWLw9W
      24 Aug @ 04:29
    • ⬆️ @PaulPogba rising highest! #MUNCRY https://t.co/lQOtVnCFAa
      24 Aug @ 04:22