@red_cafe: Meulensteen on fullbacks: "Ashley Young and Antonio Valencia are getting old. And there are mixed opinions about Luke Shaw. H…

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  • Meulensteen on fullbacks: "Ashley Young and Antonio Valencia are getting old. And there are mixed opinions about Luke Shaw. H…
    15 Feb @ 4PM

  • Thomas Tuchel unhappy with Ashley Young's nudge on Angel di Maria: "He was lucky, because it was not necessary. He's played a lot…
    14 Feb @ 11AM

  • Someone said Ashley Young is a catholic but he doesn't take his crosses serious.
    14 Feb @ 9AM

  • Examining the players whose contracts expire at the end of the season and whether Manchester United should keep them or…
    13 Feb @ 10PM

  • Ashley Young when Angel Di Maria gets the ball. https://t.co/ww6DLPDJpq
    13 Feb @ 12PM

  • Ashley Young sur Angel Di Maria https://t.co/Vf58L8AwAf
    13 Feb @ 8AM

  • Ashley Young whenever Di Maria gets the ball. https://t.co/rzh3Pupcg5
    13 Feb @ 6AM

  • Another angle of that Ashley Young push on Di Maria https://t.co/h5geNnYwgR
    12 Feb @ 9PM

  • Booger Sugar activated. Ashley Young masterclass inbound. https://t.co/ZRwb7VbAc8
    12 Feb @ 7PM

  • Ashley Young against Di Maria tonight. Young played him out of the United team and he'll be playing him off the pitch aga…
    12 Feb @ 6PM

  • CONFIRMED: Ashley Young has signed a one-year extension at @ManUtd. ? What do you make of that, United fans? Tweet us y…
    12 Feb @ 5PM

  • It's not a popular opinion. But a one-year deal for Ashley Young is fine. The generation of Football Manager kids will always w…
    12 Feb @ 3PM

  • “59 year old Ashley Young signs new one year contract. Manager Phil Jones says he’s still a fine example to United’s young…
    12 Feb @ 12AM

  • Ashley Young has signed a one-year extension to his contract with #MUFC. Congrats, @Youngy18! https://t.co/XVfGZZgSQl
    11 Feb @ 1PM

  • Ashley Young | “Pay attention to what you’re saying” – Liverpool bigger than Man United? Young isn't having it. Also e…
    11 Feb @ 11AM

  • Diogo Dalot was excellent in the home win against Fulham back in December, and he should start again today. The type of game…
    9 Feb @ 11AM

  • Expecting a few #mufc changes today. Possible Ashley Young could be on the bench ahead of PSG. Jones or Smalling will…
    9 Feb @ 9AM

  • A Young #18. https://t.co/oYMWh4AsNC
    8 Feb @ 5PM

  • Phil Jones has renewed for 4 years - with a club option for another year- joining Smalling who also renewed for another 4…
    8 Feb @ 8AM

  • Ashley Young close to new @ManUtd contract, @SkySporsNews understands. Full story https://t.co/50aul7fTMN | #MUFC #SSN…
    7 Feb @ 3PM

  • Ashley Young is expected to sign a one year contract extension in the next few days. (source: Sky Sports) #MUFC
    7 Feb @ 12PM

  • EXCLUSIVE: Man United set to tie up new contract for Ander Herrera after agreeing extension with Ashley Young | @ChrisWheele…
    7 Feb @ 9AM

  • Don’t understand why Ashley Young is getting a lot of hate after being awarded a new contact, one of the very few that…
    6 Feb @ 11PM

  • As much as it may disappoint some, I do think that Ashley Young signing a new one year contract is important. Club captai…
    6 Feb @ 6PM

  • Rumours that Ashley Young is on the verge of signing a new 1-year contract at Manchester United. As long as he’s not first…
    6 Feb @ 5PM

  • 2?2?7? appearances 1?7? goals Ashley Young is set to continue his stay at @ManUtd...
    6 Feb @ 3PM

  • Ashley Young has signed a new one-year deal with United. #mufc [Jim White]
    6 Feb @ 12PM

  • Ander Herrera, Juan Mata and Ashley Young have all been offered new contracts by Manchester United. (Source: Telegraph…
    5 Feb @ 2PM

  • Ander Herrera, Juan Mata and Ashley Young have been offered new contracts by United. (source: telegraph) #MUFC
    5 Feb @ 10AM

  • Ander Herrera, Juan Mata and Ashley Young have been offered new contracts by United. #mufc [Telegraph]
    4 Feb @ 11PM

  • United's FBs cross accuracy % in the league: * Diogo Dalot 40% (6/15) * Luke Shaw 30% (12/40) * Antonio Valencia 26% (9/38)…
    4 Feb @ 9PM

  • Jesse Lingard 1-0 Ashley Young. https://t.co/QKqViu0G8K
    4 Feb @ 9AM

  • Jesse Lingard 1-0 Ashley Young. https://t.co/dZjVCsGHoN
    3 Feb @ 11PM

  • VIDEO: Ashley Young was absolutely furious with United team-mate after he did this against Leicester! WTF IS HE DOING?!?!…
    3 Feb @ 7PM

  • ashley young and crossing ?
    3 Feb @ 5PM

  • ? Ashley Young has continued to struggle at right back for Man United today.... This is the player they must replace…
    3 Feb @ 4PM

  • Ashley Young has been awful.
    3 Feb @ 4PM

  • Rashford and Pogba the stars so far. Ashley Young is having a horror show, looks like a real liability. Alexis sadly invisib…
    3 Feb @ 2PM

  • This Ashley Young just dey disgrace hin family members today. #MUFC #LEIMUN
    3 Feb @ 2PM

  • Quick reminder that Ed Woodward briefed the media that 29 year old Perisic and 29 year old Alderweireld were too old to sign.…
    31 Jan @ 2PM

  • Ashley Young close to agreeing a new United contract. Another sign of Solskjaer's forward planning, given what he's wi…
    31 Jan @ 1PM

  • Ashley Young is close to signing a new one-year deal at United. #mufc [Mirror]
    31 Jan @ 10AM

  • EXCLUSIVE: Ashley Young will pen new deal at Manchester United and dash Inter Milan hopes https://t.co/Gh6VAQ2umt https…
    31 Jan @ 9AM

  • Don’t let the Martial contract make you forget Ashley Young was absolutely fucking trash yesterday his crossing was atro…
    30 Jan @ 7PM

  • Young the latest to be offered one-year deal. #mufc being proactive on contracts, but agreeing terms is an issue https:/…
    30 Jan @ 4PM

  • “Ashley Young deserves a new contract for all he’s giv-“ https://t.co/lzjNJr3T1t
    30 Jan @ 3PM

  • -Mata is not a winger -Rashford is class centrally -Phil Jones is a bum -Pogba should be paired with a world class DM -As…
    30 Jan @ 1PM

  • Ashley Young na wan make Man United extend hin contract by 3 years but e go dey cross ball from Accra to Oshodi. If e…
    30 Jan @ 9AM

  • Mata is not a right winger, Ashley Young is not a full back, Phil Jones is not a footballer. Funny how you can say so…
    29 Jan @ 10PM

  • Frantic second half at Old Trafford. United looked dead and buried at 2-0 before coming back. Looked so much better with…
    29 Jan @ 9PM

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    • "We won't panic because we've lost a game — our mindset won't change at all," Ole says. "We need to keep working th… https://t.co/I83nzbD0R8
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    • "You have to bounce back at this club," says Ole. "You'll always have challenges and away to Chelsea is one of the… https://t.co/Y0k8Jueu5y
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    • Ole on Eric Harrison: "He was a fantastic man. I never had him as a coach myself but I spoke to Eric many, many tim… https://t.co/j47z3ioWXm
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    • This is packed full of 🔑 info for Monday's match... #MUFC
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    • In @VLindelof's recent interview with #InsideUnited he discusses #MUFC's recent form, his life in Manchester and more...
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    • Colour. Clarity. Detail. The boys try out their new @OfficialMauiJim glasses #TheViewIsBetterFromHere.… https://t.co/EPujD00PEN
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    • Ole will preview Monday's #EmiratesFACup tie at Chelsea later today... #MUFC https://t.co/WEO096poep
      15 Feb @ 08:20