@DevilsOfUnited: Chris Sutton: "Ashley Young is the worst ever Manchester United captain and the worst ever Manchester United right-back…

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  • Ashley Young has lost possession 756 times this season, seven hundred and fifty six. If you break that down to per 90 m…
    18 Apr @ 10PM

  • Chris Sutton: "Ashley Young is the worst ever Manchester United captain and the worst ever Manchester United right-back…
    18 Apr @ 4PM

  • Imagine if Man City spent a billion quid and hired the world’s best manager just to go out of the Champions League in t…
    17 Apr @ 10PM

  • If Ashley Young was in charge of crosses back in the day, Jesus would still be alive
    17 Apr @ 9PM

  • Me waiting for Ashley Young to land a decent cross. https://t.co/E4idnNixQx
    17 Apr @ 7PM

  • KEEP LOOKING AT ASHLEY YOUNG HERE. #mufc https://t.co/Z6as9vzCCL
    17 Apr @ 1AM

  • Can Arya Stark put Ashley young on her list ?
    16 Apr @ 10PM

  • Ashley Young continues his brilliant form for Barcelona. What a player! https://t.co/M2lrVo6QOO
    16 Apr @ 10PM

  • Jesus Christ had better luck with crosses than Ashley Young. #BARMUN
    16 Apr @ 7PM

  • It’s 2019 and Chris Smalling, Phil Jones & Ashley Young are all still starting games for Manchester United. I feel sick.
    16 Apr @ 6PM

  • Ashley Young Entering The Camp Nou Tonight https://t.co/QnWvdQnKvo
    16 Apr @ 2PM

  • If United go through tonight I’ll get a tattoo of Ashley Young on my arse right underneath where it says ‘foice’ RT
    16 Apr @ 12PM

  • Hopefully starting ahead of Ashley Young. https://t.co/MeTabp56gH
    15 Apr @ 4PM

  • Comment why Ashley Young shouldn't start against Barcelona #MUFC #GGMU https://t.co/Ym7zIJJNBK
    15 Apr @ 1PM

  • Ashley Young arriving at Manchester Airport before flying to Barcelona. [sky] https://t.co/OFdeHP0HWx
    15 Apr @ 1PM

  • Love how he took on Juventus all by himself and only Ashley Young ran to stand by him......squad full of snakes https:/…
    15 Apr @ 9AM

  • It’s like a passing bird literally shitting into Ashley Young’s open mouth never happened https://t.co/09Lu7vEvvD
    14 Apr @ 7PM

  • Ashley Young: *exists* Bird: https://t.co/jU5ObMckGY
    14 Apr @ 1PM

  • Think it's safe to say, Chris Sutton is not a big fan of Ashley Young... https://t.co/XgJjaH6hkh
    14 Apr @ 10AM

  • And it’s Ashley Young on the counter attack for Man United... https://t.co/usxh9TFVJC
    14 Apr @ 7AM

  • And it’s Ashley Young on the counter for United ... https://t.co/HBPSeRRIZU
    14 Apr @ 12AM

  • And it’s Ashley Young on the counter for Manchester United. https://t.co/REKD1wu94J
    13 Apr @ 6PM

  • Pogba seeing Ashley Young walk through the door Pre-season after being told about the Rebuild https://t.co/6HkbXjWppU
    13 Apr @ 12PM

  • Sexy Ashley Young in a crossing position https://t.co/8sZhANQv7n
    12 Apr @ 3PM

  • Ashley Young should be learning from this kid https://t.co/YdExJtMhnU
    12 Apr @ 3AM

  • And it’s Ashley Young on the counter for United ... https://t.co/VzZd2UWJqr
    11 Apr @ 9PM

  • Ashley Young when he‘s on the ball https://t.co/4TEY6Vh3Ly
    11 Apr @ 5PM

  • Tonight, Ashley Young lost possession a total of 32 times and attempted 11 crosses with 0 meeting their target. No player on…
    11 Apr @ 10AM

  • Barcelona defenders every time Ashley Young whips in a cross: https://t.co/IyhZQnUpMl
    11 Apr @ 6AM

  • 76,000 people could see it in the stadium, millions of fans around the world can see it. Ashley Young is finished at this…
    11 Apr @ 5AM

  • Ashley Young delivering crosses for Man Utd https://t.co/IjXP2tj1YJ
    10 Apr @ 11PM

  • Solskjaer to Ashley Young in the dressing room.. https://t.co/iRo3WvnGhM
    10 Apr @ 10PM

  • We actually haven’t been that bad. Ashley Young though...
    10 Apr @ 8PM

  • Barca fans think it's Messi that's making Man U fans afraid right now. Messi no fear us reach Ashley Young and Smalling.
    10 Apr @ 3PM

  • Sat in a drivesafe course waiting for it to start an all I can think about is messi running at Chris smalling and Ashley y…
    10 Apr @ 10AM

  • Fabian Delph is bad he made me appreciate Ashley Young tonight
    9 Apr @ 10PM

  • City fans moaning about a line up Fuck off. You want to try having Ashley Young and Phil Jones starting every week. Your…
    9 Apr @ 8PM

  • G Neville: “I think United need a new right back. Ashley Young, he’s fine to stay there for another 12 months.” #mufc [Sky]
    9 Apr @ 11AM

  • Watched Messi tonight and he's so overrated! Ashley Young will pocket him like spare change. And then on Thursday he'l…
    6 Apr @ 10PM

  • Atleti down to 10, at least Ole & Mike can properly see how we can stop Barca... with Ashley Young on the pitch.
    6 Apr @ 8PM

  • @Cristiano Better than Ashley Young already
    5 Apr @ 6PM

  • Attacking output of Dalot vs Valencia & Ashley Young, in the PL this season Although Dalot has made 3 PL starts in mo…
    4 Apr @ 7PM

  • Ashley Young, Phil Jones and Chris Smalling cost United around 275 thousand pounds a week. We could have given Herrera…
    4 Apr @ 10AM

  • In Guardiola's first season with Man City he had Zabaleta, Kolarov, Sagna and Clichy. They were all sold in the summer.…
    3 Apr @ 2PM

  • When he’s old and grey, Ashley Young will be able to tell his grandkids that he was Mike Dean’s 100th red card. And a bir…
    3 Apr @ 11AM

  • Just a reminder that Manchester United in the last few months have given contract extensions to Phil Jones, Ashley You…
    3 Apr @ 8AM

  • If Pep Guardiola joined Man City and he had Ashley Young, Chris Smalling and Phil Jones as his defenders I can guarante…
    3 Apr @ 2AM

  • Just a reminder that Manchester United signed Phil Jones, Chris Smalling and Ashley Young to contract extensions over…
    3 Apr @ 1AM

  • Solskjaer when he sees Ashley Young in United’s dressing room.... https://t.co/8mhGUqkpFQ
    2 Apr @ 9PM

  • 100 - Following Ashley Young's dismissal, Mike Dean has now handed out 100 red cards in the Premier League, the most by a refe…
    2 Apr @ 8PM

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