@AdamMcKola: Not angry. Just disappointed. #MUFC

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  • @utdxtra: Giggs: "We used to have centre-forwards like Cantona who would turn bad balls into good balls. Now we have centre-forwards lik…
  • @utdxtra: Sir Alex shaking his head #mufc https://t.co/jUQPzXSium
  • @ManUtd: Full-time at Anfield. #MUFC #LIVMUN https://t.co/FFH8CkRJcT
  • @UnitedsRelated: Look what Mourinho’s awful football has done to Sir Alex Ferguson #MUFC https://t.co/cOcjS9LMok
  • @MelissaReddy_: Jose Mourinho: "I am still tired just from looking at Andy Robertson! Absolutely incredible - he makes a 100m sprint pe…
  • @utdstreet: Fuck Mourinho, man. Look what he’s doing. #mufc https://t.co/JsoYilpNWK
  • @ManUtd: 3-1. Another deflected goal for Shaqiri. #MUFC #LIVMUN
  • @BlackYellow: Champions League last 16 draw. Six potential opponents AFC Ajax AS Roma Liverpool FC Manchester U…
  • @_Rob_B: Sack him. Sack him tonight. #MUFC
  • @ZarahConnolly: Imagine looking at a legacy you worked so hard for to see it burn down to ashes. Every single person at #MUFC who is…
  • @utdxtra: Goals conceded in the Premier League this season: Manchester United - 29 Huddersfield - 28 Bournemouth - 25 Brighton - 24 Cry…
  • @RedDevilTimes: Manchester United need A new owner A new CEO A Football Director A new defence A new midfield A new set of w…
  • @Devils_Latest: Ryan Giggs: "We used to have centre-forwards like Cantona who would turn bad balls into good balls. Now we have centre-f…
  • @utdxtra: G Neville: “Now United fan’s they don’t know what they’re going to get. They’re not looking forward to the match. That’s not j…
  • @UnitedStandMUFC: Jose Mourinho was sacked by Chelsea on 17th December 2015. History is close to repeating itself tomorrow... #MUFC
  • @JoeSillett: Ed Woodward watches most games and shakes his head in disbelief. Well guess what Ed. Us United fans have been shaking our h…
  • @utdxtra: Memphis: “When I left, I said to Mourinho ‘you will see me at the top’. He said ‘OK, I hope that and I hope we will buy you ba…
  • @Sport_Witness: Manchester United is shrinking under a personality cult – The soul is slipping away. Our @AnnieEaves with a personal v…
  • @AdamMcKola: Not angry. Just disappointed. #MUFC
  • @utdreport: Gary Neville: The board are so naive, giving him [Mourinho] a new contract. #mufc need to reset. It’s not just the manager,…

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    • Full-time at Anfield. #MUFC #LIVMUN https://t.co/FFH8CkRJcT
      16 Dec @ 07:50
    • Our third and final change: @JesseLingard off, @JuanMata8 on. #MUFC #LIVMUN https://t.co/Y66ZZz7o54
      16 Dec @ 07:43
    • 3-1. Another deflected goal for Shaqiri. #MUFC #LIVMUN
      16 Dec @ 07:37
    • On comes @AnthonyMartial, as he replaces @AnderHerrera. #MUFC #LIVMUN https://t.co/EKJwkL2RdZ
      16 Dec @ 07:36
    • Liverpool retake the lead through Shaqiri. 2-1. #MUFC #LIVMUN
      16 Dec @ 07:29
    • We've begun to apply some pressure in the last few minutes: 🔺 @Youngy18's superb cross was headed away with… https://t.co/doqpD8wx1o
      16 Dec @ 07:25
    • Eric looked to have suffered an injury after landing awkwardly a short while ago, but is now back at the heart of o… https://t.co/lcZbfTcPyW
      16 Dec @ 07:17
    • #DaveSaves once again! @D_DeGea gets down well to thwart Firmino. #MUFC #LIVMUN https://t.co/N7ossYrZM7
      16 Dec @ 07:10
    • We're back under way at Anfield, where we've made a substitution at the interval: @Fellaini has replaced… https://t.co/1TcGMVSpyz
      16 Dec @ 07:02
    • ⚽️ Another #MUFC goal in this one for us, says Stephen. Who do you guys think will score if so? #LIVMUN https://t.co/IFpq5jRh5Q
      16 Dec @ 06:54
    • A tough opening to the game but @JesseLingard's equaliser was a big, big goal for us. 🗣️ What would your half-tim… https://t.co/644IzBp3d4
      16 Dec @ 06:52
    • A big goal from @JesseLingard means #LIVMUN is level at half-time, but we still have work to do. #MUFC https://t.co/NVsqplvlUZ
      16 Dec @ 06:47
    • 😋🎁 A nice belated present for yesterday's birthday boy... #MUFC #LIVMUN https://t.co/u0u2SobbAs
      16 Dec @ 06:41
    • That equaliser from @JesseLingard went down pretty well in Chennai! 🙌 #MUFC #ILOVEUNITED https://t.co/krZyNv0EZg
      16 Dec @ 06:39
    • Yes yes yes! @RomeluLukaku9's cross is spilt by Alisson into the path of @JesseLingard, and he slots home to bring… https://t.co/j4bcISp2Ol
      16 Dec @ 06:35