@SamLee: One of the things people kept telling me about Foden, which I hadn’t noticed, is that he would always run more than his team-ma…

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  • One of the things people kept telling me about Foden, which I hadn’t noticed, is that he would always run more than his team-ma…
    9 Aug @ 7PM

  • Phil Foden | The Stockport Iniesta | RTs and Tags appreciated | @PhilFoden https://t.co/Pr76TFJt8J
    8 Aug @ 5PM

  • There was a moment midway through the first half when Kevin De Bruyne played a ball towards Phil Foden with such pace tha…
    8 Aug @ 10AM

  • Phil Foden isn’t the future any more. https://t.co/9CyhAbZPxz
    8 Aug @ 8AM

  • Pep beat the champions of Spain. The first time Zidane’s RM has lost in the CL KOs ever. And he had Cancelo playing out of pos…
    8 Aug @ 2AM

  • Pep Guardiola knocked Zidane's Real Madrid out of the Champions League via a double win, with Fernandinho at CB and Gabriel…
    8 Aug @ 12AM

  • Phil Foden agrees to start against Real Madrid in a #UCL knock out 2nd leg.
    7 Aug @ 7PM

  • The best young player of the year should be for U21s And the nominees should be: Mason Mount Trent Alexander-Arnold…
    7 Aug @ 1PM

  • RW: Phil Foden CAM: Morgan Gibbs-White LW: Callum Hudson-Odoi ST = Rhian Brewster A front-four that won England their first e…
    6 Aug @ 5PM

  • Last week, while other Man City players travelled to St Tropez and Barcelona for their days off, Phil Foden went fishing i…
    6 Aug @ 3PM

  • Pep Guardiola cherishes Phil Foden’s attitude and sheer love for football. Foden’s mum once thanked Guardiola, but he insist…
    6 Aug @ 1PM

  • This isn’t so much an article as a small book, and it’s the full story. Kicking balls in the pram Spotted by City at 5 …
    6 Aug @ 8AM

  • Strange that the media didnt talk about Phil Foden being a dad at a young age but kept mentioning it about Raheem Sterling. J…
    30 Jul @ 1PM

  • The year is 2045. Phil Foden is @mancity's manager. And they’re facing their toughest opponent yet. Drought. @XylemInc #let…
    29 Jul @ 1PM

  • The year is 2045. Phil Foden is our manager and we’re facing our toughest opponent yet – drought. Find out how you can becom…
    28 Jul @ 1PM

  • Most second-assists in the Premier League this season: 7: Riyad Mahrez 6: Andy Robertson, Phil Foden 5: Anthony Marti…
    25 Jul @ 5PM

  • Harvey Elliott has become the youngest EVER Premier League winner, surpassing Phil Foden. He’s now won the: Super Cup…
    23 Jul @ 10AM

  • He is one of our own He is one of our own Phil Foden He is one of our own! #ManCity | @PhilFoden https://t.co/H8H5jm
    23 Jul @ 12AM

  • Tammy Abraham,Phil Foden and Saka have posters of Greenwood in their bedrooms coz they look up to him everyday as for Aubam…
    22 Jul @ 7PM

  • Six goals and eight assists. Phil Foden has been directly involved in 14 goals in 16 starts for City this season ? https:/…
    21 Jul @ 7PM

  • Reece James and Phil Foden in 2014, what a picture. https://t.co/lO2GkrvBTP
    20 Jul @ 5PM

  • Phil Foden is in line to receive his first senior England call-up in September, and is expected to be named in the squad for…
    17 Jul @ 3PM

  • Phil Foden remains the youngest #PL winner (17y, 350d) after Harvey Elliott, who was set to better him, was left as a unus…
    16 Jul @ 5PM

  • Phil Foden against the Bournemouth defence there #MCIBOU https://t.co/G5juot083m
    15 Jul @ 7PM

  • Phil Foden is good. Mason Greenwood looks brilliant. Liverpool’s Curtis Jones is pretty talented, too. https://t.co/xvqnzFfV
    13 Jul @ 3PM

  • Phil Foden has scored 4 goals in 5 #PL matches since the restart, a tally higher than any other @ManCity p…
    11 Jul @ 6AM

  • | Phil Foden on playing multiple positions in 4-0 win over Liverpool: "I played in three different positions in that gam…
    10 Jul @ 9PM

  • Phil Foden, Mason Greenwood, Saka, Declan Rice, Trent Alexander-Arnold and Jadon Sancho are bringing it home
    10 Jul @ 2AM

  • A Inglaterra está mal de jovens talentos: Jadon Sancho Alexander-Arnold Marcus Rashford Phil Foden Hudson-Odoi Ben…
    9 Jul @ 9PM

  • Phil Foden: "Mason Greenwood is the best I've seen finishing wise. Just both footed, in and around the box he's always…
    9 Jul @ 7PM

  • Phil Foden: ? "Mason Greenwood, the best I've seen finishing wise. He's both-footed in and around the box. He's alw…
    9 Jul @ 3PM

  • Phil Foden: Mason Greenwood is the best finisher I’ve seen
    9 Jul @ 10AM

  • Phil Foden: "Mason Greenwood, the best I've seen finishing wise. He's both-footed in and around the box. He's always going t…
    9 Jul @ 6AM

  • Phil Foden saying Mason Greenwood is the best finisher he's ever seen even better than Sergio Aguero https://t.co/ot2sczAjcr
    9 Jul @ 2AM

  • Rio Ferndinand hails 'phenomenal' Phil Foden as the future of English football https://t.co/FqzCq2f9ij
    8 Jul @ 7PM

  • FREE COMPETITION If Phil Foden scores a goal tonight, I'll give away a ladies back2back tshirt to one lucky winner…
    8 Jul @ 5PM

  • Phil Foden x Mason Greenwood | | @PhilFoden @masongreenwood | Likes, tags and RT’s appreciated. https://t.co/vNKULEX
    7 Jul @ 3PM

  • The rise of Greenwood & Foden underline why England should be grateful the Euros were delayed a year. From concerns ov…
    6 Jul @ 7PM

  • Should Harvey Elliott play three times in the remaining five games he will be the youngest player to ever win a Premier Leag…
    5 Jul @ 7PM

  • FREE PRIZ DRAW If Phil Foden grabs two goals in the game against Southampton on Sunday, then one lucky winner will win…
    5 Jul @ 12PM

  • Most PL goals since the restart 4 Bruno Fernandes 4 Phil Foden 4 Anthony Martial 4 Willian https://t.co/WLF
    5 Jul @ 6AM

  • Who would you prefer in your team? 1. Retweet for Greenwood 2. Like for Phil Foden #MUNBOU Rashford / Bournemouth/ Ma…
    5 Jul @ 2AM

  • Phil Foden aged 20 Jadon Sancho aged 20 Bukayo Saka aged 18 Mason Greenwood aged 18 England…
    4 Jul @ 7PM

  • Don't even mention Phil Foden in the same sentence as Mason Greenwood Honesty is the best policy
    4 Jul @ 5PM

  • Thread on Scanning/body orientation Phil Foden's goal against Liverpool the other night is a good example of movement…
    4 Jul @ 3PM

  • Anyone else notice Phil Foden’s no-look goal? Take a close look https://t.co/qt2lrJNZ2i
    4 Jul @ 10AM

  • Essentials Differentials Phil Foden A closer look at Leicester The #FPLPod is here https://t.co/TTLGDAtf5
    3 Jul @ 7PM

  • 20-year-old Phil Foden 20-year-old Jadon Sancho 18-year-old Bukayo Saka 18-year-old Mason Greenwood England's future looks ex…
    3 Jul @ 10AM

  • Phil Foden fouled by Fabinho and accidentally touches the ball with his hand. Mahrez scores a beauty.. VAR official: So…
    3 Jul @ 6AM

  • | Phil Foden has scored or assisted in every game since the restart: vs. Arsenal vs. Burnley ? vs. Newcastle ?…
    3 Jul @ 3AM

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    • Preparations for the 20/21 season got well underway with a 5-0 win over Coventry United! 🙌 🔵 #ManCity |… https://t.co/dDShkiPnPv
      9 Aug @ 09:00
    • Preparations for the 20/21 season got well underway with a 5-0 win over Coventry United! 🙌 🔵 #ManCity |… https://t.co/C7ejgybTKO
      9 Aug @ 09:00
    • @james_mcfc04 Never give up! 💪
      9 Aug @ 05:23
    • @BlueWolf_09 Waiting for Bernardo to come back from his round the world trip like
      9 Aug @ 04:57
    • @Thebigkun I'm not Pep so I can't guarantee anything, but don't put any money on that
      9 Aug @ 04:52
    • @james_mcfc04 Hopefully - can't guarantee it'll be a wadmin sized dub though
      9 Aug @ 04:51
    • Limbering up for Lisbon ☀️💪 🔵 #ManCity | https://t.co/axa0klD5re https://t.co/ZnST1CVuTo
      9 Aug @ 04:36
    • RT @Laporte: Say no more https://t.co/3aYbTv9Znl https://t.co/mCdLy96uo0
      9 Aug @ 02:45
    • Today in 2016, the Barnsley Beckenbauer became a blue! 🔥💙 📅 #OnThisDay 🔵 #ManCity | https://t.co/axa0klD5re https://t.co/pRJbK2aXao
      9 Aug @ 02:17
    • "The children I coach can't access their school resources due to a lack of connectivity and computers. Through our… https://t.co/27K3KnQzgH
      9 Aug @ 01:00
    • Some great entries so far! Keep them coming and support Cityzens Giving for Recovery! Do 10 keeps up, post with… https://t.co/ZBc0nHrQDk
      9 Aug @ 00:01
    • A year ago today, we signed Tyler Toland! 💪 🔵 #ManCity | https://t.co/axa0klD5re https://t.co/8lk0It1oMM
      9 Aug @ 08:40
    • Happy Sunday Blues! 💙 🔵 #ManCity | https://t.co/axa0klD5re https://t.co/SWqk2kmr6g
      9 Aug @ 08:00
    • RT @ManCity: Match highlights are now over on the website for your viewing pleasure 🤩 🔵 #ManCity | https://t.co/axa0klD5re https://t.co/L…
      9 Aug @ 00:14
    • RT @ManCity: 34/100 Remember this one? 🤩 🔵 #ManCity | https://t.co/axa0klD5re https://t.co/NNqG8vFNsY
      8 Aug @ 03:05