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  • Team #NGoloStuff have quietly sat back & noticed the double digit IQ folks being loud in their claims that Naby Keita got t…
    15 Apr @ 5PM

  • Naby Keita telling everyone to calm down while he still on the ball. Just shows how suited he is in our midfield within t…
    15 Apr @ 1AM

  • Fabinho and Naby Keita were top drawer today. When we signed both players all those months ago, we didn’t know how long w…
    14 Apr @ 10PM

  • Naby Keita’s defensive contribution >> https://t.co/Lg3TsvVs6U
    14 Apr @ 7PM

  • When everyone briefly lost their heads at 2-0 up, it was Naby Keita who kept his head & restored some sanity, today.
    14 Apr @ 6PM

  • Naby Keita retains his place in midfield and starts with Fabinho and Henderson. https://t.co/xyrhjOvvkG
    14 Apr @ 4PM

  • "I am happy people appreciate me – and what it does for me is give me more desire to work harder." It’s fair to say it’s been a g…
    13 Apr @ 8AM

  • Facts.. - #LFC have won all the games(9) that VVD started as captain. -#LFC have won all games Mo Salah scored in this s…
    12 Apr @ 4PM

  • Mane on Naby Keita: “To be honest I think we have more to see from him. At the moment it is going well for him and ever…
    12 Apr @ 10AM

  • With friends like these...! Sadio Mane reckons there's FAR more to come from best mate Naby Keita: “The real Naby is c…
    12 Apr @ 8AM

  • Goals in CL quarter-finals this season. • Raheem Sterling - 0 • Harry Kane - 0 • Sergio Aguero - 0 • Paul Pogba -…
    11 Apr @ 11AM

  • Another goal and another BIG performance. Naby Keita is your @carlsberg Man of the Match! https://t.co/WFofgAtKIP
    10 Apr @ 8AM

  • Welcome to Liverpool, Naby Keita.
    10 Apr @ 6AM

  • 22 duels for Naby Keita vs Porto. 24 duels for Fabinho vs Red Star in the group stage. Insane numbers in terms of sheer…
    10 Apr @ 5AM

  • Naby Keita won eight tackles tonight against Porto; the most by any player in a #UCL knockout match this season. Excelling on…
    10 Apr @ 2AM

  • Just like old times as Liverpool’s No 8 sparkles on the European stage. Naby Keita leads the way as Porto are swept as…
    10 Apr @ 12AM

  • Ladies and gentleman, Naby Keïta has arrived. https://t.co/JvoU1f1tQN
    9 Apr @ 11PM

  • Naby Keita has more goals in 2 games (2) than Fred this season (1).
    9 Apr @ 10PM

  • Naby Keïta scores his first European goal for Liverpool #UCL https://t.co/V8OjTlpyVH
    9 Apr @ 8PM

  • @LFC @FCPorto NABY KEITA BACK TO BACK STARTS https://t.co/yoik0YjMuK
    9 Apr @ 8PM

  • [email protected]: "There is no doubt it's been a slow burner with Naby Keita. A lot more was expected really and we haven't seen th…
    8 Apr @ 10PM

  • Top 10 best dribblers in the world right now. 1. Lionel Messi 2. Neymar 3. Eden Hazard 4. Ousmane Dembele 5. Wilfried Zah…
    7 Apr @ 12PM

  • Watching Naby Keita wriggle through gaps that don’t seem there is rather exciting. If he can start breaking the lines wit…
    6 Apr @ 8PM

  • THREAD: Naby Keita vs Southampton (a) In this clip we've looked solely at Keita's off the ball movement in attempts to…
    6 Apr @ 4PM

  • Naby Keita 1st goal ever for Liverpool Mo Salah 1st goal in 10 #PL games Jordan Henderson 1st go…
    6 Apr @ 7AM

  • Naby Keita is the 3rd player from Guinea to score a #PL goal, after Kamil Zayatte and Titi Camara https://t.co/RYinWwClZ7
    6 Apr @ 5AM

  • Martin Tyler was so negative during the moments after Naby Keita’s goal that I genuinely didn’t know whether it had bee…
    6 Apr @ 3AM

  • Naby Keita Doubters = SILENCED Mo Salah Doubters = SILENCED Jordan Henderson Doubters = SILENCED #LFC
    6 Apr @ 2AM

  • Naby Keita. Mo Salah. Jordan Henderson. God I love that trio of goalscorers. Feels huge for all three.
    5 Apr @ 11PM

  • BREAKING: VAR officials say Naby Keita’s goal WOULD have stood had VAR been in play this evening, stating: “Southampt…
    5 Apr @ 9PM

  • Virgil van Dijk captain. Naby Keita is back. The front three are out in force. Big fan of that team.
    5 Apr @ 6PM

  • I case you aren’t following, Naby Keita has the highest quality involvement in our attacking play per 100 touches in our…
    5 Apr @ 5PM

  • Man United fans are piping up about Scott McTominay scoring more goals than Naby Keita and he cost £50m less. A remin…
    5 Apr @ 3PM

  • Naby Keita based on league minutes. Still an output merchant. Still has a great highlight reel. Still unique. On the…
    4 Apr @ 4PM

  • Sunderland's Jon McLaughlin has had the same amount of assists this season as Naby Keita. McLaughlin is a goalkeep…
    4 Apr @ 1PM

  • ?¦Jürgen and the squad out for a pre-match stroll. Naby Keita is present! Fingers crossed he makes the squad! https:/…
    31 Mar @ 3PM

  • Players returning from injury after the international break: • Oxlade Chamberlain • Joe Gomez • Naby Keita • Zherdan Shaq…
    25 Mar @ 10PM

  • Liverpool have a better win rate this season when Naby Keita has started. #LFC https://t.co/rIoaM439oe
    25 Mar @ 10PM

  • Gerrard has more goals at Anfield this season than Naby Keita #TouchlineFracas https://t.co/9dM85uxBUX
    25 Mar @ 9PM

  • Liverpool are reportedly considering letting Naby Keita leave at the end of the season... Gossip: https://t.co/nneJh73rAR ht…
    25 Mar @ 3PM

  • Anyone who still don’t have faith in Naby Keita will be proved wrong eventually. He may have needed a whole season to ada…
    25 Mar @ 2PM

  • Good news for Liverpool as Joe Gomez, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Naby Keita and Xherdan Shaqiri are all in contention to re…
    25 Mar @ 8AM

  • Silly season has already started, it seems https://t.co/g9SsOQXFYV
    25 Mar @ 7AM

  • Naby Keita's Liverpool career is reportedly over https://t.co/pS4UL42hLD https://t.co/qiq9zZibWA
    25 Mar @ 7AM

  • Liverpool are considering letting Naby Keita leave the club this summer. Meanwhile, Man Utd have been told it will take a r…
    24 Mar @ 11PM

  • Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund have held talks with Naby Keita’s agent about bringing the midfielder back to Germa…
    24 Mar @ 9PM

  • Liverpool are reportedly ready to cut their losses on Naby Keita after only a season at Anfield, with Jurgen Klopp happ…
    24 Mar @ 6PM

  • Liverpool are ready to cut their losses on Naby Keita after only a season at Anfield, with Klopp happy to lose £10m on…
    24 Mar @ 5PM

  • Just a reminder that Steven Gerrard retired from football in 2016 and yet he still has more goals for Liverpool this seaso…
    23 Mar @ 5PM

  • How Naby Keita comes off the bench for Liverpool https://t.co/rVHZpuJ1el
    17 Mar @ 10PM

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      18 Apr @ 07:02
    • 2️⃣0️⃣ assists between them in all comps this season. 🤩 @andrewrobertso5 x @trentaa98 🤩 https://t.co/5EPAPKbUOs
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      18 Apr @ 04:42
    • RT @LFCUSA: Your support has always been loud and unwavering, throughout all the early mornings. You all have proved that America is unque…
      18 Apr @ 03:29
    • Watch him defend, and we watch him score. 🎶 https://t.co/jSeG3L81sZ
      18 Apr @ 02:42
    • Bobby has been nominated for the @ChampionsLeague Player of the Week award. 🙌 Get voting, Reds. 👇 #UCL
      18 Apr @ 02:03