@simplysaka_: Another unpopular opinion: Jordan Henderson is criminally underrated and deserves PFA player of the year. There I said it…

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  • Jurgen Klopp says Jordan Henderson and Sadio Mane have benefitted from the coronavirus shutdown as their bodies have been…
    2 Jun @ 9PM

  • At this exact moment last year, Jordan Henderson lifted the European Cup above his head and Liverpool were Champions of…
    2 Jun @ 12AM

  • Jordan Henderson going to his dad, look how much this means to them. Once told he wasn’t good enough here and not fit to wea…
    1 Jun @ 1PM

  • Jordan Henderson finds his dad in the crowd after winning the European Cup as captain of Liverpool https://t.co/Ni5
    1 Jun @ 8AM

  • This *will* be the best four minutes and forty one seconds of your day When he finds Jordan Henderson https://t.co
    1 Jun @ 8AM

  • Jordan Henderson on winning in Madrid “The feeling you get is something that I cannot really describe… "It’s the be…
    1 Jun @ 6AM

  • Seeing as it’s a year ago today, need to bring this photo of Jordan Henderson with his dad, Brian. Brian had been suffering…
    1 Jun @ 12AM

  • Jordan Henderson: “I was always under the impression that, not only for us but for the rest of the league, it needed finishing…
    31 May @ 1PM

  • Alex Ferguson in his autobiography: “We noticed that Jordan Henderson runs from his knees, with a straight back. The mo…
    30 May @ 5PM

  • I've accepted that Liverpool are going to win the league and that they deserve it. But Jordan Henderson as player of th…
    30 May @ 10AM

  • Jordan Henderson is favourite to win the PFA Player of the Year award! It won’t be the first time a #ManCity player is ro…
    29 May @ 5PM

  • Jordan Henderson after he lifts the Premier League trophy in July. https://t.co/wMP3g6GmIU
    29 May @ 1PM

  • I dont know why you would argue with a league whose best player according to BBC is Jordan Henderson ? waste of time
    28 May @ 7PM

  • Can you imagine Jordan Henderson doing his stupid little leg shuffle thing in an empty Anfield stadium https://t.co/WajFRw
    28 May @ 7PM

  • Current scenes from Melwood as Jordan Henderson is practicing his trophy shuffle https://t.co/kEAfONb1VR
    28 May @ 3PM

  • Jordan Henderson: “If we win and if the fans are not there, we have to deal with it when it comes. But if we win the…
    27 May @ 9PM

  • "Whenever fans are allowed back in the stadium, I’m sure we can have some sort of celebration together." https://t.co
    27 May @ 3PM

  • Live pictures of Jordan Henderson. https://t.co/6tXLbAZORr
    27 May @ 12PM

  • Jordan Henderson has spoken on the idea of lifting the Premier League trophy without fans... Here https://t.co/vG73M2T6v1
    27 May @ 11AM

  • "It would be pretty strange." Jordan Henderson has spoken on the idea of lifting the Premier League trophy without any fans.…
    27 May @ 8AM

  • Jordan Henderson: “We have had programmes to follow, so some of us are probably fitter than before we went into lockdown.…
    27 May @ 12AM

  • Jordan Henderson has spoken on the idea of lifting the Premier League trophy without fans... Read: https://t.co/vG73M3aHTB h…
    26 May @ 9PM

  • We've got a special guest on tonight's show #LFC captain Jordan Henderson is with us to discuss: Project restart…
    26 May @ 7PM

  • Rashford’s doing this, Zaha’s been offering his properties out to NHS staff, Jordan Henderson set up a fund to help the NHS from…
    26 May @ 3PM

  • Jordan Henderson, my captain. https://t.co/R3W7giRPZi
    25 May @ 1PM

  • Points per game: Joe Gomez (Liverpool) 3.00 Jordan Henderson (Liverpool) 2.92 Mohamed Salah (Liverpool) 2.88 Alexander…
    23 May @ 5PM

  • When you realise @premierleague football is coming back next month and that there’s a Jordan Henderson trophy shuffle on…
    23 May @ 12PM

  • @JNorb14 Player of the Season: Sadio Mané. Young Player of the season: Trent Alexander Arnold. Most Improved player of…
    22 May @ 5PM

  • Jordan Henderson says he respects the decisions of Troy Deeney and N'Golo Kante not to return to Premier League training.…
    22 May @ 10AM

  • Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson insists he has felt "very safe" since his club returned to training amid the corona…
    22 May @ 8AM

  • Scott McTominay vs Jordan Henderson https://t.co/s1qwiUSQfT
    21 May @ 9PM

  • Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson is delighted to be back in training and has challenged the Reds to "pick up where they…
    21 May @ 7PM

  • Only people who understand football know why Jordan Henderson deserves to be named PFA Player Of The Year. Look at thi…
    21 May @ 11AM

  • Morning Reds Here’s a montage of Jordan Henderson goals to start your Thursday off right https://t.co/4YsKlAfkEa
    21 May @ 8AM

  • Jordan Henderson as De Bruyne, a short thread. https://t.co/eu3UmjIJFq
    21 May @ 12AM

  • Midfielders better than Jordan Henderson
    20 May @ 8AM

  • Liverpool will start group training today after yesterday's final individuals sessions, which included Jordan Henderson, Vi…
    20 May @ 6AM

  • Jordan Henderson, Virgil van Dijk and Joe Gomez arrive at Melwood for individual training ? But from tomorrow the Liver…
    19 May @ 9PM

  • Jordan Henderson, Virgil van Dijk and Joe Gomez arrive at Melwood for individual training ? https://t.co/2ApUfCvPjo
    19 May @ 5PM

  • Jordan Henderson and Virgil van Dijk arriving at Melwood today for training after two months https://t.co/5oWzRfuLUV
    19 May @ 3PM

  • Here's a fun fact for everyone, Jordan Henderson will become only the 2nd captain EVER, to lift both the Premier League, and…
    18 May @ 3PM

  • Jordan Henderson. European Cup winning captain. https://t.co/TbcBAZO9cS
    17 May @ 9PM

  • Kenny Dalglish: “What they have done throughout all of this COVID virus, for me, I think Jordan Henderson has led from th…
    14 May @ 7PM

  • Passing: Jordan Henderson x The Premier League https://t.co/j7v2NQGXTA
    14 May @ 5PM

  • Day 63 Without Football Here is Jordan Henderson doing trophy lifts... https://t.co/ozMVcARovP
    14 May @ 10AM

  • Jordan Henderson has been named the BBC's PL Player of the Year for his 3 goals & 5 assists. In 2013/14, Yaya Toure produ…
    13 May @ 3PM

  • TALENT OF THE DAY Armin Gigovic Age: 18 Country: Club: Helsingborgs IF Position: DM/CM Player role: box-to-box midfie…
    12 May @ 7PM

  • Scott McTominay >>>> Jordan Henderson But Liverpool fans believe say Henderson suppose win Premier League player of t…
    12 May @ 10AM

  • I reckon we’re close to seeing some psychotic LFC fans kidnapping PL players and driving them to an abandoned quarry to fi…
    10 May @ 5PM

  • What do you do when you're not a "natural talent"? "As a kid, Jordan Henderson was dissatisfied with a free-kick he took agai…
    10 May @ 3PM

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    • #LFC update on @premierleague fixtures.
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    • Our return to @premierleague action will begin with the Merseyside derby on Sunday 21st June. Confirmed dates for… https://t.co/zoij2YVOcR
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