@TalkOfEwood: Who’s nutmeg on James Milner was better? Like for Messi. Retweet for Dack. #Rovers https://t.co/j5XRi1nqy9

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  • Who’s nutmeg on James Milner was better? Like for Messi. Retweet for Dack. #Rovers https://t.co/j5XRi1nqy9
    21 Jul @ 12PM

  • Half time at Ewood Park, and it's goalless. Adam Lallana and James Milner have come closest for Liverpool, and Loris Karius…
    19 Jul @ 8PM

  • James Milner leads the Reds out at Gigg Lane for the third pre-season friendly of the 2018/19 season
    14 Jul @ 2PM

  • “There is plenty to weigh up. I enjoy helping younger guys out. I have been playing a long time and I was looked after by t…
    14 Jul @ 1PM

  • Never retire, @JamesMilner! https://t.co/FTWb2iRyy7
    14 Jul @ 1PM

  • James Milner has plenty of football left in him yet - but the Reds midfielder has been talking retirement plans https://t.c
    14 Jul @ 12PM

  • That’s not Luke Shaw. That’s a cross between James Milner and Firmino. https://t.co/s1rbA9t2XY
    13 Jul @ 12PM

  • This England team needs a James Milner
    11 Jul @ 9PM

  • Full Time Chester 0-7 Liverpool Harry Wilson Daniel Sturridge James Milner ? Ryan Kent ? Danny Ings ? #YoungRedsM…
    7 Jul @ 5PM

  • After being priced out of a move for AS Roma’s Alisson, Klopp is set to give the industrious James Milner a chance bet…
    6 Jul @ 6PM

  • Where’s James Milner when you need him
    3 Jul @ 10PM

  • Thirty-two-year-old James Milner proved he is the fittest Liverpool player by winning the lactate test on the first day of p…
    3 Jul @ 2PM

  • James Milner is an absolute machine. Beat everyone in the lactate threshold test today at Melwood. Naby dropped out with on…
    2 Jul @ 10PM

  • James Milner is having a great World Cup #ENGPAN https://t.co/uT4BehrXQa
    24 Jun @ 2PM

  • James Milner at it again! https://t.co/IwP0z1ncT6
    24 Jun @ 1PM

  • The debate ends now: Lionel Messi is NOT better than James Milner
    16 Jun @ 4PM

  • James Milner trolls Liverpool after latest kit release – 101 Great Goals https://t.co/ia3o1TZvys https://t.co/5JZKHs2XWH
    13 Jun @ 3PM

  • The Liverpool away kit inspired by James Milner’s love for Ribena. https://t.co/TrC5KVDxJm
    13 Jun @ 2PM

  • Boring James Milner https://t.co/5Phwgg7Bvp
    13 Jun @ 1PM

  • "James has taught me a lot. Like me, he also came through really young and he's always there if I need to go to someone." @tren…
    11 Jun @ 2PM

  • James The Horse Milner The Horse James Milner The Horse https://t.co/F6QL6QsK4h
    8 Jun @ 2PM

  • Bits & Pieces: The James Milner Edition: Shy, unassuming teenager Mary ‘Mouse’ Bedford… https://t.co/nGxZgbUlMM
    29 May @ 5PM

  • Assist record breaking James Milner! https://t.co/LyV5Hl5MsT
    29 May @ 5PM

  • 2015: Last game of the season: Lost 6-1 at Stoke July 1st confirmations: Danny Ings, Adam Bogdan, James Milner all on frees…
    29 May @ 4PM

  • Sadio Mane: Scores 10 times. James Milner: Breaks all-time assist record. Neither in UEFA's champions league squad of…
    28 May @ 11AM

  • Will never understand why this guy had such a grudge against us, the first time liverpool came to the Etihad with him we san…
    27 May @ 6PM

  • Real Madrid made 20 passes in the move for Bale's goal. James Milner made 21passes in the entire game. Huge fan of Milner.…
    27 May @ 10AM

  • James Milner since leaving Manchester City 3 finals 3 defeats 0 trophies "I left to win trophies" https://t.co/iNh
    26 May @ 11PM

  • So far Liverpool have been victims of cancelled flights, two naughty goals, Sergio Ramos, stolen flags, shit flags, beatings…
    26 May @ 10PM

  • James Milner: "When I moved (to Liverpool) it was because I thought I had a chance of winning trophies." https://t.co/CEkq2
    26 May @ 9PM

  • James Milner might need some more Ribena after this game! #UCLfinal https://t.co/H8BD7o25YH
    26 May @ 9PM

  • I know James Milner has broken the assist record in the champions league this season but it’s harsh on the rest of the squad…
    26 May @ 8PM

  • James Milner has provided a competition-high eight assists in the Champions League this season, while teammate Roberto Fir…
    26 May @ 5PM

  • James Milner in @LFC training ahead of the @ChampionsLeague Final. What an unbelievable strike! ( @btsportfootbal…
    26 May @ 3PM

  • Adam Lallana's Liverpool lowdown... (The bit about Andy Robertson and James Milner #LFC #UCLFinal https://t.co/nDqMrfx65F
    26 May @ 12PM

  • James Milner is teetotal and he did mean it about celebrating with a Ribena... #lfc https://t.co/y4o4sjqon3
    26 May @ 12PM

  • James Milner's strike in training last night. Deserves a Ribena or two that! https://t.co/y4HLqtMsvq
    26 May @ 10AM

  • What a strike! James Milner earns his evening glass of Ribena https://t.co/g736ZVZtbK
    25 May @ 10PM

  • Watch Liverpool train on the eve of the Champions League final James Milner's absolute worldie is a highlight https…
    25 May @ 9PM

  • James Milner is basically a more attractive Isco....
    25 May @ 5PM

  • We’ve conquered all Ribena’s, We’re never gonna stop, From Blackcurrant, down to Strawberry, We’ve drank the fucking lot,…
    25 May @ 4PM

  • James Milner #LUFC https://t.co/jocECWSxqS
    25 May @ 9AM

  • James Milner opens up. #lfc https://t.co/XmCyPL7DoG
    25 May @ 7AM

  • BREAKING: Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp confirms James Milner and Emre Can fit for Champions League final against Real Mad…
    24 May @ 7PM

  • 3,590 - Difference in distance covered per 90 (in meters) between Liverpool’s oldest outfield player (James Milner) and…
    24 May @ 8AM

  • James Milner, who has broke the record for the most assists in a @ChampionsLeague campaign EVER, doesn’t make the UCL T…
    22 May @ 5PM

  • James MIlner registers more assists in one season of the Champions League than any player in the history of the competi…
    22 May @ 12PM

  • Good news for Liverpool that James Milner and Emre Can both featured in an open training session at Anfield today
    21 May @ 1PM

  • Wrote this for ESPN FC on James Milner and how boss he is - https://t.co/k8XCOmr6h3
    18 May @ 11PM

  • James Milner really is the social media king https://t.co/mnYUiDbuql
    18 May @ 2PM

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