@BBCMOTD: Your Goal of the Month(s) winner is... FABINHO Here's how you voted... https://t.co/ljtlKTo90K

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  • A short analysis on Fabinho: Aston Villa https://t.co/eUuLsq6gLj
    6 Jul @ 4PM

  • No signing will ever beat when we signed Fabinho. Man was at Melwood having his medical and signing his contract while journali…
    6 Jul @ 3PM

  • Leaked Liverpool Transfer news is near enough impossible now, they are so private, when you look at the Fabinho deal, no one…
    6 Jul @ 1AM

  • Your Goal of the Month(s) winner is... FABINHO Here's how you voted... https://t.co/ljtlKTo90K
    5 Jul @ 11PM

  • Thiago Fabinho and Keita next season https://t.co/j9rzwEmi3M
    5 Jul @ 11PM

  • I swear Bernardo Silva used to play with Fabinho at Monaco? Which for me makes his non show at the guard of honour even more…
    5 Jul @ 9PM

  • Fabinho the only #LFC player with a pass completion rate over 90 per cent so far.
    5 Jul @ 7PM

  • BONUS POINTS AS IT STANDS 3 - Alexander-Arnold, Taylor 1 - Fabinho #FPL #LIVAVL https://t.co/xtsyg0BWTu
    5 Jul @ 5PM

  • Starting XI to face @AVFCOfficial this afternoon: Alisson, Alexander-Arnold, Gomez, Van Dijk, Robertson, Fabinho, Keit…
    5 Jul @ 3PM

  • New Fabinho 2020 || Macdonald Player || Latricherie https://t.co/PFAs6WXzqg
    4 Jul @ 7PM

  • Fabinho, Naby and Thiago in a midfield 3 would be a madness. Shouldn’t be allowed at all. https://t.co/1KVrna00TJ
    4 Jul @ 3PM

  • Fabinho vs City | Highlights | Best DM ITW? https://t.co/FICT3uV3VY
    3 Jul @ 9PM

  • Fabinho has been levels in the last 2 seasons. The best player in the world, in his position. He is!
    3 Jul @ 7PM

  • Fabinho, Thiago, and Keita would be unbelievable.
    3 Jul @ 3PM

  • Who would you prefer in your team? 1. Retweet for Fabinho 2. Like for Bruno Fernandes https://t.co/mIP2m4Yq3p
    3 Jul @ 10AM

  • Phil Foden fouled by Fabinho and accidentally touches the ball with his hand. Mahrez scores a beauty.. VAR official: So…
    3 Jul @ 6AM

  • Fabinho when he’s not playing against bottom half PL teams https://t.co/w3hiCPXi7R
    3 Jul @ 4AM

  • Klopp pulling up to European away days with Thiago x Fabinho x Keita and actually dominating the middle of the field, as…
    3 Jul @ 2AM

  • A Keïta x Thiago x Fabinho midfield has me weak at the knees
    2 Jul @ 11PM

  • Phil Foden started on the right, went left and is now upfront against Fabinho and Van Dijk and still a threat. Intelligent…
    2 Jul @ 9PM

  • Someone said "Wilfred Ndidi is only second to Fabinho". Wilfred Ndidi is second to NONE in the #EPL https://t.co/qCt8qV
    2 Jul @ 7PM

  • Under an hour until the next #SummerHeat? Summer Showdown: @ManCity v. @LFC Those who completed City's 92 Phil Foden or…
    2 Jul @ 7PM

  • My lineup for City: Alisson TAA Gomez Van Dijk Robbo Hendo Fabinho Gini Salah…
    2 Jul @ 2PM

  • @goal Hmmm already reading ndidi, Kante, Fernandinho & Fabinho but ok... https://t.co/RjNa95WMha
    2 Jul @ 2PM

  • Every angle of Fabinho's screamer against Manchester City Enjoy https://t.co/ekoNufE8SY
    2 Jul @ 12PM

  • Rodri of Man City has been lowkey one of the signings of the season. Most passes per 90, best pass accuracy, and most p…
    2 Jul @ 10AM

  • @T_muli74 @longerwett @utdreport Liverpool went from being 25 points behind City in 2018, to 1 point behind in 2019, and…
    1 Jul @ 11PM

  • Against Palace, Fabinho had a goal of the year candidate, an assist of the year candidate, more successful tackles and mo…
    1 Jul @ 7PM

  • How did Mane make TOTW over Fabinho loooooool
    1 Jul @ 5PM

  • Liverpool v Manchester City Fabinho Mo salah Sadio mane diving header sadiooooo maneeee wow #LFC #YNWA #P…
    1 Jul @ 3PM

  • Fabinho Currently avaliable for 130k. Brilliant CDM. Strong, Powerful, Chips in with a couple of goals. Can feel slow to tu…
    1 Jul @ 4AM

  • #OnThisDay in 2018, Liverpool signed Fabinho for £43.7m. 74 games 3 goals 5 assists Champions League 2019…
    1 Jul @ 12AM

  • Imagine thinking Fabinho is better than Matic
    30 Jun @ 9PM

  • Wallpaper @LFC Squad 2020 #lfc #ynwa #liverpool #liverpoolfc #thereds #anfield #firmino #alisson #Mane #salah #design #art #…
    30 Jun @ 7PM

  • If Danny Murphy thinks that the likes of Alisson, Van Dijk, Trent, Henderson, Fabinho, Firmino, Salah and Mane aren’t fit to l…
    30 Jun @ 5PM

  • I’d consider playing Fabinho at CB if Gomez needs a rest and dropping Henderson into the 6. Don’t want to see Lovren pl…
    30 Jun @ 2PM

  • Joel Matip is out for the season. We're one step closer to Jordan Henderson's biggest sacrifice. https://t.co/IwxzK
    30 Jun @ 1PM

  • Fabinho has scored 2 goal of the season contenders for Liverpool in a league drought ending, title winning season. Be…
    30 Jun @ 8AM

  • The next #SummerHeat Summer Showdown is here Squad Building Challenges in #FUT20 for @LFC's Fabinho and @ManCity's…
    29 Jun @ 9PM

  • “He’s given Fabinho what out of 10?!?” https://t.co/iJmwKggCBF
    29 Jun @ 7PM

  • We need another signing like the Fabinho one. Strictly out of the blue and a top top player >>>
    29 Jun @ 3PM

  • Outrageous stats. Further proof how Klopp and these players are reinventing positions and rolls on the football pitch. St…
    29 Jun @ 12PM

  • Fabinho only scores rockets! https://t.co/41zHjslzb6
    28 Jun @ 5PM

  • @ChrisPJoness @BeardedGenius Yea but Arsenal fans are cheeky, they once said Torreira better than Fabinho, and they tweeted “p…
    28 Jun @ 2PM

  • For me, Vvd, Robertson, Gini, Hendo, Salah, Firmino & Mane are at their peak now What’s exciting is that the likes of Aliss…
    28 Jun @ 10AM

  • Timeline asleep? Fabinho is the best DM in the league
    28 Jun @ 4AM

  • An emotional Klopp and Fabinho's bullet have been added this week... there's space being saved for the trophy lift. …
    27 Jun @ 11PM

  • Of the current squad (to have made 10+ apps at home) NINE players are unbeaten in Premier League games at Anfield. 1 Alisso…
    27 Jun @ 9PM

  • just realised someone said “what a ball” when fabinho made the pass to salah https://t.co/rJG7QKaLbo
    27 Jun @ 3PM

  • Just for fun #LFC 1990 Champions V 2020 Champions. Who would win & what would the score be? 1990: Groblelaar, Hysén, B…
    26 Jun @ 11PM

 Liverpool News

    • A great guard of honour as the champions returned to Anfield 👏 https://t.co/gnk3jcr9JK
      6 Jul @ 06:38
    • Proud ☺️ 📸 IG: harveyelliott07 https://t.co/5dO8Dr1ID1
      6 Jul @ 05:45
    • 'A dream come true' ✊ Read the full interview transcript after the lifelong Red signed his first professional contract...
      6 Jul @ 05:00
    • "I think since the first day I've walked in, it's been an indescribable journey so far. "I think now to top it off… https://t.co/SqfPZ8ReQI
      6 Jul @ 04:31
    • "What is great is that he has the perfect culture here and we will protect him. The senior players and the coaches… https://t.co/m6gxXNlVWu
      6 Jul @ 04:11
    • "I'm excited to see what the future holds and I'm just excited to give everything to the club and the fans." ❤️ https://t.co/AjXlY0fcyu
      6 Jul @ 04:03
    • ✍️ Harvey Elliott has signed his first professional contract with the Reds 🔴
      6 Jul @ 03:59
    • Fan Update launches for season ticket holders.
      6 Jul @ 03:02
    • 1⃣2⃣7⃣ games 3⃣0⃣0⃣ goals Curtis' strike was our 300th under the boss at Anfield 🙌⚽️ https://t.co/Wu4FbRqapg
      6 Jul @ 02:36
    • Herbie Kane is set to miss the remainder of the season due to a hamstring injury.
      6 Jul @ 01:37
    • FIRMINO #⃣9⃣ 🔥 Celebrating five years of Bobby as a Red... what is your favourite Firmino moment? 🤔 https://t.co/bYEmfI76aX
      6 Jul @ 01:31
    • Great to see you back at Anfield, @PReina25 🙌🔴 https://t.co/WmT3nhN3lx
      6 Jul @ 00:43
    • INCREDIBLE 😱 Enjoy this extremely unique angle and see Naby's vision to set-up Sadio's opener against… https://t.co/mAnwkoNB9s
      6 Jul @ 09:48
    • [email protected] feels fit and ready to go again as the Reds' busy schedule continues at @OfficialBHAFC on Wednesday 👊🔴
      6 Jul @ 09:12
    • RT @LFC: A special moment for @curtisjr_10 🙌
      6 Jul @ 08:43