@AnfieldHQ: Fabinho: "If the fans are liking what I’ve done, and they want to create a song for me, let’s do it.”

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  • Disappointed we still haven’t given Fabinho that ‘Coutinho o o o’ chant yet
    19 Apr @ 8AM

  • Fabinho: "If the fans are liking what I’ve done, and they want to create a song for me, let’s do it.”
    18 Apr @ 11PM

  • Remember when people thought that Fabinho was an expensive flop who would never adapt to life in England or the Premier L…
    18 Apr @ 2AM

  • ¦ Fabinho, Virgil, Naby, Matip, Salah, Firmino, Henderson...pretty much everyone is involved in this one! All to put it on…
    17 Apr @ 6PM

  • Opposition trying to build through the middle: Fabinho: https://t.co/k04qzqzV30
    17 Apr @ 2PM

  • Klopp on Brazilian influence: "There are world class Brazilian players all over the world. We brought in Alisson and F…
    16 Apr @ 6PM

  • The way Fabinho steps side in front of Willian and gave his amigo Firmino a accurate shoulder pass looks soo good. http…
    16 Apr @ 5PM

  • ¦LFC's squad for Porto (A): Fabinho, Van Dijk, Wijnaldum, Milner, Keita, Firmino, Mane, Salah, Gomez, Alisson, Henderson,…
    16 Apr @ 3PM

  • Hi @SkySportsNews Just wondering at what point you’ll be covering these incidents at Anfield... Salah’s dive Fabinho spitti…
    16 Apr @ 9AM

  • READ | By: @TheoBeevers_FJ Liverpool versus Porto Champions League Preview Keita and Fabinho should be rested …
    16 Apr @ 7AM

  • Did Sky Sports talk about Mohammad Salah's dive yesterday? Any company let alone Sky Sports talk about Fabinho's disgu…
    16 Apr @ 6AM

  • Fabinho at Anfield #UCL | @LFC https://t.co/QeZqD9jnsS
    15 Apr @ 1PM

  • A Chelsea player has the ball: Fabinho: https://t.co/j75GYZQVUc
    14 Apr @ 10PM

  • Litterally any Chelsea player: Fabinho: https://t.co/f1rsgOcgXR
    14 Apr @ 7PM

  • Disgusting from Fabinho... https://t.co/BGgfAnE1CL
    14 Apr @ 5PM

  • Liverpool starting XI to face @ChelseaFC: Alisson, Alexander-Arnold, Matip, Van Dijk, Robertson, Fabinho, Henderson, K…
    14 Apr @ 4PM

  • Who is better FT? Like - Kovacic RT- Fabinho #LIVCHE https://t.co/eLDWg8zoxp
    14 Apr @ 2PM

  • Fabinho x Liverpool 1987/88 RTs Appreciated. #LFC #Liverpool https://t.co/LlNIdOxRJ0
    13 Apr @ 8PM

  • Klopp made Fabinho wait for a chance to prove himself. It paid off and it's one of the reasons Keita will succeed at Liverpo…
    13 Apr @ 8PM

  • Fabinho: "I was on the bench and I just remember looking round at every part of the stadium in amazement. You'll Never W…
    13 Apr @ 3PM

  • Didn’t know this but really interesting stuff: “Pep Lijnders, who is fluent in Portuguese and helped Fabinho settle, has…
    13 Apr @ 1PM

  • Fabinho world class. Henderson playing the best football he has for ages in an advanced role. Keita scores 2 in 2 and gets MOT…
    12 Apr @ 6PM

  • Klopp: "Dejan did brilliant, he played a really good game after quite a while of being out for injury reasons. But it was so…
    12 Apr @ 4PM

  • I am: a woman a man Looking for: Sex Money A Keita-Fabinho-Hendo midfield starting on Sunday against…
    12 Apr @ 3PM

  • Some people are deluded There's only one answer: Who is better? Like = Fabinho Retweet = Idrissa Gueye https://t.co/9
    11 Apr @ 7PM

  • My predicted lineup vs Chelsea: Alisson TAA Matip Van Dijk Robertson Hendo Fabinho Gi…
    11 Apr @ 6PM

  • Henderson: “In the last couple of years, there hasn’t really been a player like Fabinho in that role so I’ve had to adapt to…
    11 Apr @ 9AM

  • There’s a good reason why Klopp has selected Naby in and out the squad while he’s learning in perfecting his role. Robert…
    10 Apr @ 1PM

  • Fabinho unlocking Henderson, who’s unlocking Keïta. Poetry in motion, mate. #LFC
    9 Apr @ 10PM

  • This midfield has everything. Henderson - The Workhorse. Fabinho - The Wall. Keita - The Sauce.
    9 Apr @ 8PM

  • #LFC starting XI v #PortoFC: Alisson, Alexander-Arnold, Lovren, Van Dijk, Milner, Fabinho, Henderson, Keita, Salah, Mane…
    9 Apr @ 7PM

  • When Klopp starts a midfield of Fabinho, Henderson and Keita tonight https://t.co/un3zm6N1WS
    9 Apr @ 3PM

  • Predicted XI for tonight: Alisson; Alexander-Arnold, Matip, Virgil, Milner; Fabinho, Henderson, Wijnaldum; Salah, Mane, F…
    9 Apr @ 1PM

  • Would opt for Fabinho-Henderson-Keita in midfield tonight. Wijnaldum has played so much football already and looks a little…
    9 Apr @ 11AM

  • Van Dijk on Robertson ban: "We will miss Robbo as he's the best left-back in the country but I didn't play against Bay…
    8 Apr @ 1PM

  • Fabinho, Milner and Henderson for me on Tuesday. Gini Wijnaldum has looked absolutely shattered in recent weeks. Deserves…
    7 Apr @ 10PM

  • I'm actually considering an midfield 3 of Fabinho - Naby- Ndombele, Could be the perfect midfield..
    7 Apr @ 8PM

  • Ndombele should be Liverpool's #1 transfer target IMO. Fabinho behind Naby & Ndombele would be too good.
    7 Apr @ 6PM

  • Fabinho/Henderson/Keita midfield. None of this Wijnaldum shit I’ve had enough
    6 Apr @ 9PM

  • Anyone else think when we play this midfield we miss Hendo and Milner and when we play them we miss Keita and Fabinho
    6 Apr @ 5PM

  • Fabinho and Keita now on Amazon ordering books on intermediate level English swear words https://t.co/EcrOzdkiUh
    6 Apr @ 3PM

  • That Henderson goal was simply amazing to watch. He deserved it. That's the runs he used to make in the 2013/14 season which…
    6 Apr @ 1PM

  • Another case of heavy fullback distribution by Liverpool, as midfielders Fabinho, Wijnaldum and Keïta did very little…
    6 Apr @ 11AM

  • I really don't get it. We struggled until Henderson replaced Gini last night, Fabinho wasn't brilliant either. Milner came o…
    6 Apr @ 10AM

  • When you see the midfield of Keita Fabinho and Wijnaldum then realise that could possibly mean Brexit midfield vs Porto.....…
    6 Apr @ 8AM

  • That Henderson cameo looked like the player he threatened he could become back in 2014. Fabinho freeing him up to bounc…
    6 Apr @ 12AM

  • Klopp's subs today were ON THE MONEY. Gini struggled, Trent struggle, 60 minutes get them off. Get Jordan Hendinho on and wi…
    5 Apr @ 11PM

  • Redmond sent Fabinho back to the favela with this nutmeg. https://t.co/RDDTc9Nzyi
    5 Apr @ 9PM

  • BREAKING: Naby Keita and Fabinho start for Liverpool tonight. Via @StanCollymore https://t.co/2YaNgT5fUy
    5 Apr @ 8PM

  • #LFC line up against Southampton kick off 8pm. Alisson Alexander Arnold Matip Van Dijk Robertson Wijnaldum Fabinho Keita Sala…
    5 Apr @ 6PM

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