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  • Divock Origi ruined Barcelona and they haven’t recovered.
    25 Jan @ 5PM

  • The genuine excitement on Twitter that Wolves might actually win this is lovely to see. Divock Origi's going to break a lo…
    23 Jan @ 9PM

  • Any other manager would get the sack. But the board knows our spastic top reds will support this guy forever just becaus…
    22 Jan @ 9PM

  • This game is screaming out for the anarchy of Divock Origi. #LIVMUN
    19 Jan @ 6PM

  • Divock Origi has scored against: Everton - Silva sacked ? Watford - Garcia sacked ? Newcastle - Rafa leaves ? Spurs -…
    15 Jan @ 12PM

  • Divock Origi has scored against: Everton - Silva sacked ? Watford - Garcia sacked ? Newcastle - Rafa leaves ? Spurs - Poc…
    14 Jan @ 9PM

  • Ernesto Valverde only lost 7 games in 95 league matches. But, he’s sacked already. Going by stats, that’s an incredible recor…
    14 Jan @ 6AM

  • The latest victim of the curse of Divock Origi. He scored three braces in 2019, v Barcelona, Arsenal and Everton. Valverde,…
    13 Jan @ 11PM

  • Valverde lost 7 leagues games out of 95 but lost his job because messi cant hold 3 goal leads against edin dzeko and d…
    13 Jan @ 7PM

  • Divock Origi completed more take-ons (4) than any other Spurs player during Liverpool's 1-0 win. He came on in the 81st minut…
    11 Jan @ 7PM

  • The age of the Liverpool team that humiliated Everton in the FA Cup, when Everton last won a trophy in 1995. 8 of them were…
    6 Jan @ 2PM

  • The Divock Origi of the NHL (?: NHL)
    6 Jan @ 1PM

  • Divock Origi vs Everton 86% passing 25/29 passes 3 chances created - joint most in game 1 assist 3 shots 1/1 tackle https://t…
    5 Jan @ 5PM

  • NEW YEARS SHIRT GIVEAWAY! If Divock Origi scores first against Everton today, we'll giveaway a 2019/20 Premier Leagu…
    5 Jan @ 9AM

  • Lol Klopp won the champions League with Divock Origi and has not lost a game in a full year But Pep is the one that changed…
    4 Jan @ 4PM

  • Harvey Elliott, Neco Williams, Curtis Jones and Nat Phillips could all be in line to start tomorrow against Everton. D…
    4 Jan @ 2PM

  • Ole Solkjear was to United what Divock Origi is to Liverpool now. You'd never hear Liverpool fans call Origi a legend. Ole…
    4 Jan @ 7AM

  • Divock Origi is not a meme, he’s a Liverpool legend and we treat him as a legend.
    3 Jan @ 11PM

  • So the reds go a calendar year unbeaten in the league. I expected a tough challenge from the blades who've been superb l…
    3 Jan @ 3PM

  • | Divock Origi sprinting back from left-wing to stop a Sheff Utd attack in the 91st minute. Just typifies our attitude…
    3 Jan @ 1PM

  • Divock Origi (LW) taking a sprint from the halfway line, in the 91st minute, to stop a Sheffield player - who's free in Li…
    2 Jan @ 9PM

  • Divock Origi OBE. Delighted for the lad.
    27 Dec @ 11PM

  • Best thing about this #LFC squad is that when injuries, illnesses & suspensions have hit, every single player has stepped…
    26 Dec @ 11PM

  • Divock Origi watching Jordan Ayew’s goal Vs West Ham
    26 Dec @ 9PM

  • Love this stat from @ged0407. If Sadio Mane scores today he will become the 14th player in Liverpool's history to compl…
    26 Dec @ 11AM

  • Who scored our first Anfield goal of 2019? How many goals did Divock Origi score in the @ChampionsLeague last season? 20 R…
    25 Dec @ 7PM

  • Gini Wijnaldum and Divock Origi really turned all the El Clasico into dust. What. A. Team.
    25 Dec @ 11AM

  • More from the Reds including Alisson, Adam Lallana and Divock Origi!
    22 Dec @ 1PM

  • Mohamed Salah: Scores in the Champions League Final Divock Origi: Scores in the Champions League Final Sadio Mane: Scores…
    22 Dec @ 12AM

  • Wait what? Is that..... It can't be.... Divock Origi SMILING
    21 Dec @ 8PM

  • Divock Origi is actually coming to score another Final winning goal, the world didn’t deserve this man
    21 Dec @ 6PM

  • Newcastle ? Barcelona ? Tottenham ? Divock Origi on his favourite goal “Definitely the Everton one. It’s the goal th…
    21 Dec @ 11AM

  • Divock Origi: “As a group we spoke to each other and we were like: ‘Man, we really want to win this thing. We will do everyt…
    20 Dec @ 10PM

  • Divock Origi: “As a group we spoke to each other and we were like: ‘Man, we really want to win this thing. We will do eve…
    20 Dec @ 4PM

  • Divock Origi: 'My favourite goal - the Everton one, definitely. It's the one they speak about most in the city and I love…
    20 Dec @ 8AM

  • Divock Origi: “It’s the goal they speak about most in the city. It’s amazing. I love it. It shows the heart of the suppor…
    20 Dec @ 7AM

  • "I remember going into the airport in Manchester. There was an Everton fan on border control and he said to me, “I’m no…
    19 Dec @ 10PM

  • "We’ll prepare for the best possible result." Divock Origi has detailed a hunger within training that gives him confidence #LFC…
    18 Dec @ 1PM

  • Divock Origi: "It’s hard to get here, you have to win the Champions League and it’s something we can be proud of. Playing…
    18 Dec @ 9AM

  • At random times of the day, I just think “Divock Origi”
    18 Dec @ 9AM

  • Divock Origi after sealing the champions league final Aston Villa players after scoring against a group of teenagers in the…
    17 Dec @ 9PM

  • Divock Origi celebrated less when he slotted the second in Madrid to win the European Cup.
    17 Dec @ 9PM

  • Divock Origi: “To go back there and know that you won such a special prize – for my own life and for the team as well – i…
    17 Dec @ 7PM

  • Divock Origi is averaging a goal or assist every 91.5mins in the Premier League this season. 3 goals, 1 assist. Super sub …
    15 Dec @ 1PM

  • Divock Origi vs Watford Subbed on 88mins 0 passes 0 dribbles 0 tackles 0 aeriel duels 1 shot 1 assist ?
    14 Dec @ 4PM

  • Enough about the finish, this goal is all about the craft and vision of Divock Origi. Shapes to shoot, then delivers the i…
    14 Dec @ 2PM

  • This ESPN football pundit legit said Divock Origi is better than Romelu Lukaku , Oh my days! The football gods might g…
    12 Dec @ 10PM

  • Here’s my totally unbiased TOTY. I’ll say it again, Joel Matip and Divock Origi got robbed big time again.
    12 Dec @ 5PM

  • Naby Keita off for Divock Origi. Big night for the midfielder and he delivered. Excellent performance.
    10 Dec @ 8PM

  • This game is crying out for some Divock Origi. In fairness, every game is crying out for the unique chaos of Divock Origi.…
    10 Dec @ 6PM

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