@Liverpoolcom_: "Missing out on Götze in 2016 proved to be a blessing in disguise, as Liverpool ended up signing Sadio Mané instead. Whi…

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  • Harry Maguire’s deleted tweet ... #LFC #MUFC #HarryMaguire https://t.co/sLWhZEACN6
    13 Oct @ 6PM

  • Omg Gini. What a player. #LFC https://t.co/ig58deMCmv
    13 Oct @ 4PM

  • #OLSCSiam X Liverpool FC Thai Supporters X @LFCGFS . #OfficialLFCSupportersClubSIAM #LFCGFS #LFCgirlfriends . #On…
    13 Oct @ 10AM

  • Sadio Mane folks ? #LFC #hero https://t.co/2JfvBPsy9U
    12 Oct @ 7PM

  • This is disgusting and goes against everything LFC stands. Block and report this racist. No place for racism reds #LFC http…
    12 Oct @ 6PM

  • Sheffield United fans at home to Liverpool “Champions of league one you’ll never sing that” #sufc #twitterblades #lfc…
    12 Oct @ 5PM

  • Gerrard back in a #LFC shirt. https://t.co/aWpdgurUFI
    12 Oct @ 3PM

  • Watch LIVE - @RangersFC Legends vs #LFC Legends ? A chance to see plenty of icons back in action https://t.co/af6cRVwsUN
    12 Oct @ 12PM

  • Salah after the first 10 games of the season: 17/18: 6 goals, 1 assist 18/19: 3 goals, 1 assist 19/20: 6 goals, 3 assists…
    12 Oct @ 8AM

  • This is one my favourite goals this season. Such a well worked goal #LFC https://t.co/72loYzuHn5
    12 Oct @ 7AM

  • Anyone fancy having a go at making a Liverpool/United combined XI? #LFC Here's ours: https://t.co/91RwuQOVUV
    11 Oct @ 10PM

  • Fabinho, Wijnaldum & Keita only started 4 league games together last season. Liverpool won them all, scoring 13, conceding…
    11 Oct @ 8PM

  • Welcome to the family Meet the new official #LFC supporters clubs...
    11 Oct @ 12PM

  • Sadio Mané is destroying Brazil in front of a Singapore crowd which is littered with #LFC shirts adorning his name. Ye…
    11 Oct @ 12PM

  • Back-to-Back Premier League Manager of the Month awards for Klopp #LFC https://t.co/qfM6X4aQGn
    11 Oct @ 11AM

  • Jurgen Klopp is September Manager of the Month We recently caught up with @honigstein ? 1?Retweet this tweet 2?Rep…
    11 Oct @ 10AM

  • Throwback to when Trent was challenged to hit the crossbar to settle an argument in England training. Smashed it #LFC htt…
    11 Oct @ 7AM

  • Henderson, Milner and Wijnaldum did what they had to do. Emre Can did what he thought he had to do. Therein lies the dif…
    11 Oct @ 6AM

  • #LFC family can you do your thing and help me get a signed shirt and some memorabilia for a gentleman who has recently arrived…
    10 Oct @ 8PM

  • The new #LFC inspired bar, Jürgens is open now on the Strand https://t.co/2qLTki4HFK
    10 Oct @ 7PM

  • Xabi Alonso on Steven Gerrard. #LFC https://t.co/ueJfQHqt6m
    10 Oct @ 5PM

  • What. A. Statistic. #LFC https://t.co/X2UxRyI0ly
    10 Oct @ 5PM

  • This is incredible. #LFC https://t.co/9dGvGsSbZs
    10 Oct @ 4PM

  • Happy birthday to Xherdan Shaqiri. #LFC https://t.co/Yb6Ee77PF7
    10 Oct @ 3PM

  • Scoop finish from Bobby to open the scoring for Brazil #LFC https://t.co/Xs1Q8pjl3H
    10 Oct @ 11AM

  • #LFC's goalkeepers were struggling, and one man was blamed. #LFC's goalkeepers are now thriving, and nobody has really…
    10 Oct @ 10AM

  • Happy birthday to Xherdan Shaqiri, who turns 28 today! Will always remember when he scored those 2 goals against Unite…
    10 Oct @ 5AM

  • 1 in 8 children will struggle with mental health. Working with Liverpool FC, we’re encouraging people to keep W.A.T.C.H for poss…
    10 Oct @ 5AM

  • Manchester United back Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. Support continues for #mufc manager despite threat posed by forthcoming visit…
    10 Oct @ 5AM

  • Adrián San Miguel at Liverpool: 11 games, 10 wins Super Cup winner & hero 100% Premier League record What a sig…
    10 Oct @ 12AM

  • Liverpool have collected 101 points from last the last 38 Premier League games. This is incredible. #LFC https://t.c
    9 Oct @ 10PM

  • #LFC’s new fan identification scheme ‘Fan Update’ should help to combat the problem of touts taking out multiple member…
    9 Oct @ 4PM

  • #LFC has introduced a new fan identification scheme with the dual aim of making the process of buying tickets as fair as possible,…
    9 Oct @ 1PM

  • Jurgen Klopp’s best games at Liverpool FC- A Thread https://t.co/eqJZVsVunl
    9 Oct @ 10AM

  • Tony: "What have you won, Danny?" Danny: "That's not the point?" Tony: "What have you won?" Danny: "The League…
    9 Oct @ 8AM

  • It took @AdriSanMiguel little to no time to become a popular and established member of the #LFC dressing room, @GWijnaldum has rev…
    9 Oct @ 6AM

  • Seriously now #LFC https://t.co/LJq5f9lG6Y
    9 Oct @ 3AM

  • Jürgen Klopp: “Before I came here, I listened to talkSPORT. They talk unbelievable bullshit, but I picked up English fo…
    8 Oct @ 10PM

  • Boss. #LFC https://t.co/NYwCTRRBco
    8 Oct @ 6PM

  • Four years of Jürgen Klopp at #LFC. A thread of my favourite quotes from exclusive interviews with him: "I’m not a one…
    8 Oct @ 3PM

  • "Before we potentially relegate ourselves as a country, I think maybe we should think again and check to see if this is…
    8 Oct @ 1PM

  • "Have you ever seen Percy Pigs abroad? No!" @RhianBrewster9 and @andrewrobertso5 go head to head and test each other on teamma…
    8 Oct @ 1PM

  • ? 458 goals ? 221 games 68 cup ties 37 players given their Reds debut 17 successive league victories recorded A range of f…
    8 Oct @ 8AM

  • Liverpool fan: *breathes* Rest of the world: lmao you think you’re gonna go unbeaten, well you’re not but if you don’t win th…
    7 Oct @ 3PM

  • This is brilliant. Coming from a United fan is icing on the cake. Jurgen Norbert Klopp is such a lovable guy #LFC #LFCFa…
    7 Oct @ 2PM

  • As it’s Trent’s birthday today, I just have to put this out: “CORNER TAKEN QUICKLY, ORIGIIIIIIIIII” #LFC https://t.co/rS
    7 Oct @ 1PM

  • Mohamed Salah’s scan results showed no major issue. He suffered a twisted ankle v Leicester. #LFC insist it’s too early…
    7 Oct @ 6AM

  • Solskjaer: "The #LFC game next is the perfect one for us." #MUFC
    6 Oct @ 4PM

  • Shearer, December 2017: "Yes, it's a penalty for Calvert-Lewin because he does what a striker should do and gets his body…
    6 Oct @ 4PM

  • Congratulations to Liverpool FC on winning the league
    6 Oct @ 1PM

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    • Back to @premierleague action this week, Reds! 👊👊 https://t.co/r1Qy7YsS67
      14 Oct @ 06:07
    • 🤩 G I N I 🤩 @GWijnaldum with the brace tonight 💪🔥 https://t.co/oPAjEeVqK3
      13 Oct @ 08:41
    • RT @LFC: "I absolutely love him, he's my favourite player at the club. He's brilliant, he's always got a smile on his face, always there."…
      13 Oct @ 07:04
    • RT @LFC: One week to go until we're back in action 👊👊 🔜 @ManUtd https://t.co/V5F8iMYNUJ
      13 Oct @ 07:04
    • Providing the content on and off the pitch 😬😅 @andrewrobertso5 = GIF King 👑 Check out all of Robbo's GIFs on @GIPHY...
      13 Oct @ 05:50
    • So far, what's been your... 🏟️ Favourite game _________ 🌟 Standout player _________ ⚽ Favourite goal _________ 🗓️… https://t.co/P1kThwNuHM
      13 Oct @ 05:17
    • RT @LiverpoolFCW: 🙌 A message from @MelissaLawley_ 🙌 https://t.co/M7ZghXOony
      13 Oct @ 04:08
    • Great to see this man back 🔴🙌 @Jesanchez3 reflected on the emotions of representing the Reds again after being par… https://t.co/DEDHr4Cn3i
      13 Oct @ 03:57
    • Not long until we're back to it, Reds 💪 ⏪⏪ A look back at our last @premierleague game 👌 https://t.co/iuTdeYnhvW
      13 Oct @ 03:07
    • Luis Garcia, he drinks sangria 🇪🇸🎶 Berger brilliance 🚀 Gerrard to Heskey 😍 CELEBRATIONS! 🕺 It was a Reds classic v… https://t.co/0HqO1UIBOp
      13 Oct @ 01:21
    • "Jürgen finally got his team and his philosophy across, I’ve really enjoyed watching them" ✨ Gerrard is relishing… https://t.co/W7UzJ1A0JC
      13 Oct @ 09:00
    • "I absolutely love him, he's my favourite player at the club. He's brilliant, he's always got a smile on his face,… https://t.co/hwl5tgDK7K
      13 Oct @ 08:36
    • COME ON, REDS! 🤜🤛 https://t.co/NWoYYcmPLo
      13 Oct @ 07:55
    • One week to go until we're back in action 👊👊 🔜 @ManUtd https://t.co/V5F8iMYNUJ
      13 Oct @ 06:28
    • This man back in Red 😍😍😍 https://t.co/Z5sByoBx20
      12 Oct @ 07:32