@smitherz5: 1 adult 2 U20s for Chelsea away £60 the lot. @LcfcTix #lcfc

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  • @mrgeoffpeters: This was taken from a blog by a Southampton fan called Glen in May 2017 regarding Claude Puel. There’s a haunting simila…
  • @Champions_LCFC: "Tomorrow, training session @FuchsOfficial!" #lcfc https://t.co/G1JKYSEOOy
  • @FlipFlopFlyer_: Scary..... #lcfc https://t.co/WvdFoBZ5Y0
  • @Lee_Chappy: Brendon Rodgers is being lined up for #LCFC ..... Sourced from the inside info..... Summer can't come soon enough. Anyway b…
  • @WTFox1884: It’s like a parody how familiar this sounds. Claude Puel from a #saintsfc point of view in May 17, the parallels are frighte…
  • @LiveTream: Manchester United vs Arsenal Live Stream Burnley vs Liverpool Live Stream Everton vs Newcastle United Live Stream Fulham…
  • @LCFCFoxes_com: Happy 22nd Birthday to @Ndidi25! 79 Appearances 4 Goals ? 4 Assists (PL) 261 Tackles (PL) #LCFC #Foxes https:…
  • @mattyfromle: Hard to really know what to make of #lcfc at the moment. I really, really want it to work for Puel. But I just can't see i…
  • @jamesalexwhite7: @mrgeoffpeters Puel took the identity #saintsfc spent years building in one season. Today is the first time since Koem…
  • @TomLievers: I’m sorry if this annoys any #lcfc fans, but today has shown that Puel is not the right man for the job. Our tactics are be…
  • @thereallcfc: Has Puel gone yet ...... Bring back Pearson as DoF to reintroduce the world class sports science and psychology networks…
  • @thatpoliticsguy: I’m going to point this out again: we need a change. #lcfc #crylei https://t.co/QA8Wk2R2Ss
  • @smitherz5: 1 adult 2 U20s for Chelsea away £60 the lot. @LcfcTix #lcfc
  • @moseeds: Nowadays my attendance at #leicester city matches are restricted to London away games. #CryLei was a miserable game to watch b…
  • @lcmarkfc: Just seen Amazon deliver 11 of these to Belvour Drive for Claude’s latest game plan! #lcfc https://t.co/UtM209RPJ5
  • @TheSharpeEnd: Excellent from @RobTannerMerc on the furious Brexit-esque divide of #LCFC fans over Claude Puel. https://t.co/OMrLEwHUxG
  • @SxIIyy: Onwards and upwards #lcfc https://t.co/JVJa1eIVf8
  • @LeicesterXtra: If Claude Puel was to go, who would you bring in to replace him? #LCFC
  • @LCFC: #lcfc’s Kasper Schmeichel and Shinji Okazaki met with Great Britain’s Wheelchair Rugby team at King Power Stadium on Thursday, to…
  • @L1minus10: I wrote this... looks like I’ve found an audience in Leicester #saintsfc #lcfc https://t.co/szTNAdxRZJ

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    • "Hopefully it’ll be packed out at King Power Stadium [on Tuesday] and the atmosphere is buzzing, and hopefully we c… https://t.co/nV9oMWuD2S
      16 Dec @ 06:01
    • Don't miss our special episode of Extra-Time with @dan_ward52 on Monday at 6pm GMT 👐
      16 Dec @ 02:00
    • A net-buster from the birthday boy! 🚀 @Ndidi25 🚀 https://t.co/QZgZqrRAmc
      16 Dec @ 01:06
    • 📸 from yesterday's trip to Selhurst Park.
      16 Dec @ 00:11
    • @Ndidi25 Happy birthday, Wilf! 💙
      16 Dec @ 09:38
    • [email protected]: "Whenever you lose a game, you’re always looking for your next one, and thankfully it’s only in a… https://t.co/PBjAIg5KFt
      16 Dec @ 09:27
    • Wilfred Ndidi turns 2⃣2⃣ today! Happy birthday, @Ndidi25 🎂 https://t.co/urdbwib94h
      16 Dec @ 09:01
    • Reaction from #CryLei 👇
      15 Dec @ 08:20
    • Listen to @Gerry_Taggart’s full-time verdict as the Foxes are defeated by Crystal Palace at Selhurst Park. 📻 Liste… https://t.co/CJsOivM2gZ
      15 Dec @ 07:00
    • Live post-match reaction. Join us live from the LCFC Radio studio for reaction to #CryLei… https://t.co/g2PQtEflnI
      15 Dec @ 06:55
    • A disappointing afternoon for the Foxes. #CryLei https://t.co/HHux758J5m
      15 Dec @ 06:54
    • 4⃣ minutes added time will be played at Selhurst Park. #CryLei
      15 Dec @ 06:49
    • A clean Wilfred Ndidi strike goes over on 89 minutes as #lcfc continue to pressure Palace. A final switch for the… https://t.co/OXync1OOCG
      15 Dec @ 06:48
    • Off the post! How did that stay out? @67Kelechi played in @Vardy7 and the #lcfc No.9's shot hit the upright and la… https://t.co/ny6gS9YlLg
      15 Dec @ 06:38
    • Second substitution for #lcfc on 73 minutes: ▶️ @67Kelechi ◀️ @22Demarai #CryLei
      15 Dec @ 06:31