@5liveSport: Foxes fan: "He's the best #LCFC player I've ever seen." @chris_sutton73: "You wouldn't say @RobbieSavage8?" Caller Rich…

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  • @LCFC: Kelechi Iheanacho appreciation tweet. #lcfc https://t.co/CRvhtAKR5p
  • @mrgeoffpeters: Jamie Vardy: Premier League 100 Goals 207 Games Faster to 100 PL goals than Drogba, Lukaku, Rooney, Anelka…
  • @LCFC: Gd morning! #lcfc https://t.co/6aTPTHX6QO
  • @adamlongley: Jamie Vardy heat map from today. #lcfc https://t.co/irO45vZS5w
  • @julietbawuah: Unpacking how the race for the #EPL's TOP 4 is shaping up with 5 matches to go. #3Sports #Mufc #LCFC #CFC #Wol #AFC h…
  • @_mattpiper: 27 years old when he made his #lcfc Premier League debut, now 33 & has just joined the club! In years to come we’ll bo…
  • @arlowhite: I go to a lot of Premier League games, but I’ve yet to see a pre-match hype video to rival this from #LCFC: https://t.co/…
  • @RizLCFC: This pic though... #Vardy100 #LCFC https://t.co/YwR6K8X4Gq
  • @Podcast_TBG: “When I was coming into Leicester City I was so looking forward to working with Vardy” Yesterday Jamie Vardy joined the…
  • @HobLCFCv2: Harvey Barnes is the first Leicester player to produce 9+ assists in a single season since Mahrez in 2017/18 [10] #LCFC http…
  • @sandcvacancies: Leicester City FC (ENG) are looking for a Women’s First Team S&C Coach, full-time, application details at the link. h…
  • @RobTannerLCFC: It has been a privilege to follow [email protected]?’s story so closely over the years. Roy Race stuff. A few chapters left as we…
  • @mrgeoffpeters: 95 of Jamie Vardy’s PL goals have come in his last 173 games. bUt hEs a oNe sEaSoN wOnDeR #lcfc @vardy7 https://t.…
  • @RobTannerLCFC: Iheanacho has had a decent season. Considering the game time he has he has contributed well. #LCFC
  • @OPlcfc: James Justin emptying his pockets after today’s game #cpfc #lcfc https://t.co/Fbk5riiysK
  • @Betway_za: Jamie Vardy was 27 when he scored his first Premier League goal. Now he is the 29th member of the 100 Club. What a journ…
  • @leicsfox1: Kelechi Iheanacho 19/20: Games: 21 Goals: 10 Assists: 4 Probably the biggest turnaround of a career the clubs seen i…
  • @lcgraphix2018: 100 Goal Club @vardy7 #lcfc @LCFC @RebekahVardy #vardy https://t.co/EHqLekUAAl
  • @StringerSport: The winner of face mask of the week goes to this #LCFC staff member #Vardy100Club https://t.co/o2ZIOwcZfH
  • @LCFCprogs: #ChangeStrip 1990 saw us return to #Bukta with 2 away kits. The white shirt was notable for various combinations. The mai…

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    • 💯 not out. @Vardy7 joins the Premier League Ton Club 🎓 https://t.co/YznAOLRZjM
      5 Jul @ 09:25
    • Happy birthday 72nd birthday to the NHS! 💙
      5 Jul @ 08:29
    • Back to winning ways 🙌 #LeiCry in 📸 ⤵️
      5 Jul @ 07:49
    • G⚽️⚽️⚽️d morning! 😀 #lcfc https://t.co/6aTPTHX6QO
      5 Jul @ 06:51
    • RT @LCFC: 🎮 Goalscoring - it's all just a game to @Vardy7 🎮 #VardyPL100 https://t.co/dMcg9oawGR
      4 Jul @ 02:16
    • KELECHI 💙 Getting us off the mark with an instinctive finish... https://t.co/SDXrbrF4nY
      4 Jul @ 01:31
    • 🎮 Goalscoring - it's all just a game to @Vardy7 🎮 #VardyPL100 https://t.co/dMcg9oawGR
      4 Jul @ 01:00
    • Leicester City will join its community of @PremierLeague clubs in commemorating 72 years of the National Health Service tomorrow 💙
      4 Jul @ 00:01
    • ▪️ Vardy's 'incredible achievement' ▪️ Getting back to winning ways ▪️ His players' quality and toughness Brendan… https://t.co/nd1bOiCq93
      4 Jul @ 09:49
    • A behind-the-scenes look inside the King Power Stadium tunnel throughout #LeiCry 📹
      4 Jul @ 09:37
    • RT @vardy7: Thank you 💙 https://t.co/KaLdQbfxjR
      4 Jul @ 09:21
    • Kelechi ⚽️ Vards ⚽️⚽️ Watch all the goals from today's game for free here ⏬
      4 Jul @ 09:12
    • Kelechi Iheanacho appreciation tweet. #lcfc https://t.co/CRvhtAKR5p
      4 Jul @ 09:01
    • It's time to hear from @Vardy7 after today's fantastic achievement 💥 #VardyPL100
      4 Jul @ 08:42
    • That we did ✅ Send us your celebratory videos and pics from today by using #ThenNowAgain 💙 https://t.co/QEQUOoUIiJ
      4 Jul @ 08:30