@sjstandardsport: #cfc are ranked top London club in the Deloitte Football Money League having generated £448m in revenue in 2017-18. #A…

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  • @sjstandardsport: Credit to #Higuain. Started first #cfc interview on website wanting to talk about fellow Argentinian #Sala: "I send m…
  • @HLNinEngeland: Chelsea could have a triple H front line (HHH): Hazard-Higuain-Hudson-Odoi. #cfc
  • @sjstandardsport: #cfc are ranked top London club in the Deloitte Football Money League having generated £448m in revenue in 2017-18. #A…
  • @Leeparker_tv: Welcome to Chelsea @G_Higuain First interview coming soon on the official @ChelseaFC app #HiguaIN #cfc https://t.co/ZbNXb
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  • @NizaarKinsella: Maurizio Sarri says Morata has wanted to leave Chelsea for a month. He jets off for his medical at Atletico Madrid tomo…
  • @NizaarKinsella: Alvaro Morata is joining Atletico Madrid tomorrow. He will fly over to his home city complete a loan to buy arrangement…
  • @FabrizioRomano: Gonzalo Higuain has just signed his contact with Chelsea. Here we go! #Chelsea #CFC #donedeal https://t.co/kZ5s6mQx
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  • @HLNinEngeland: EH on leadership: “Terry has the right words. When I am a captain, I say to myself: ‘What am I going to say?’ I should b…
  • @talkchelsea: Let the fun begin! Who’s ready? HHH? #CFC https://t.co/umD0DKb5yp
  • @liam_twomey: Victor Moses is Fenerbahce-bound #cfc https://t.co/rXdbsJAily
  • @sjstandardsport: #Sarri has revealed that #Morata told him he wanted to leave #cfc earlier this month: He said: "Morata told me 10 days…
  • @CFCBlues_com: BREAKING: It’s official, Higuain is finally a blue!!! #CFC #KTBFFH https://t.co/oznH5N0dHN
  • @sjstandardsport: As #Higuain finally joins #cfc, #Moses is on his way to Fenerbahce: https://t.co/XbLzrLIGg2
  • @liam_twomey: The financial details of Higuain to Chelsea, courtesy of Juventus #cfc https://t.co/pumOg0IRgB
  • @TheBlues___: Higuain : "It was an opportunity that when it presented itself I couldn’t miss out on. I’m really excited to be here, to b…
  • @TSMTransfers: ? Gonzalo Higuaín... - Games: 569 - Goals: 290 - Assists: 97 - Goal involvement per game: 0.68 - Trophies: 1…
  • @liam_twomey: The Brothers Higuain #cfc https://t.co/VgytkrIQbZ
  • @feroze17: GONZALO HIGUAIN! Welcome to Chelsea @G_Higuain! ? Hoping for goals goalssss and goalssss El Pipita! #CFC #Higuain http…

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    • The stats speak for themselves. @G_Higuain 👌 #HiguaIN
      24 Jan @ 02:30
    • 📍 Stamford Bridge. Gonzalo's in! 🙌 #HiguaIN https://t.co/H2ipWCqI6d
      24 Jan @ 01:09
    • From reuniting with Sarri to his ambitions for the season... These are @G_Higuain's first words as a Blue! 👊 #HiguaIN
      23 Jan @ 03:30
    • Our new number 9️⃣... Get yours! 👇 #HiguaIN
      23 Jan @ 02:31
    • Reunited with the boss. 🤝 #HiguaIN https://t.co/pudk4VKSWL
      23 Jan @ 02:20
    • 264 goals 12 major trophies This is @G_Higuain. 👊 #HiguaIN
      23 Jan @ 01:13
    • Welcome to London and welcome to Chelsea, @G_Higuain! 🙌 #HiguaIN https://t.co/DMJN7z8YOL
      23 Jan @ 00:38
    • ✍ It's official! @G_Higuain is a Blue! #HiguaIN
      23 Jan @ 00:34
    • Refocused and ready for the semi-final! 👊 https://t.co/Llc0TRDvmO
      23 Jan @ 06:57
    • Some great goals in here! 👌 👏 @ChelseaFCW https://t.co/7BpTnKjCTW
      23 Jan @ 06:16
    • We urge everybody to show their support in the right way on Thursday and do their bit to help the Blues reach yet a… https://t.co/VKAhEy0DDM
      23 Jan @ 06:15
    • Joe Cole sealed our place in the 2008 League Cup final with this goal exactly 11 years ago today! 👌 https://t.co/vizlgV4hBv
      23 Jan @ 04:13
    • That's all from Maurizio for now. There will be more online a little later on. Thanks for following. #CHETOT
      23 Jan @ 03:18
    • Sarri says it is not possible for Higuain to play against Tottenham tomorrow after the midday deadline passed befor… https://t.co/X36djFlnPq
      23 Jan @ 03:15
    • Sarri says Higuain is a few hours away from signing his contract at Chelsea. He says he hopes the striker can start… https://t.co/3jcP0fAUNm
      23 Jan @ 03:13