@TheBlues___: The Sun | #Chelsea forgotten man Danny Drinkwater is rumored to be angling for a return to the first team under Frank Lamp…

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  • The presence of these three Senatori at Juventus next season could be quite important, for Maurizio Sarri more than anyone els…
    26 Jun @ 9AM

  • The Sun | #Chelsea forgotten man Danny Drinkwater is rumored to be angling for a return to the first team under Frank Lamp…
    25 Jun @ 10PM

  • The 'imminent' arrivals of De Ligt & Demiral could push Rugani out of the club - Despite the recent renewal of the contr…
    25 Jun @ 6PM

  • Frank Lampard has moved a step closer to replacing Maurizio Sarri as Chelsea manager #cfc https://t.co/v1dK6zCRgw
    25 Jun @ 2PM

  • Chelsea get permission from Derby to hold Frank Lampard talks. Story: @DaveHytner https://t.co/AhnKgJvTnc
    25 Jun @ 11AM

  • #Rabiot could formally sign his contract with #Juventus starting on July 1st before he starts the next chapter of his career…
    24 Jun @ 11PM

  • With the arrival of Maurizio Sarri, Miralem Pjanic is not expected to leave Juventus this summer. (Romeo Agresti)
    24 Jun @ 7PM

  • Frank Lampard will replace Maurizio Sarri as Chelsea head coach. Three year contract worth €3m per year. To be official t…
    24 Jun @ 6PM

  • Maurizio Sarri when Jorginho decides to stay at Chelsea instead of joining him at Juve https://t.co/Z2Oj1Kz9ha
    23 Jun @ 5PM

  • Marcos Alonso and Davide Zappacosta are both open to leaving Chelsea after the departure of head coach Maurizio Sarri.…
    23 Jun @ 11AM

  • Maurizio Sarri moving his stuff to Turin https://t.co/SsBwWrR5v9
    23 Jun @ 9AM

  • Maurizio Sarri Reveals Real Reason He Left Chelsea For Juventus https://t.co/VUn0bjuxSZ https://t.co/RLXvI4OxDM
    22 Jun @ 11PM

  • Maurizio Sarri is appointed Juventus manager and only a few days later De Ligt looks like he's gonna sign for them. The…
    22 Jun @ 1PM

  • Maurizio Sarri is a GTA loading screen. (: @Matt_Santangelo ) https://t.co/xRYa4BdIiI
    20 Jun @ 8PM

  • Maurizio Sarri was presented as the new manager of Juventus on Thursday after joining on a three-year contract from Chel…
    20 Jun @ 7PM

  • Maurizio Sarri is out here looking like a GTA character @Matt_Santangelo https://t.co/wV2U6cW1cr
    20 Jun @ 4PM

  • Maurizio Sarri has been unveiled at Juventus as their new manager at a press conference today. (Source: @juventusfc) h…
    20 Jun @ 3PM

  • Maurizio Sarri moving his stuff to Turin https://t.co/ylQ9ME1Qfr
    19 Jun @ 8PM

  • BREAKING: Maurizio Sarri finishes moving all his stuff from Chelsea to Juventus. https://t.co/S96dmrRqCm
    19 Jun @ 11AM

  • We take a look at the Win Rate of every Chelsea manager in the Roman Abramovich era... - Andre Villas Boas: 47.5% - Maur…
    19 Jun @ 9AM

  • @brfootball Eden Hazard left the chat Maurizio Sarri left the chat Kepa is named group admin Pulisic joins group Lampard…
    19 Jun @ 9AM

  • Reports from France, Adrien Rabiot is close to signing for Juventus, The French midfielder should sign a 5-year deal & w…
    19 Jun @ 12AM

  • ICYMI - In an appointment that will please very few, Maurizio Sarri takes charge of Juventus. Here, @SerieAJim looks at S…
    18 Jun @ 7PM

  • This should be the New Juventus logo since Maurizio Sarri has been appointed as their new manager following his exit from Ch…
    18 Jun @ 6PM

  • Times | Derby County are resigned to losing Frank Lampard, who has made it clear he wants to succeed Maurizio Sarri at Sta…
    18 Jun @ 3PM

  • Derby County are resigned to losing Frank Lampard, who has made it clear he wants to succeed Maurizio Sarri at Stamfor…
    18 Jun @ 2PM

  • Spoke to Inter, Juve and Napoli fans about the knotty, twisted and severed emotional ties which have come with the return of…
    18 Jun @ 12PM

  • Maurizio Sarri on joining Juventus: "I can smoke where the fuck I like here. Couldn't do nothing at Chelsea. The fucking rent b…
    18 Jun @ 10AM

  • Frank Lampard’s anticipated return to Chelsea will coincide with an overhaul of the club’s coaching staff with as many of n…
    18 Jun @ 9AM

  • BREAKING: Maurizio Sarri has left Chelsea to become Juventus manager https://t.co/jx4P4xPV3U
    18 Jun @ 4AM

  • #Juventus Coach Maurizio Sarri reportedly wants #Inter striker Mauro Icardi and #PSG defender Marquinhos for his new-lo…
    17 Jun @ 11PM

  • Chelsea to remove Maurizio Sarri's ENTIRE coaching team including Gianfranco Zola... while Petr Cech and Claude Makelele are…
    17 Jun @ 10PM

  • How many trophies will Maurizio Sarri win with Juventus next season? https://t.co/rxZ9OeH0mM
    17 Jun @ 7PM

  • 12 - Maurizio Sarri remained unbeaten in his opening 12 Premier League games, the longest unbeaten start by any manager in the…
    17 Jun @ 2PM

  • Chelsea officials are set to make an approach to finalise a deal that would see Frank Lampard succeed Maurizio Sarri i…
    17 Jun @ 10AM

  • Napoli: Carlo Ancelotti Inter Milan: Antonio Conte Juventus: Maurizio Sarri These Serie A managers will have a lot to tal…
    17 Jun @ 6AM

  • OFFICIAL: Maurizio Sarri has been appointed as the new Juventus manager https://t.co/7syUnxAwOV
    17 Jun @ 12AM

  • Maurizio Sarri and Chelsea will always have their Europa League win https://t.co/LCWdeu4uce
    16 Jun @ 11PM

  • Maurizio Sarri has officially been announced as the new Juventus manager Chelsea have identified Frank Lampard and Kepa…
    16 Jun @ 10PM

  • BREAKING: Juventus have confirmed the appointment of Maurizio Sarri as their new manager following his exit from Chelsea.
    16 Jun @ 5PM

  • Maurizio Sarri is leaving Chelsea Football Club to return to Italy and become manager of Juventus. https://t.co/gIeiIp1ZEo
    16 Jun @ 2PM

  • I must say the juxtaposition of the continuing negative articles about public enemy number one Maurizio Sarri and his soldier…
    16 Jun @ 1PM

  • The #Chelsea owner rang Lampard last week as he took a direct role in securing a successor to Maurizio Sarri, who join Juvent…
    16 Jun @ 7AM

  • Maurizio Sarri Chelsea record: Games: 63 Wins: 40 Draws: 11 Defeats: 12 Europa League Carabao Cup Premier League…
    15 Jun @ 8PM

  • 80 cigarettes a day 5 cigarettes an hour 1 cigarette every 12 minutes https://t.co/DuAYjkbI5e
    15 Jun @ 1PM

  • Maurizio Sarri came here, achieved every single objective and even beat up Unai Emery in Europa League and left but instead…
    15 Jun @ 8AM

  • Derby manager Frank Lampard will be appointed the new @ChelseaFC boss after Maurizio Sarri rejected a late plea to stay…
    15 Jun @ 3AM

  • Maurizio Sarri's move to Juventus will not be confirmed until Chelsea have secured their replacement, who they hope will b…
    14 Jun @ 8PM

  • Exclusive! Juventus director Fabio Paratici here today afternoon after meeting with Maurizio Sarri’s agent Fali Ramad…
    14 Jun @ 7PM

  • Maurizio Sarri Appreciation: Hired late, had to change a station wagon to a Ferrari overnight, dealt w/ fans who wanted…
    14 Jun @ 1PM

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