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  • Gary Cahill trains for Chelsea today. But no sign of Antonio Rudiger, Ethan Ampadu, or Marcos Alonso.
    17 Apr @ 4PM

  • Ole’s at the wheel, but he’s driving like Marcos Alonso
    16 Apr @ 10PM

  • With last night’s hero! Great @marcosalonso03 !! Come on Blues! / Con el protagonista de anoche! Grande Marcos Alonso…
    12 Apr @ 10AM

  • Since making his Chelsea debut, Marcos Alonso has scored 17 goals in all competitions - more than any other defender #SLACHE h…
    12 Apr @ 12AM

  • Marcos Alonso is the worst Left Back in the history of Chelsea Football Club.
    11 Apr @ 8PM

  • Yes, we all want Emerson Palmieri to start for Chelsea but just because the club posted about Marcos Alonso and his tim…
    10 Apr @ 8PM

  • The scenes at Chelsea's training ground when Rob Green megged Marcos Alonso.. [via @willy_caballero] https://t.co/f
    8 Apr @ 5PM

  • Something we never thought we'd say... Rob Green nutmegs Marcos Alonso... https://t.co/dhhjHeI7AL
    8 Apr @ 1PM

  • Arsenal bottled it today so that means Chelsea can go into 3rd place if we beat West Ham tomorrow night, we all know what that…
    7 Apr @ 4PM

  • Maurizio Sarri reports there is a little problem with Marcos Alonso's hamstring so the player will rest for three or four da…
    2 Apr @ 1PM

  • I’ll pay Marcos Alonso to drive Trippier and Eriksen home tbh
    31 Mar @ 7PM

  • Marcos Alonso & Willian come close late in the half for @ChelseaFC, but it's level at the break... #CARCHE https://t.co
    31 Mar @ 6PM

  • Marcos Alonso is dreadful at this point. It’s really that simple.
    31 Mar @ 4PM

  • Wow. Alonso got away with a clear penalty. Blatantly grabbing & pulling a Cardiff shirt significantly. Then at the othe…
    31 Mar @ 3PM

    31 Mar @ 2PM

  • Watching Marcos Alonso in starting 11’ be like https://t.co/snJhSJ1NsY
    20 Mar @ 10PM

  • Just over a year ago, I had Chelsea fans telling me that Marcos Alonso = Spain’s best left back. Now I’m seeing a bunch of t…
    18 Mar @ 6PM

  • When you finally escape from playing with Marcos Alonso every week. https://t.co/PIF1LUG1A6
    18 Mar @ 1PM

  • I’ll criticise Sarri for playing Alonso and Higuain over Emerson and Giroud, and that’s it. The rest is on the players…
    18 Mar @ 11AM

  • Chelsea fans if you’re feeling sad about Marcos Alonso, just a friendly reminder that his contract runs until 2023. Have a…
    18 Mar @ 1AM

  • Things more useful than Marcos #Alonso https://t.co/GheQw5Vsz5
    17 Mar @ 11PM

  • The worst left back in the history of Chelsea Football Club, Marcos Alonso. https://t.co/OsOyP9zleQ
    17 Mar @ 6PM

  • That is a quality Chelsea goal! The strength from Loftus-Cheek The pass from Marcos Alonso And Giroud is there t…
    14 Mar @ 7PM

  • Emerson Palmieri is overrated because of how poor Marcos Alonso is as a left-back. https://t.co/UfXldO2EHN
    8 Mar @ 9PM

  • Do you not ever think it’s mental that Marcos Alonso actually killed a woman and he kicks about playing premier league footba…
    7 Mar @ 10PM

  • I actually hope Marcos Alonso and Kieran Trippier do a carpool karaoke session soon
    27 Feb @ 10PM

  • Fantastic defending by Marcos Alonso, and I really mean it.
    27 Feb @ 8PM

  • Pressure on Marcos Alonso today as Emerson Palmieri's good form gives Maurizio Sarri something to think about. So hard…
    27 Feb @ 7PM

  • Kolasinac is really just a poor man's Marcos Alonso. Similar style of player, just not as good. Not as much of a match win…
    27 Feb @ 7PM

  • Chelsea star Marcos Alonso has taken the unusual step of disabling comments from his Instagram page after suffering on…
    27 Feb @ 10AM

  • Sarri reports that Marcos Alonso was not on the bench on Sunday as he did not want a left-back among the subs. He says that…
    26 Feb @ 1PM

  • Good news is that Chelsea might have finally replaced Ashley Cole after all these years. Emerson Palmeri is that guy: m…
    24 Feb @ 7PM

  • Defensive compactness is a lot easier when Marcos Alonso isn’t out there. Glad Sarri has realized.
    24 Feb @ 5PM

  • Marcos Alonso is in attendance today but not in the squad, of course. Sarri didn't mention him sa injured. #CFC #CHEMCI…
    24 Feb @ 5PM

    24 Feb @ 4PM

  • William is over 30 Pedro is over 30 Luiz is over 30 Jorginho plays like he's over 30 Marcos Alonso should be doing ove…
    22 Feb @ 11AM

  • ‘Marcos Alonso runs down the wing for me’ & ‘Willian saw the light, he got the call from Abramovich’ is sung at Chelsea b…
    21 Feb @ 10PM

  • Felipe Luis delivering peach crosses to the stiker, tears in my eyes man I can't believe we dumped him and ended up with Marco…
    20 Feb @ 9PM

  • Who’s better ? RT for traffic cone Like for Marcos Alonso https://t.co/MB00tXi3H5
    20 Feb @ 7PM

  • @SkySportsPL Would rather let marcos alonso be the manager.
    20 Feb @ 5PM

  • Marcos Alonso 2018/19 • Amazing Skills & Goals • HD https://t.co/ys9I5zlXni
    20 Feb @ 1PM

  • Robertson has went from the best Lb in the league to Marcos Alonso in the space of a few weeks.
    19 Feb @ 8PM

  • Reminder that Gary Cahill is the best penalty box defender at Chelsea, but can't play because he doesn't play 110 passes per ga…
    19 Feb @ 1PM

  • Sarri is a genius Kepa is a gem Marcos Alonso is the best LB Jorginho is better than Madison Eden Hazard is better than Sal…
    19 Feb @ 5AM

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    • RT @CesarAzpi: #Enough 👊🏽👊🏼👊🏿 We are making a stand against racist abuse. We recognise that our platforms come with responsibility, an…
      19 Apr @ 08:27
    • RT @Robert1Green: #Enough We are making a stand against racist abuse. We recognise that our platforms come with responsibility, and so…
      19 Apr @ 08:27
    • RT @rubey_lcheek: #Enough We are making a stand against racist abuse. We recognise that our platforms come with responsibility, and so we…
      19 Apr @ 08:27
    • RT @emersonpalmieri: We are in the semifinals! Thank you for all the support. Come on Chelsea! #EP33 #CFC #CHESLA https://t.co/JuaaBwqnQC
      18 Apr @ 02:48
    • Who was your #CHESLA man of the match? 🏅
      18 Apr @ 02:31
    • RT @CesarAzpi: Semifinals! Let's go! 💪 @ChelseaFC #UEL https://t.co/WFXeltH2Do
      18 Apr @ 02:00
    • RT @Mateo_Kova23: And we are on our way to @EuropaLeague #semifinals 💪💙 #CHESLA @ChelseaFC https://t.co/Gaz7ofFwXN
      18 Apr @ 01:59
    • RT @nglkante: Well done guys ! #CFC🔵🔵 https://t.co/H6m3fPghVN
      18 Apr @ 01:59
    • Sarri highlights the extraordinary physical capabilities of tonight's opponents Slavia and says maybe it is because… https://t.co/HLcRehMAHV
      18 Apr @ 01:28
    • Sarri says our next opponents in the Europa League, Eintracht Frankfurt, are a great team with a wonderful striker in Jovic. #CHESLA
      18 Apr @ 01:25
    • Sarri adds that we are happy as to reach a European semi-final is not easy. #CHESLA
      18 Apr @ 01:21
    • Maurizio Sarri describes tonight's peformance as a good one in the first half, but then adds that as is too usual i… https://t.co/KeL3wsa0ZA
      18 Apr @ 01:20
    • Maurizio Sarri will speak to the media next. Stay tuned for his thoughts... #CHESLA https://t.co/NhdQDJy2gA
      18 Apr @ 01:20
    • Through to the last four, where we will play German side Eintracht Frankfurt! 👊 Bring it on! https://t.co/WLB8v8KJQx
      18 Apr @ 00:56
    • Semi-finals, here we come! 😃 #CHESLA https://t.co/r5J8VnFPtp
      18 Apr @ 00:51