@LavCFC: An incredible 7 years at the club. Time has absolutely flown by. Enjoy the goals here. Enjoy the dribbling videos elsewhere. En…

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  • An incredible 7 years at the club. Time has absolutely flown by. Enjoy the goals here. Enjoy the dribbling videos elsewhere. En…
    16 Feb @ 12AM

  • Only three players in Europe’s top five divisions have provided 10 league assists this season: Lionel Messi Eden Hazard…
    15 Feb @ 10PM

  • Who’s been better this season? RT for HM Son Like for Eden Hazard https://t.co/Y5Ef1dmkZj
    15 Feb @ 5PM

  • To no surprise, we get the same bullsh*t answer from Sarri & Zola about using Hudson-Odoi, once again referencing his ag…
    15 Feb @ 3PM

  • Shoutout to Chelsea’s global support. Whom without, we wouldn’t be witnessing players like Eden Hazard week in week ou…
    15 Feb @ 8AM

  • Dude really wanted Eden Hazard’s shirt https://t.co/k3PLSnZ7OD
    14 Feb @ 11PM

  • Eden Hazard is the only player in the Premier League to be in double figures in Goals, Assists, Key Passes, Big chances cr…
    14 Feb @ 10PM

  • At 26 years of age, Heung-Min Son’s biggest career honour is Premier League Player of the Month yet I’m supposed to believe he…
    14 Feb @ 6PM

  • Thibaut Courtois is hoping his “buddy” Eden Hazard can follow in his footsteps by leaving Chelsea to join Real Madrid this…
    14 Feb @ 3PM

  • Eden Hazard went from being compared to Neymar to being Compared to Son, he is probably going be compared to Deulofeu in no time
    14 Feb @ 2PM

  • Kylian Mbappé has 14 Champions League goals at 20 years & 1 month old. At the same age, Cristiano Ronaldo had 0 UCL goa…
    14 Feb @ 1PM

  • Snake comments incoming. Thibaut Courtois to @vtmnieuws: “It would be nice (that Eden Hazard would join Real), but I c…
    14 Feb @ 12PM

  • Eden Hazard says he is more suited to the philosophy of Chelsea head coach Maurizio Sarri than former boss Jose Mourinho.…
    14 Feb @ 9AM

  • Eden Hazard trying to protect Sarri and saying he is the manager that understands him the most, constantly always praises Jose…
    14 Feb @ 12AM

  • Son Heung-min has scored more goals (62) than Eden Hazard(55) in the last four seasons, immensely underrated player
    13 Feb @ 11PM

  • Eden Hazard living in their heads rent free https://t.co/bcEWn3RNxo
    13 Feb @ 8PM

  • Eden Hazard: “All the managers I’ve played for have given me something. Jose Mourinho was special, but the way Maurizio…
    13 Feb @ 3PM

  • #cfc maybe struggling under #Sarri but #Hazard prefers the Italian's style of play more than any other Chelsea manager…
    13 Feb @ 12PM

  • Kylian Mbappe has scored 7 goals in the knockout stages of the Champions League. Eden Hazard has scored 8 goals in all s…
    13 Feb @ 6AM

  • Well finally finished my Eden Hazard piece .Started this in December ?.If anyone knows him help pls https://t.co/…
    11 Feb @ 11PM

  • Real Madrid having a conversation with Eden Hazard after the Man City game https://t.co/hz4Dliq0pJ
    11 Feb @ 12PM

  • Eden Hazard has 2 goals in 7 #PL matches Both came in the same fixture against Huddersfield #FPL #MCICHE https://t.co/fP
    11 Feb @ 4AM

  • Club goals in the last four seasons: Heung-Min Son - 62 Sadio Mane - 61 Raheem Sterling - 58 Eden Hazard - 55 Anthony M…
    11 Feb @ 12AM

  • Sarri: Hey guys, lets go and train. We have a game next week Eden Hazard: https://t.co/IjhRw017wq
    10 Feb @ 8PM

  • Eden Hazard holding back the tears after the game. Hard to watch that. Carried us for 7 Years. Hope he does great thing at Ma…
    10 Feb @ 6PM

  • Eden Hazard, the so called best player in the league, dropping a 2/10 away to City and getting beaten 5-0 under an attack…
    10 Feb @ 6PM

  • Eden Hazard on the phone with Florentino Perez at halftime: https://t.co/3BF0Ddrk4i
    10 Feb @ 5PM

  • Club goals in the last four seasons: Son Heung-min - 62 Sadio Mane - 61 Raheem Sterling - 56 Eden Hazard - 55 Anthony…
    10 Feb @ 3PM

  • His name isn’t Eden hazard though https://t.co/V0nlF5sEgP
    10 Feb @ 2PM

  • The pace ? The finish Eden Hazard has history at the Etihad #MCICHE https://t.co/AWdgN9gDRF
    10 Feb @ 11AM

  • Eden Hazard impersonating Raheem Sterling https://t.co/ulxNaq0RMg
    10 Feb @ 8AM

  • Eden Hazard vs Manchester City (Premier League-Away) 2013-2014 [03.02.20... https://t.co/xqw6ugnDwz
    10 Feb @ 1AM

  • Eden Hazard: “Stamford Bridge is different to other stadiums; the stands are close to the pitch. I like this feeling, you…
    10 Feb @ 12AM

  • Babel just missed an empty goal, and gets immediately subbed off . Don't let that miss make you forget that he has more…
    9 Feb @ 7PM

  • James Milner with another assist which increases the gap between him and Steven Gerrard. James Milner - 82 David Beckham -…
    9 Feb @ 4PM

  • Pogba is one goal behind ‘best in the league’ Eden Hazard
    9 Feb @ 2PM

  • According to Eden Hazard... A. Jorginho is a fantastic player & the team needs to help him more. B. When Chelsea win K…
    9 Feb @ 1PM

  • Mohamed Salah is a better goal scorer than Eden Hazard. Eden Hazard is a better player than Mohamed Salah. Hope this…
    9 Feb @ 10AM

  • Eden Hazard "The last 12 years #Chelsea are the best club in England in terms of trophies. Top players, great managers. So…
    9 Feb @ 8AM

  • 0 goals and 0 assists is what made these two games special. Everyone watching was in awe of Eden Hazard. The streets will ne…
    8 Feb @ 10AM

  • Eden Hazard during his last interview of the season for us. https://t.co/uvalPR9ecr
    7 Feb @ 7PM

  • Eden Hazard surprised pupils at @Servite_Primary when he joined them in a Diversity & Equality Workshop earlier today!…
    7 Feb @ 2PM

  • Eden Hazard is helping the Chelsea Foundation to deliver a Diversity and Equality Workshop at a local primary school this mo…
    7 Feb @ 11AM

  • Eden Hazard's dream move to Real Madrid 'could be scuppered by their interest in Neymar' as Chelsea slap a huge £100m pr…
    7 Feb @ 11AM

  • Eden Hazard at 28 . Ballon d'or won...............0 European best won........0 UCL won.........................0 Gold…
    7 Feb @ 10AM

  • Chelsea are mulling over a move for Philippe Coutinho as a replacement for Eden Hazard ? [Source: The Independent] Thoughts? …
    7 Feb @ 8AM

  • Chelsea are eyeing Philippe Coutinho as a potential replacement for Eden Hazard, report The Independent A good move for all pa…
    7 Feb @ 1AM

  • Real Madrid are confident they can seal Eden Hazard deal for less than £100million with Isco or Marco Asensio heading…
    6 Feb @ 4PM

  • 3 Reasons Eden Hazard is loyal: 1. Has stuck w/ Chelsea through ups & downs other superstars may not have. 2. Always s…
    6 Feb @ 1PM

  • He is 28 years His fans said he is the best Ballon d'or won...............0 European best won........0 UCL won.............…
    6 Feb @ 10AM

 Chelsea News

    • It's all over in Aldershot as a goal in each half hands Swansea the PL2 win. #CFCDEV https://t.co/xv0p13riBD
      15 Feb @ 00:59
    • 🤜🤛 Some great sportsmanship on show here at the #CFCPlayoffs... #ePL https://t.co/yoilYipNdz
      15 Feb @ 00:54
    • Gallagher went closest for the Blues with a shot headed clear off the line but it's been a familiar feeling of frus… https://t.co/k3HEYYqyPT
      15 Feb @ 09:46
    • After a positive start, the Blues fall behind with seven minutes on the clock as Swans skipper Keston Davies beats… https://t.co/I2HXaMZxOM
      15 Feb @ 09:08
    • Meanwhile at Aldershot, we're underway in tonight's Premier League 2 action between #CFCDEV and Swansea! https://t.co/RtnSgfhuLl
      15 Feb @ 08:59
    • It's fair to say it's pretty tense here! 🎮🔥 https://t.co/CPOo1Zn5Ce
      15 Feb @ 08:16
    • 🎮 The #CFCPlayoffs are in full swing at Stamford Bridge! 📲 Head to our Instagram story to follow all the action!… https://t.co/MSypgi5YAU
      15 Feb @ 08:14
    • 🎮 GAME ON! 🎮 The opening games in the #CFCPlayoffs are underway at the Bridge! #ePL https://t.co/YP5owK5muJ
      15 Feb @ 06:49
    • ⏳ It’s almost time for the #CFCPlayoffs at Stamford Bridge! 32 FIFA players, all competing for the chance to rep… https://t.co/kjne8kIlLX
      15 Feb @ 06:38
    • Demba Ba finishing in style at the Bridge v Man Utd! 👌 #FlashbackFriday https://t.co/B1t5EE2h9r
      15 Feb @ 06:05
    • Zola says a few players need to be assessed before Monday's game. Ruben Loftus-Cheek 'may be' available, and Zola a… https://t.co/EbUkqiGBaI
      15 Feb @ 05:17
    • Zola says Callum Hudson-Odoi is always on the edge of the team and is given chances when the time is right. Zola po… https://t.co/AbjI6dMcnU
      15 Feb @ 05:15
    • Joe Cole and Michael Owen explain Chelsea’s special appeal to players... 👇 https://t.co/lH2aBq43zd
      15 Feb @ 05:13
    • Zola says the fact there are no replays can be an advantage for us as the tie will finish on Monday at Stamford Bri… https://t.co/jtmbhlgcAw
      15 Feb @ 05:12
    • Zola says he and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer did a coaching course together so he knows him well. He is not surprised by t… https://t.co/18pOTfKsnN
      15 Feb @ 05:10