@althurstonsport: David Luiz congratulating himself after the final whistle. https://t.co/otx5jDpFf0

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  • David Luiz congratulating himself after the final whistle. https://t.co/otx5jDpFf0
    18 Apr @ 10PM

  • Laporte looking like David Luiz in that Germany vs Brazil game
    17 Apr @ 9PM

  • On this day in 2015, Luis Suarez made David Luiz look like he's never played football before in his life. He absolutely…
    16 Apr @ 12PM

  • Four years ago today, Luis Suarez ruined David Luiz https://t.co/sd5i23bfza
    15 Apr @ 6PM

  • Keep your legs closed when you try to defend Luis Suarez! On this day in 2015... David Luiz was taught a harsh le…
    15 Apr @ 3PM

  • Jamie Carragher trying to rationalise Liverpool players hacking out Chelsea players all the time, and saying David luiz cl…
    15 Apr @ 10AM

  • obsessed with fimino’s meg on david luiz to setup the first goal https://t.co/Fm0XPsdOls
    15 Apr @ 9AM

  • David Luiz speaking after the game. “It is never easy to play here at Anfield. They have a great team, a great philoso…
    14 Apr @ 6PM

  • David Luiz gesturing to Salah that he cut out the play-acting is just precious
    14 Apr @ 5PM

  • David Luiz has also received a multi-year offer worth over £8.5m from Brazilian side #Palmeiras. But it is believed that…
    5 Apr @ 10PM

  • David Luiz has rejected a contract worth £220,000 a week from a club in Qatar as he continues to hold talks with Chels…
    5 Apr @ 4PM

  • David Luiz has rejected a contract worth £220,000 a week from a club in Qatar as he continues to hold talks with Chelsea…
    5 Apr @ 3PM

  • #Luiz rejects massive offer from Qatar club as talks over new deal at #cfc continue. More here: https://t.co/z211SaXZN9
    5 Apr @ 12PM

  • Is this the real world? (4-3-3): Arrizabalaga | Azpilicueta, Christensen, David Luiz, Emerson | Kante, Jorginho, Loftus-Che…
    3 Apr @ 7PM

  • They call David Luiz 'The Warnock Whisperer' The only man who can tame a justifiably irate Neil Warnock https://t.co/a5u
    31 Mar @ 5PM

  • SCOUT: Chelsea haven't kept an away #PL clean sheet in 2019. David Luiz and Kepa were the second-most bought defender an…
    31 Mar @ 3PM

  • Didier Drogba thinks Eden Hazard has already joined the Chelsea legends club, even if he leaves for Real Madrid in the…
    28 Mar @ 6PM

  • And David Luiz lines up a free-kick here... https://t.co/17vW5tqyGA
    24 Mar @ 2PM

  • The year is 2013, you just got home from a long day at school. You decide to hop on Fifa 13. You’ve just been totally bumm…
    24 Mar @ 1PM

  • David Luiz proposes to long-term girlfriend Sara Madeira with firework display https://t.co/LifYZhvvpU https://t.co/khR…
    21 Mar @ 11PM

  • Express | #Chelsea are set to tie Willian and David Luiz down to new contracts as they prepare for life under a transfer b…
    21 Mar @ 10PM

  • Big up David Luiz for turning up to support Chelsea Women in their CL quarter-final
    21 Mar @ 6PM

  • Richarlison >>>>> Hazard in big games Higuain is still yet to score against a non-agricultural side in the EPL David Lui…
    17 Mar @ 7PM

  • David Luiz is a ridiculous outlier for playing passes that break the last line of defense. Only Messi and Neymar play mor…
    14 Mar @ 3PM

  • @realmadrid The most expensive centre-backs of all time: 1? Virgil van Dijk: £75m 2? Aymeric Laporte: £57m 3? David L…
    14 Mar @ 12PM

  • #tbt to when David Luiz was in two places at once #ThrowbackThursday #cfc https://t.co/0hVDaehYyT
    14 Mar @ 9AM

  • David Luiz: “I think I will still be at Chelsea next season. We are talking with the club. Everybody knows I love this clu…
    13 Mar @ 4PM

  • #Luiz has confirmed he is close to signing a new deal at #cfc. More here: https://t.co/o6EqbiYUS0
    13 Mar @ 12PM

  • David Luiz | Art of defending | 2018/2019 https://t.co/q0Oof0g8Eh
    10 Mar @ 9PM

  • I think David Luiz might be my least favourite player to pull on a Chelsea shirt. Hasn’t got a clue how to defend. Cba…
    10 Mar @ 3PM

  • This is the perfect example of a game why we need Ruben Loftus-Cheek fully fit and starting as soon as possible! Kovacic is…
    10 Mar @ 2PM

  • David Luiz: “I know Nuno Santo. He is an amazing coach and an amazing person. He motivates the team. You can see they have…
    10 Mar @ 12PM

  • David Luiz: ‘I am happy because we have two opportunities [to qualify for the Champions League] and so let’s fight for b…
    8 Mar @ 7PM

  • David Luiz Hold the ball on his feet and point to referre so that Hudson-Odoi can come off the bench. Classic Luiz…
    8 Mar @ 1PM

  • It's true that David Luiz has his demons but I will give him a new contract without a blink. Don't expose him as a team and…
    8 Mar @ 7AM

  • David Luiz is hands down the best ball playing defender in world football. We know his weakness but it's definitely not wit…
    7 Mar @ 9PM

  • David Luiz captains Chelsea tonight against Dynamo Kyiv. #UEL https://t.co/R9WVgShHim
    7 Mar @ 7PM

  • David Luiz: "Sarri is a great human" https://t.co/G3JJ7tETSc
    7 Mar @ 3PM

  • David Luiz says every Chelsea player is 100% buying into Maurizio Sarri's philosophy. https://t.co/572ELmAPC4 https://t.co/m…
    7 Mar @ 9AM

  • David Luiz on Maurizio Sarri: "He's a great human, someone with the love and passion with football, loving with people…
    7 Mar @ 7AM

  • David Luiz reports that Maurizio Sarri is 'a great human' so he is not someone whose character changes because of bad result…
    6 Mar @ 5PM

  • David Luiz says he prefers to play games than to train and with the quality of squad Chelsea has, we can cope with the fixtu…
    6 Mar @ 3PM

  • SCOUT: David Luiz benched for only the 2nd time this #PL season. 71,507 #FPL managers bought the Chelsea defender ahead o…
    3 Mar @ 1PM

  • On This Day in 2011, David Luiz scored his first Chelsea goal in a 2-1 win against Manchester United at Stamford Bridge!…
    1 Mar @ 11AM

  • Danny Drinkwater (rememberers him?) opened his own restaurant in Manchester yesterday, following in the footsteps of D…
    1 Mar @ 7AM

  • Rumours of Luis Suarez's demise were greatly overstated. Throwback to when he ruined David Luiz https://t.co/VYPcCPr1Bs
    28 Feb @ 7PM

  • Chelsea totally dominated Tottenham this evening. David Luiz had Kane in his pocket, Kovacic bullied Eriksen in midfield & Pe…
    27 Feb @ 10PM

  • David Luiz might just be one of the biggest mysteries in the history of football. One game he looks like a headless chicken…
    27 Feb @ 9PM

    27 Feb @ 9PM

  • Just wait til a tearful David Luiz emerges onto the pitch holding up a Kepa shirt in tribute to his dropped colleague.
    27 Feb @ 7PM

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      19 Apr @ 08:27
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      19 Apr @ 08:27
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      19 Apr @ 08:27
    • RT @emersonpalmieri: We are in the semifinals! Thank you for all the support. Come on Chelsea! #EP33 #CFC #CHESLA https://t.co/JuaaBwqnQC
      18 Apr @ 02:48
    • Who was your #CHESLA man of the match? 🏅
      18 Apr @ 02:31
    • RT @CesarAzpi: Semifinals! Let's go! 💪 @ChelseaFC #UEL https://t.co/WFXeltH2Do
      18 Apr @ 02:00
    • RT @Mateo_Kova23: And we are on our way to @EuropaLeague #semifinals 💪💙 #CHESLA @ChelseaFC https://t.co/Gaz7ofFwXN
      18 Apr @ 01:59
    • RT @nglkante: Well done guys ! #CFC🔵🔵 https://t.co/H6m3fPghVN
      18 Apr @ 01:59
    • Sarri highlights the extraordinary physical capabilities of tonight's opponents Slavia and says maybe it is because… https://t.co/HLcRehMAHV
      18 Apr @ 01:28
    • Sarri says our next opponents in the Europa League, Eintracht Frankfurt, are a great team with a wonderful striker in Jovic. #CHESLA
      18 Apr @ 01:25
    • Sarri adds that we are happy as to reach a European semi-final is not easy. #CHESLA
      18 Apr @ 01:21
    • Maurizio Sarri describes tonight's peformance as a good one in the first half, but then adds that as is too usual i… https://t.co/KeL3wsa0ZA
      18 Apr @ 01:20
    • Maurizio Sarri will speak to the media next. Stay tuned for his thoughts... #CHESLA https://t.co/NhdQDJy2gA
      18 Apr @ 01:20
    • Through to the last four, where we will play German side Eintracht Frankfurt! 👊 Bring it on! https://t.co/WLB8v8KJQx
      18 Apr @ 00:56
    • Semi-finals, here we come! 😃 #CHESLA https://t.co/r5J8VnFPtp
      18 Apr @ 00:51