@AWGEDaily: Playboi Carti goes perfect over Charlie Brown https://t.co/tcT0r9RasJ

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  • Some great Day 2 junior performances sees Charlie Brown, Pia Murray, Kayla Van Der Merwe and Charlotte Rigg add themselves…
    18 Apr @ 10PM

  • Hey everybody, don't start your day angry the Mueller Report. You have all weekend to stew. Enjoy something warm and fuzzy,…
    18 Apr @ 8PM

  • What's fucking mind boggling is that each time Lucy snatches the football away, these Charlie Brown motherfuckers are lik…
    18 Apr @ 5PM

  • Sorry, #AGBarr, but you sound like Charlie Brown's teacher right now. I don't want or need to hear from you. We will t…
    18 Apr @ 2PM

  • Playboi Carti goes perfect over Charlie Brown https://t.co/tcT0r9RasJ
    17 Apr @ 5PM

  • Dear Scotland. Lucy. Always. Pulls. The. Ball. Away. From. Charlie. Brown. https://t.co/svHBt4dmIM
    17 Apr @ 11AM

  • The actor who voiced Charlie Brown has been in prison since 2015.
    17 Apr @ 1AM

  • I can’t hear anything you are saying. It’s like when the adults talk in a Charlie Brown cartoon. https://t.co/B2412n4fFz
    17 Apr @ 12AM

  • "Throughout its 50-year run, #tennis was a leitmotif in Peanuts." @pjsauer (@racqetmagazine/@Longreads) https://t.co/snFi6lw
    16 Apr @ 10PM

  • Final/11 Brookline 2 Boston Latin 1. Charlie Brown 2 RBIs including this walkoff hit. Silas Reed 7 ip 1 ER. @BostonHeraldHS @H…
    16 Apr @ 7PM

  • "I think I've found a good man for shortstop!" ~ Charlie Brown (Classic Peanuts - April 16, 1958) #MLB #Baseball https://t.co/I
    16 Apr @ 5PM

  • Catch a first glimpse of @theskivviesNYC duo @lomo212 and @ClearlyCearley in You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown! https://…
    16 Apr @ 5PM

  • Great night at the Palestra. Congrats to all of the Big 5 honorees - especially Charlie Brown, Jr. and Lamarr Kimble on t…
    16 Apr @ 3PM

  • "In May 1951, seven months after a new comic strip called #Peanuts debuted, an extremely roundheaded Charlie Brown is shown…
    16 Apr @ 1PM

  • How is it that @UMichFootball thinks --every year-- that it can beat @OhioStateFB? Why do they @Tigers think they can't ca…
    16 Apr @ 12PM

  • In the words of Charlie Brown... (Since that offends liberals) GOOD GRIEF... https://t.co/Q6g02mWkSC
    16 Apr @ 1AM

  • Happy Monday friends. Today is what you make of it. Charlie Brown simply said, “Keep looking up… that’s the secret of l…
    15 Apr @ 5PM

  • "You're supposed to be playing second base.. not looking at rocks!!" ~ Charlie Brown --- "I'll bet Casey Stengel doesn't shout…
    15 Apr @ 1PM

  • “Charlie Brown, Linus, Snoopy, and Lucy all felt like real people to me.” —Chris Ware https://t.co/0FpZAAhNyh
    15 Apr @ 6AM

  • My Epc. “ Charlie Brown “. 5 spikes this year @PetrovichBilly https://t.co/a414pPH0Dq
    15 Apr @ 3AM

  • @WGIGNewsTag @gigirules7 Charlie Brown's dog #FoundInMyBasket https://t.co/Ft5M7QuOhR
    15 Apr @ 2AM

  • charlie brown jr - me encontra https://t.co/cgFz32BdPl
    15 Apr @ 1AM

  • "April, May, June, July, August, September... It's going to be a long season." ~ Charlie Brown (Classic Peanuts - April 14, 196…
    14 Apr @ 2PM

  • AGENT: It’s a strange role. You’re the main character, but no one really likes you. Your parents are never around, the other ki…
    14 Apr @ 1PM

  • I actually feel bad for Raptors fans. 2-14 in Game 1's? With crowds waiting to cheer outside the stadium? They're like the C…
    14 Apr @ 1AM

  • Going on decades now where MMA fighters financial plans are hope for largesse from the owners. Keep trying to kick that…
    13 Apr @ 9PM

  • "No wonder Sandy Koufax retired!" ~ Charlie Brown (Classic Peanuts - April 1967) #Snoopy #Dodgers #MLB https://t.co/SgGDxM1Uyw
    13 Apr @ 2PM

  • @RepJerryNadler It’s also illegal for Mnuchin to withhold Trump’s taxes from Congress. These people are bad actors through a…
    13 Apr @ 6AM

  • "Everyone on my team suddenly thinks we need baseball caps...where did you guys get yours?" ~ Peppermint Patty --- "We just wen…
    12 Apr @ 10PM

  • Charlie Brown first got his kite stuck in a tree 63 years ago today in a strip published on April 12, 1956. https://t.co/…
    12 Apr @ 3PM

  • Great start to Friday with @jdouglas4 stopping by Charlie Brown’s Pancake House to help celebrate Speedway, IN winning the #Battle…
    12 Apr @ 2PM

  • "Five dollars' worth of bubble gum, and not one Joe Shlabotnik!" ~ Charlie Brown "A penny's worth of bubble gum, please... Well…
    12 Apr @ 1PM

  • If you are a Charlie Brown fan like me, you may like to consider this advice when you go to vote. https://t.co/8ddpRfTd6P
    12 Apr @ 9AM

  • Charlie Brown loves his dog Snoopy, but it can get exhausting keeping track of this pets next adventure. Even during the #Boyse…
    12 Apr @ 5AM

  • Don’t forget to come see Charlie Brown tonight at 7pm!!! As well as tomorrow at 7p and Saturday at 2p and 7p!!! Tickets sol…
    12 Apr @ 4AM

  • "I have the only shortstop who's in the Stanley Cup playoffs!" ~ Charlie Brown (Classic Peanuts - April 1969) #Snoopy #NHL #Sta…
    12 Apr @ 1AM

  • Charlie Brown was the OG freelancer https://t.co/W3VozFDmKE
    11 Apr @ 9PM

  • In space no one can hear you, Charlie Brown https://t.co/gizfPN62MH Thanks to everyone who suggested Alien!!! https://t.co/…
    11 Apr @ 8PM

  • "I know a spit-ball is illegal, but I wonder about a drool-ball?" ~ Charlie Brown (Classic Peanuts - April 11, 1967) #Snoopy #D…
    11 Apr @ 2PM

  • April 11, 1969. The first day Snoopy referred to Charlie Brown as "that kid with the round head". https://t.co/ETHyHNVttA
    11 Apr @ 9AM

  • That awkward moment when you realize Sally Brown is just Charlie Brown with lady hair. Is anybody else EXTREMELY bother…
    10 Apr @ 9PM

  • @jimsciutto @KellyannePolls I'm sure Lucy is gonna let you kick the football this time, Charlie Brown.
    10 Apr @ 7PM

  • "Here, take this bat and hit me a few flies..." --- "I meant one at a time!" ~ Charlie Brown (Classic Peanuts - April 10, 1967)…
    10 Apr @ 5PM

  • And he portrayed the sweeter side of siblinghood—help with homework, sage advice, and simple acts of kindness like Charli…
    10 Apr @ 4PM

  • Weighted Blanket, Sensory weighted Blanket, Snoopy weighted blanket, Sensory calming blanket, Kids weighted blanket, C…
    10 Apr @ 2PM

  • I feel really bad for her boyfriend. 4 full tweets of her pissing and moaning about her name. I read this in the Charlie…
    9 Apr @ 10PM

  • Most of the voice actors for the 'Peanuts' gang in Charlie Brown were random kids from the director's neighborhood.
    9 Apr @ 9PM

  • Linus readily gives Charlie Brown advice in all kinds of matters, but most especially in matters of the heart. At times,…
    9 Apr @ 2PM

  • "We won! We won, Charlie Brown!! We won our first game of the season! We finally won!!" (Classic Peanuts - April 9, 1973) #MLB…
    9 Apr @ 12PM

  • Straight out of the Democrat playbook: Pander to the black community in order to get votes. (Lucy/Charlie Brown strategy) Wa…
    8 Apr @ 7PM

 Chelsea News

    • RT @ToniRuediger: #Enough 🙏🏼🙏🏾 We are making a stand against racist abuse. We recognise that our platforms come with responsibility, an…
      19 Apr @ 08:51
    • RT @CesarAzpi: #Enough 👊🏽👊🏼👊🏿 We are making a stand against racist abuse. We recognise that our platforms come with responsibility, an…
      19 Apr @ 08:27
    • RT @Robert1Green: #Enough We are making a stand against racist abuse. We recognise that our platforms come with responsibility, and so…
      19 Apr @ 08:27
    • RT @rubey_lcheek: #Enough We are making a stand against racist abuse. We recognise that our platforms come with responsibility, and so we…
      19 Apr @ 08:27
    • RT @emersonpalmieri: We are in the semifinals! Thank you for all the support. Come on Chelsea! #EP33 #CFC #CHESLA https://t.co/JuaaBwqnQC
      18 Apr @ 02:48
    • Who was your #CHESLA man of the match? 🏅
      18 Apr @ 02:31
    • RT @CesarAzpi: Semifinals! Let's go! 💪 @ChelseaFC #UEL https://t.co/WFXeltH2Do
      18 Apr @ 02:00
    • RT @Mateo_Kova23: And we are on our way to @EuropaLeague #semifinals 💪💙 #CHESLA @ChelseaFC https://t.co/Gaz7ofFwXN
      18 Apr @ 01:59
    • RT @nglkante: Well done guys ! #CFC🔵🔵 https://t.co/H6m3fPghVN
      18 Apr @ 01:59
    • Sarri highlights the extraordinary physical capabilities of tonight's opponents Slavia and says maybe it is because… https://t.co/HLcRehMAHV
      18 Apr @ 01:28
    • Sarri says our next opponents in the Europa League, Eintracht Frankfurt, are a great team with a wonderful striker in Jovic. #CHESLA
      18 Apr @ 01:25
    • Sarri adds that we are happy as to reach a European semi-final is not easy. #CHESLA
      18 Apr @ 01:21
    • Maurizio Sarri describes tonight's peformance as a good one in the first half, but then adds that as is too usual i… https://t.co/KeL3wsa0ZA
      18 Apr @ 01:20
    • Maurizio Sarri will speak to the media next. Stay tuned for his thoughts... #CHESLA https://t.co/NhdQDJy2gA
      18 Apr @ 01:20
    • Through to the last four, where we will play German side Eintracht Frankfurt! 👊 Bring it on! https://t.co/WLB8v8KJQx
      18 Apr @ 00:56