@Redskins: The next man up in our top HBCU Redskins of all time: Charlie Brown. #HTTR https://t.co/2ftEOmTwSz

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  • My life is just a continuous episode of Charlie Brown trying to kick a football.
    15 Feb @ 11PM

  • The next man up in our top HBCU Redskins of all time: Charlie Brown. #HTTR https://t.co/2ftEOmTwSz
    15 Feb @ 9PM

  • Saddest rap beefs Kurupt vs Daz Prodigy vs Havoc Jay-Z vs Beanie Sigel Erick vs Parrish Tyler vs Earl Bizzy Bone vs Every Bone…
    15 Feb @ 8PM

  • Come see “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown” March 6th,7th,8th,9th in the RHS theatre! https://t.co/zRGgRLqgSo
    15 Feb @ 7PM

  • #cvsummit Great session on Growing and becoming a leader with Dr Charlie Brown and Dr Katsiyiannis @gina_lundberg @DrMar…
    15 Feb @ 6PM

  • [Extremely Charlie Brown’s teacher Wah Wah voice] *translated* WHY DOES NO ONE LISTEN TO ME?
    15 Feb @ 3PM

  • It’s like they always say {Charlie Brown teacher voice}
    15 Feb @ 1PM

  • every time i listen to playboi carti it makes me wanna dance like charlie brown
    15 Feb @ 4AM

  • Whenever Valentine's Day comes around, I always remember that Charlie Brown figured out love at 6 years old. https://t.…
    15 Feb @ 12AM

  • Good ol' Charlie Brown. (Peanuts, February 14, 1956) https://t.co/MYF7eCQbBZ
    14 Feb @ 4PM

  • "Love is that little girl with red hair." -- Charlie Brown #ValentinesDay? ? https://t.co/ZM8YSToki6
    14 Feb @ 12PM

  • Happy Valentines Day ? https://t.co/uzViet0g1d https://t.co/DtTw4iRIXF
    14 Feb @ 11AM

  • Coldplay songs for Valentine Yellow - Felling love Clocks - Felling rushed Fix you - Felling sad Politik - Felling angry…
    14 Feb @ 6AM

  • Playboi Carti goes perfect over Charlie Brown https://t.co/MxbnoccMHB
    14 Feb @ 5AM

  • 4th of July Snoopy Baby bib, Snoopy Bib, Peanuts baby bib, Independence Day baby bib, Peanuts bib, Charlie Brown bib,…
    13 Feb @ 11PM

  • Finally found the MP advice surgery stall of my dreams at the Good Grief, Charlie Brown exhibition. Can I have it when…
    13 Feb @ 7PM

  • Being a fan of Voltron Legendary Defender is like watching Lucy pull the football away from Charlie Brown for 72 episodes…
    13 Feb @ 7PM

  • @realDonaldTrump The #Democrat Party is Lucy. The voters for the Democrat Party are Charlie Brown. They deserve each oth…
    13 Feb @ 3PM

  • Charlie Brown is getting his Wednesday walk on... #chocolatelab https://t.co/crfGZfOAxZ
    13 Feb @ 2PM

  • @realDonaldTrump The #Democrat Party, Lucy and it voters, Charlie Brown Pathetic! https://t.co/bAB5JN80qy
    13 Feb @ 11AM

  • nobody: charlie brown’s teacher: https://t.co/wrilpMIokD
    13 Feb @ 6AM

  • “Maybe next year I’ll get a whole bunch of valentines!” – Charlie Brown #BeMyValentineCharlieBrown https://t.co/VCnNGintfy
    13 Feb @ 3AM

  • you know how adults sound in the charlie brown movies? the wah wah wah sounds? that’s what everything sounds like to me duri…
    12 Feb @ 10PM

  • For my new followers!! Here’s a thread about me!! ? ? ? I’m Alex “Raz” Razayeski. I’m 21 years old and I play guitar in an…
    12 Feb @ 8PM

  • Charlie Brown has the coolest dog ever, an awesome best friend (Linus), and a cool girl (Peppermint Patty) likes him, yet…
    12 Feb @ 8PM

  • For more than three decades, we have been promised border security. For more than three decades, like Charlie Brown falling…
    12 Feb @ 8PM

  • Peanuts creator Charles Schulz died on this day in 2000. He once talked to @CBC's Close-Up about Charlie Brown and whethe…
    12 Feb @ 6PM

  • I believe this is from the rarely seen special “For Fuck’s Sake Call Child Protective Services on Pig-Pen’s Parents, Ch…
    12 Feb @ 4AM

  • Lucy is about 2 pull the football away from Charlie Brown(AGAIN) Wicked Witch of the West Pelosi CANNOT allow a Wall 2B Bui…
    12 Feb @ 3AM

  • we all know jungwoo is snoopy. so is doyoung charlie brown? i sMeLl dOwOo https://t.co/X2HFGUsjGk
    12 Feb @ 1AM

  • Today seems like a good day for Lucy to keep the football in place! -Charlie Brown https://t.co/vMnI2hDvIY
    11 Feb @ 10PM

  • #ALDUBLoveKita @lynieg88 @wengcookie @Darwaine88 @pinkyfaye @salvadortrish21 @sherrypie18 @ALDUBThess16 @radoc_jean…
    11 Feb @ 1PM

  • The world this week: The beginning of Valentine’s Day to the end of Charlie Brown https://t.co/8MgPgKcQAn
    11 Feb @ 8AM

  • CBS Primetime, February 10, 1989: — ‘This is America, Charlie Brown: The Building of the Transcontinental Railroad’ — ‘C…
    11 Feb @ 6AM

  • What was I thinking?! I'm not particularly proud of it, but as these shameful high school yearbook pictures prove: As Sn…
    9 Feb @ 7PM

  • the adults in charlie brown cartoons whenever they started talking https://t.co/B5PuzrARWT
    9 Feb @ 5PM

  • “Maze”? Yes, Ma’am...that’s an easy one. M...A...Y...S..." ~ Charlie Brown blows the spelling bee when he thinks of baseball le…
    9 Feb @ 3PM

  • One Punch Man: What if Charlie Brown was the most powerful man on earth Mob Psycho 100: What if Doug Funnie was the mo…
    9 Feb @ 7AM

  • “You take some paper, fold it…like this… then you cut some diamonds, hearts, moons...then when you open it you’ll have somethin…
    9 Feb @ 6AM

  • “I think I can spend my whole life here and still never get a valentine!” – Charlie Brown #ByMyValentineCharlieBrown https://t.…
    9 Feb @ 1AM

  • "Doing business with Danny Ainge and expecting a positive outcome in a trade is a lot Charlie Brown lining up thinking, 'Thi…
    8 Feb @ 11PM

  • "Doing business with Danny Ainge and expecting a positive outcome in a trade is a lot Charlie Brown lining up thinking, 'This…
    8 Feb @ 6PM

  • After f*cking over 99.9% of the country, Trump tells attendees at the National Prayer breakfast that he will "never let th…
    8 Feb @ 4PM

  • #DYK the Apollo 10 command module used the call sign Charlie Brown & the lunar module used Snoopy? To celebrate the 50th anniv…
    8 Feb @ 1PM

  • TV Alert! Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown airs Friday, February 8th at 8pm/7c on ABC! https://t.co/u7AeWd7Bv5
    7 Feb @ 1PM

  • Remember when I tweeted about seeing @tristanrogers for the 1st time on @GeneralHospital when I was 8yrs old? I thought he w…
    7 Feb @ 5AM

  • Share the love this Valentine's Day with the classic Peanuts duo, Charlie Brown and @snoopygrams . Find this adorable plush…
    6 Feb @ 10PM

  • I can believe that. Was she even standing in front of a real audience or was it a green screen? It was all over the place an…
    6 Feb @ 6PM

  • Good grief Charlie Brown!! Is there no one in office in #Virginia who wasn't or isn't stupid, insensitive or #racist? Wh…
    6 Feb @ 4PM

  • Charlie Brown in Minnesota has to be because of the field goal thing https://t.co/tZ9lBEJQZE
    6 Feb @ 2PM

 Chelsea News

    • It's all over in Aldershot as a goal in each half hands Swansea the PL2 win. #CFCDEV https://t.co/xv0p13riBD
      15 Feb @ 00:59
    • 🤜🤛 Some great sportsmanship on show here at the #CFCPlayoffs... #ePL https://t.co/yoilYipNdz
      15 Feb @ 00:54
    • Gallagher went closest for the Blues with a shot headed clear off the line but it's been a familiar feeling of frus… https://t.co/k3HEYYqyPT
      15 Feb @ 09:46
    • After a positive start, the Blues fall behind with seven minutes on the clock as Swans skipper Keston Davies beats… https://t.co/I2HXaMZxOM
      15 Feb @ 09:08
    • Meanwhile at Aldershot, we're underway in tonight's Premier League 2 action between #CFCDEV and Swansea! https://t.co/RtnSgfhuLl
      15 Feb @ 08:59
    • It's fair to say it's pretty tense here! 🎮🔥 https://t.co/CPOo1Zn5Ce
      15 Feb @ 08:16
    • 🎮 The #CFCPlayoffs are in full swing at Stamford Bridge! 📲 Head to our Instagram story to follow all the action!… https://t.co/MSypgi5YAU
      15 Feb @ 08:14
    • 🎮 GAME ON! 🎮 The opening games in the #CFCPlayoffs are underway at the Bridge! #ePL https://t.co/YP5owK5muJ
      15 Feb @ 06:49
    • ⏳ It’s almost time for the #CFCPlayoffs at Stamford Bridge! 32 FIFA players, all competing for the chance to rep… https://t.co/kjne8kIlLX
      15 Feb @ 06:38
    • Demba Ba finishing in style at the Bridge v Man Utd! 👌 #FlashbackFriday https://t.co/B1t5EE2h9r
      15 Feb @ 06:05
    • Zola says a few players need to be assessed before Monday's game. Ruben Loftus-Cheek 'may be' available, and Zola a… https://t.co/EbUkqiGBaI
      15 Feb @ 05:17
    • Zola says Callum Hudson-Odoi is always on the edge of the team and is given chances when the time is right. Zola po… https://t.co/AbjI6dMcnU
      15 Feb @ 05:15
    • Joe Cole and Michael Owen explain Chelsea’s special appeal to players... 👇 https://t.co/lH2aBq43zd
      15 Feb @ 05:13
    • Zola says the fact there are no replays can be an advantage for us as the tie will finish on Monday at Stamford Bri… https://t.co/jtmbhlgcAw
      15 Feb @ 05:12
    • Zola says he and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer did a coaching course together so he knows him well. He is not surprised by t… https://t.co/18pOTfKsnN
      15 Feb @ 05:10