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  • "What was that last pitch you threw, Charlie Brown? That guy missed it a mile!" ~ "That was the ol' schmuckle ball...Lucy inven…
    25 Jun @ 11AM

  • Charlie Brown's gym rat mentality took him from coaching on the sidelines to back into the game. As the Joplin native ma…
    25 Jun @ 1AM

  • due to the lack of jungwoo content recently .. jungwoo come home; starring: -jungwoo as snoopy -hyuck as charlie brown -yut…
    24 Jun @ 4AM

  • What if Charlie Brown's parents are actually trombones
    23 Jun @ 8PM

  • it's the swashbuckling synthesizer, Charlie Brown!
    23 Jun @ 4PM

  • "Gee! I wish my Dad were here...this is his kind of ballpark. Everything is made of out of wood!" ~ Charlie Brown (Classic Pean…
    23 Jun @ 2PM

  • Tropa do Charlie Brown
    23 Jun @ 5AM

  • #YourChildhoodWasAwesomeIf You watched lots of Charlie Brown.
    23 Jun @ 1AM

  • One of the best Letters to the Editor I've found in the archives. This is from 61 years ago today in the Chicago Tribune. T…
    22 Jun @ 2PM

  • There Are Children in Cages, Charlie Brown
    22 Jun @ 5AM

  • It’s #TakeYourDogtoWorkDay! Find out how everything went when Charlie Brown brought Snoopy to work. #ItsAMAZINGinHere htt…
    22 Jun @ 1AM

  • As a reminder, Cam Reddish won't be playing. Won't know anything on firm availability for Hunter/Fernando until closer to…
    21 Jun @ 9PM

  • Congratulations to Charlie Brown, Jr. on agreeing to a two-way contract with the Atlanta Hawks! #THWND #theSTORY https:/…
    21 Jun @ 4PM

  • "Keep looking up, that's the secret to life." - Charlie Brown
    21 Jun @ 3PM

  • The Atlanta Hawks have agreed to a two-way deal with undrafted free agent guard Charlie Brown (Saint Joseph’s), league sou…
    21 Jun @ 12PM

  • More undrafted prospects: Charlie Brown, James Palmer, Tyler Cook, Moses Brown, Amir Hinton, Simi Shittu, Aubrey Dawkins,…
    21 Jun @ 6AM

  • Yay @StephanieKelton !!!!! This is so huge. My favorite - the Democrats are waking up to the fact they have been Charlie…
    20 Jun @ 8PM

  • @SallyAlbright Bipartisanship doesn’t exist anymore. It wasn’t the Democrats’ doing. We can’t pretend that the Republican…
    20 Jun @ 12PM

  • #DickPicAlternatives Charlie Brown cussing
    20 Jun @ 7AM

  • If you’re feeling sad here’s a gif of Charlie Brown meeting Snoopy for the first time
    20 Jun @ 4AM

  • @realitychuck @AmoneyResists Trump voters are like Charlie Brown on Halloween...
    20 Jun @ 12AM

  • Good grief, Charlie Brown.
    19 Jun @ 9PM

  • No one gets to shut down the conversation with “they’re just kids.” If Charlie Brown loved the little red-haired girl an…
    19 Jun @ 4PM

  • Airing tonight on CBS: Pigpen Died of Cholera, Charlie Brown
    19 Jun @ 2PM

  • Somehow every year, despite all evidence to the contrary, I expect the US Men’s Soccer team to have gotten better. And yet…
    19 Jun @ 3AM

  • Hey @RepJerryNadler: You're Charlie Brown, the White House is Lucy, and it's getting ridiculous to watch them pull the foot…
    18 Jun @ 11PM

  • "I could have been the hero.. but what am I? I'm the goat! I'm always the goat! --- BAAHHH!! --- "ALL RIGHT , LAY OFF!!" ~ Cha…
    18 Jun @ 3PM

  • Latest pre-draft column ... Charlie Brown places a bet on himself, entering NBA draft via @ph…
    18 Jun @ 2PM

  • Former St. Joe’s standout Charlie Brown to work out for Sixers via @phillyinquirer
    17 Jun @ 11PM

  • Tomorrow's (presumed final) #Sixers workout: Darius Bazley (Princeton HS, Ohio) Armoni Brooks (Houston) Charlie Brown, Jr…
    17 Jun @ 6PM

  • Charlie Brown vs Caillou in a clean fist fight, who ya got and why?
    17 Jun @ 4AM

  • There's a sweetness in many strips about Charlie Brown's father. He may feel friendless, but there is a sanctuary for him i…
    17 Jun @ 3AM

  • Here's my full scouting report of recent Dallas Maverick workout attendee, St Joseph's Charlie Brown Jr:
    17 Jun @ 2AM

  • @Realpersonpltcs Did this quack skip medical ethics course in med school? She should lose her license to practice. She make…
    17 Jun @ 2AM

  • Charlie Brown would beat the shit outta Caillou.
    16 Jun @ 9PM

  • Charlie Brown speaks the truth.
    16 Jun @ 12PM

  • "Everything I see looks like a baseball to me..." ~ Charlie Brown (Classic Peanuts - June 15, 1973) #MLB
    15 Jun @ 10PM

  • "It's always a tense moment just before the first pitch of a ballgame.. Then the pitcher rears back and throws..." --- POW ---…
    15 Jun @ 9PM

  • @IlhanMN Every Time I Hear You Speak, All I Can Hear Is The Teacher From Charlie Brown. Even When I Read Your Tweets I Hear I…
    15 Jun @ 3PM

  • The thing is, people DID like Charlie Brown (except for that passive aggressive bitch Lucy, maybe). And people like you too…
    15 Jun @ 2PM

  • The Ellis Marsalis Trio - Charlie Brown
    14 Jun @ 10PM

  • Are you even married if your spouse doesn't sound like Charlie Brown's teacher 85% of the time?
    14 Jun @ 3PM

  • "He dropped it! WAAH! Charlie Brown dropped the ball!! We could have been champions! Now we're nothing! WHAAAHHH!" --- "It depr…
    14 Jun @ 2PM

  • charlie brown only a blockhead like you wouldn't know that the primary forms of digi-volution after "rookie" (which comes…
    14 Jun @ 2AM

  • TONIGHT is Pay What You Can at our 7pm performance of YOU’RE A GOOD MAN, CHARLIE BROWN! Bring the whole family and pay what…
    13 Jun @ 2PM

  • It's the Heat Death of the Universe, Charlie Brown
    12 Jun @ 10PM

  • @erintothemax @TheRaDR Biden is not even a GOOD choice. We don't need a Charlie Brown determined to keep kicking at the foo…
    12 Jun @ 6PM

  • Angry journalists doing a sad Charlie Brown walk back to their offices in the knowledge they’re going to have to fully endo…
    12 Jun @ 4PM

  • Throwing it back 40 years last night! Charlie Brown and @TableTennisScot CEO Richard Yule enjoying a game of TT - still got it…
    12 Jun @ 3PM

  • it's a vagina bone, Charlie Brown
    12 Jun @ 5AM

 Chelsea News

    • School, five-a-side and playing with Neymar... @EmersonPalmieri tells the story of his time growing up in Santos! ⚽️🇧🇷
      26 Jun @ 09:58
    • RT @Capitancarloc: What a great day! Thank you @CFCFoundation for making it possible. 💙
      25 Jun @ 00:50
    • Chelsea Legends in Madrid! 💙 Watch all NINE goals from #CFCvRealMadrid in the Chelsea app now! 📲…
      25 Jun @ 09:47
    • RT @CesarAzpi: @ChelseaFC Good evening😃
      25 Jun @ 08:39
    • Good afternoon, skip! 🐫
      25 Jun @ 06:47
    • From the streets of Santos to starring in the Europa League final... 👌 @EmersonPalmieri has had quite the footballing journey!
      25 Jun @ 01:55
    • ‘Gustavo’s goal was unbelievable – he has this power. He is always at the right time and in the right place.' #CFCvRealMadrid
      25 Jun @ 09:26
    • Four young Chelsea players were involved in England’s last game in this summer’s European Under-21 Championships...
      25 Jun @ 08:31
    • Our season review in stats continues... 🤓
      25 Jun @ 07:49
    • The iconic San Siro stadium in Milan is to be demolished... We will never forget the night Dennis Wise did this! 🙌
      24 Jun @ 07:41
    • RT @ChelseaFCW: Yesterday, we watched the @Lionesses take on Cameroon with @Bethany_Eng15 and some special guests... Here's what happened!…
      24 Jun @ 05:16
    • ‘We did very well and in the end it was competitive and it was a great game. All the crowd, the organisation, fantastic!' 😀 #CFCvRealMadrid
      24 Jun @ 04:02
    • Making progress! 💪 @Calteck10
      24 Jun @ 01:20
    • RT @marceldesailly: Thank u guys for ur trust #capitain @ChelseaFC respect ⚽️😊🙏🏾
      24 Jun @ 08:34
    • RT @Capitancarloc: 50yrs and 26 days later,I’ve the privilege to play with @chelseafc legends in the same 🏟 where my Dad have won the Europ…
      24 Jun @ 08:33