@DonChelsea5: The last time they faced Billy Gilmour got Man of the Match, dominated your whole midfield, created the 2nd most chances a…

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  • Who is your best teenage player so far in the 2019/2020 A. Mason Greenwood B. Billy Gilmour C. Takefusa Kubo D. Ansu Fa…
    22 May @ 7PM

  • I’m not sure if I’m watching Andres Iniesta or Billy Gilmour in this video. His vision and awareness is so good man https://…
    14 May @ 7PM

  • Billy Gilmour at 18 made 2 premier league starts and got MOTM both times, on what evidence is he over hyped
    14 May @ 7PM

  • Billy Gilmour played two full matches this season and got motm on both occasions at 18 If that’s the meaning of overhype…
    14 May @ 5PM

  • Let's be honest here. Billy Gilmour's two performances vs Liverpool, Everton >> any Jorginho performance for Chelsea..
    14 May @ 3PM

  • Thread: Why Billy Gilmour is Chelsea’s best youth player and is the best midfield talent in the league https://t.co/VxMC1gxQkZ
    14 May @ 3PM

  • Chelsea's Billy Gilmour nails the Maradona 7 challenge in his garden https://t.co/T91gbl4TO7
    14 May @ 12PM

  • Friendly reminder that Iniesta is the Spanish Billy Gilmour ?
    11 May @ 12AM

  • Billy Gilmour v Everton https://t.co/sjcA8rvnKG
    8 May @ 5PM

  • Billy Gilmour X Chelsea 1984/85 Home Kit @billygilmourrr https://t.co/uaimJHGSf1
    8 May @ 3PM

  • Keeper: Kepa. Defence: R.James, Koulibaly, Tomori, Zouma, Christensen, Telles, Azpilicueta. Midfield: Kovacic, Kante, Jorg…
    7 May @ 10AM

  • Willock is a better footballer than Billy Gilmour in every shape, way or form. In every stage of play, he's better.
    6 May @ 5PM

  • BILLY GILMOUR - REMEMBERING THE MASTERCLASS AGAINST LIVERPOOL Football has been gone for a while and may still be gone fo…
    5 May @ 11AM

  • West Ham boss David Moyes on Chelsea's interest in Rice: "I was laughing because I keep getting told that Chelsea want Decl…
    4 May @ 5PM

  • Billy Gilmour will represent Chelsea in the #ePremierLeague. He plays Watford’s Andre Gray on Wednesday. #CFC https://t.co/yt
    4 May @ 3PM

  • Now that everyone is asleep I can safely say that Billy Gilmour is clear off any other teenage talent in the premier league.
    4 May @ 2AM

  • Chelsea star Billy Gilmour admits he wears a Liverpool shirt when playing football at home https://t.co/meSUq1mzYi
    2 May @ 7PM

  • Billy Gilmour sef dey grow beards God when?
    2 May @ 5PM

  • It's hard to take the p*ss out of the lad, we'd all be buzzing in his shoes #LFC https://t.co/yiS0pCVOVY
    2 May @ 3PM

  • Chelsea‘ s Billy Gilmour has revealed he is currently opting for a Liverpool shirt when practising in the garden. “It was p…
    2 May @ 1PM

  • We can either spend £70m on Declan Rice, or save all of that money and give Ethan Ampadu and Billy Gilmour the minutes the…
    28 Apr @ 3PM

  • Top 5 Young Talents (21 or Under) in the Premier League right now: 1. Trent Alexander-Arnold 2. Mason Greenwood…
    28 Apr @ 1PM

  • Iniesta Xavi Fabregas "Those are the kind of players I looked up to, getting on the ball and making things hap…
    27 Apr @ 7PM

  • Billy Gilmour on his performance vs Liverpool: “I just wanted to play the game well, not muck up anything, and play the game…
    27 Apr @ 3PM

  • I don't want to get carried away or anything but Billy Gilmour is really going to surpass Iniesta's legacy and there's nothing…
    27 Apr @ 3PM

  • In an exclusive interview with Sky Sports, Chelsea teenager Billy Gilmour reveals his footballing inspiration, gives an in…
    27 Apr @ 12PM

  • "You just want to be playing and doing the thing you love." #CFC midfielder Billy Gilmour speaks to Jamie Redknapp on t…
    27 Apr @ 11AM

  • Billy Gilmour: “We had to analyse & compare our game to a player. I thought i’do Fabregas. Growing up, Iniesta, Xavi, Fa…
    26 Apr @ 3PM

  • @cesc4official Thoughts on Billy Gilmour? #AskCesc
    20 Apr @ 3PM

  • Scott McTominay and Billy Gilmour in the same midfield? Scotland might be on to something @NizaarKinsella
    19 Apr @ 10AM

  • Roy Keane: “I had to put my cup of tea down to work out who Billy Gilmour was." Frank Lampard: “I had to put my cup…
    16 Apr @ 12PM

  • Billy Gilmour – His Rise To The Top @billygilmourrr, born 11/06/01, started his football journey playing for junior side Ard…
    15 Apr @ 3PM

  • Billy Gilmour - The Magician https://t.co/VR8I97gGIf
    14 Apr @ 9PM

  • Your midfielders were schooled by a teething Billy Gilmour. They’re not Pogba’s mate
    14 Apr @ 5PM

  • Chelsea manager Frank Lampard has heaped praise upon 18-year-old central midfielder Billy Gilmour and said he sees simil…
    14 Apr @ 8AM

  • "He has now set a benchmark, and after this break has to try and come back and go on to have the career that he has started…
    13 Apr @ 9PM

  • Frank Lampard believes Billy Gilmour has a similar skillset to Paul Scholes. But he's *not* comparing the two of them. …
    13 Apr @ 5PM

  • Frank Lampard sees shades of Paul Scholes in Billy Gilmour https://t.co/UXKaMm9fxI
    13 Apr @ 3PM

  • "He went and did it against the best team in the country, he's set a benchmark." #CFC manager Frank Lampard praises young…
    13 Apr @ 10AM

  • Positioning ? Vision Interceptions Tackles Billy Gilmour's stunning full debut against Liverpool! We can't w…
    12 Apr @ 1PM

  • Could barely get out of Billy Gilmour's pocket
    10 Apr @ 1PM

  • Rudiger: "I understand most things but Ross Barkley's English I don't understand! And also Billy Gilmour – his Scottish acc…
    9 Apr @ 10AM

  • Billy Gilmour - Player Analysis Watch the video on YT: https://t.co/9rXCHrXEAA https://t.co/4CufbzI7KV
    7 Apr @ 7PM

  • This is an area where Billy Gilmour definitely provides Chelsea something extra defensively as compared to Jorginho. His rec…
    7 Apr @ 12AM

  • Chelsea midfielder Billy Gilmour on his hardest opponent to-date: "In game wise it has probably been Scott McTominay. Not ju…
    6 Apr @ 9PM

  • Daniel James giving it to Chelsea's Billy Gilmour in the @combatcorona livestream on Sunday https://t.co/vL0a9BPHuo
    6 Apr @ 2AM

  • Dan James & Billy Gilmour playing FIFA: Dan James: “I’m gonna go with United.” Billy Gilmour: “Gonna go Chelsea.” Dan…
    5 Apr @ 9PM

  • Dan James & Billy Gilmour on FIFA: Dan James: “I’ll be United.” Billy Gilmour: “I’ll go Chelsea.” Dan James: “Is thi…
    5 Apr @ 7PM

  • Ian Maatsen, Billy Gilmour, Tino Anjorin, Callum Hudson-Odoi, Reece James, Ethan Ampadu, Marc Guehi, George McEachran, Sa…
    3 Apr @ 7PM

  • Billy Gilmour's performance against Liverpool was special ? The Chelsea midfielder places at No.33 in this year's #NxGn https…
    3 Apr @ 1PM

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