@CafcFacts: BBC Sport - Lee Bowyer: Three Charlton Athletic players not yet back training. #cafc https://t.co/DmjJVhkeeA

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  • @TheAthleticUK: Charlton planning for Championship to resume on June 20 Have lined up a friendly against a Premier League team E…
  • @JimmyStone_: Looks like Charlton’s staff have received their wages for the month of May. Couple of irregularities in that no payslips…
  • @CAStrust: Charlton supporters fought to bring their club back home to The Valley in 1992... We may need you again. Are you in? https:…
  • @BBCSport: Charlton Athletic manager Lee Bowyer says three players have not returned to training with the rest of the squad because of t…
  • @tobycafc: throwback to the best away night of the season #cafc https://t.co/MUdIL0JmlM
  • @CAFCofficial: Update from Sparrows Lane... Jason Pearce pleased to be back and impressed with squad fitness Club in conversation…
  • @Plenty_of_Shots: Claus Jensen scores an excellent free-kick against Wolves. #cafc https://t.co/hIHk1zxI0f
  • @Glovepup: Just had a thought. Next player to score a goal for #cafc should celebrate by doing the worm in honour of Seb?
  • @CAStrust: Steve Gallen in @TheAthleticUK: "The fans are really, really good at Charlton. Because they helped to get the club back to th…
  • @_cafctom: Johnnie is a living example of what hard work paying off looks like. #cafc https://t.co/rWTR7DNx0w
  • @_nam11: Wtf #cafc Thing is, everyone knows someone who will wear this https://t.co/iim1xSrCov
  • @JChandler7198: When you hear David Davis hasn’t come back to training #cafc
  • @CharltonInvicta: This weeks #ThrowbackThursday takes us back to Rome We travelled to the @eglsf @IGLFAOfficial #EuroGames with one of…
  • @CAStrust: Right now, we are not asking for money, just your support. We took nearly 40,000 to Wembley a year ago today. Now is the t…
  • @CAStrust: A Football Finance Authority? - thats one idea of @DamianCollins’ look at the future of football. Read more here: https://t.c
  • @19CAFC05: pics of the lads training @lyletaylor90 @alfiedoughty4 @AndreGreen_ @MBonne9 Aidan McGeady @GeorgeLapslie @JoshCullen…
  • @unpopularCAFC: Fully fit team ? 9 games left ? Shambles in the boardroom ? This is what #cafc thrives on! AllezAllezAllez the reds ar…
  • @jbennett1997: Lewis Page training with Darren Pratley on the first day contact training is allowed #CAFC https://t.co/keC8qVJK97
  • @GRGin1983: Please vote for @RainbowRoversFC #cafc #cact
  • @CafcFacts: 29/5/1987 The most important win in the history of Charlton Athletic at the time? #cafc https://t.co/Moy0EjlPWt

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    • 📝 Director Marian Mihail answers questions from supporters. 👉 https://t.co/XjH4PzJO2V #cafc https://t.co/ZIBHWrE8bN
      29 May @ 00:42
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    • Update from Sparrows Lane... 💬 Jason Pearce pleased to be back and impressed with squad fitness 📝 Club in convers… https://t.co/BdIXmuBThk
      28 May @ 04:57
    • RT @deankiely40: @CAFCofficial Wow, what an honour, even to be mentioned in the same sentence as some true legends is very humbling. Feel…
      27 May @ 00:25
    • 👏 Sailor Brown, Mike Flanagan and @deankiely40 voted into club's Hall of Fame. 👉 https://t.co/FdNM3k8XUm #cafc https://t.co/d9jwdEYN6K
      27 May @ 06:29
    • 📹 Bowyer: "It's a nine-game season now. I'm very confident, I believe in the players that we have." 👉… https://t.co/M0GZRZlD4x
      27 May @ 00:51
    • 🎥 Hear what Lee Bowyer had to say to @amageessn about his players return to training. Watch the full interview 👇… https://t.co/noMLMUWDYy
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      26 May @ 00:00
    • RT @patrick5bauer: @CAFCofficial „Josh Cullen, he’s dug the cross out. They're queuing up...“ ❤️⚽️
      26 May @ 08:46
    • ⚽ @patrick5bauer "This was probably the best two weeks of my life, it's a time I will never forget!" #cafc https://t.co/owpdqVou81
      26 May @ 08:00
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    • 💬 Lee Bowyer on the first day back in training: "To be kept away from it for so long, it’s like letting kids back i… https://t.co/mpUZQlbbXm
      25 May @ 09:05
    • 😃 Good to be back! ☀️ #cafc https://t.co/0Owyxnvj0H
      25 May @ 05:30
    • 🌈 On the day the fifth annual #CharltonvHomophobia tournament was set to take place at The Valley, we take a look b… https://t.co/uW9FG7N4Aa
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