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  • Arsenal's youngsters.. Bukayo Saka Joseph Willock Eddie Nketiah Reiss Nelson Who is the…
    3 Aug @ 5PM

  • Reiss Nelson had 7 goals at Hoffenheim whilst getting peanut minutes, Bundesliga tax agenda starts the moment he puts that shi…
    3 Aug @ 3PM

  • Video: Reiss Nelson making his way back to the dressing room after winning the FA Cup final. @ReissNelson9 #afc https://t.…
    2 Aug @ 6AM

  • Most of the players walked through the tunnel smiling and chatting, but Reiss Nelson is every Arsenal fan after the game. Big mo…
    2 Aug @ 2AM

  • Reiss Nelson has more career trophies (2) than Jadon Sancho (1)
    1 Aug @ 9PM

  • Reiss Nelson has more trophies in his career than Harry Kane, pass it on
    1 Aug @ 7PM

  • As much as I would love Zaha at Arsenal, let me get this straight... letting go of Reiss Nelson would be as big as a mistake…
    29 Jul @ 3PM

  • [email protected]_Ornstein: “Mikel Arteta is also looking for a wide player, but I don’t see anyone leaving. Maybe, you could say if of…
    29 Jul @ 1PM

  • Reiss Nelson - Patience ? @ReissNelson9 x @blanc0b0urne
    29 Jul @ 10AM

  • With the debate around Reiss Nelson’s future going on today, here’s a throwback comp of his PL2 Player of the Season campaign wi…
    29 Jul @ 12AM

  • [email protected]_Ornstein exact words on Reiss Nelson today: "Mikel Arteta is also looking for a wide player, but I don't see anyon…
    28 Jul @ 9PM

  • Arsenal want to sign a wide player. Reiss Nelson could be sacrificed to generate space and funds for a new signing. (@Da…
    28 Jul @ 7PM

  • David Ornstein also says Reiss Nelson and Alexandre Lacazette could both leave if a good offer comes.
    28 Jul @ 5PM

  • Besiktas want to take Reiss Nelson on loan, Arsenal unwilling to lose the player and want to keep him as part of the squad.…
    27 Jul @ 5PM

  • Reiss Nelson might genuinely be more technically gifted than Neymar
    27 Jul @ 3PM

  • Reiss Nelson vs Watford (home). Good impact off the bench. Starting to find his feet and when he does, you'll all be eating…
    27 Jul @ 8AM

  • Reiss Nelson vs Watford (home). Good impact off the bench. Starting to find his feet and when he does, you'll all be ea…
    26 Jul @ 10PM

  • Reiss Nelson + £15m bid to Palace for Zaha in the next few weeks?
    26 Jul @ 7PM

  • In the last one month, Reiss Nelson, Joe Willock and Bukayo Saka all scored their first goals in the Premier league. Hale en…
    26 Jul @ 3PM

  • Which song used to get Reiss Nelson pumped up for a game? There's only one answer... #MOTDx #AFC
    23 Jul @ 3PM

  • Liverpool's defence completely lacking in confidence after facing Reiss Nelson last week...
    22 Jul @ 9PM

  • Any offer of over £25m for either Joe Willock, Eddie Nketiah or Reiss Nelson should be considered in my opinion. Time to m…
    22 Jul @ 12AM

  • Reiss Nelson misses out on tonight's game at Villa Park due to a slight groin muscle issue #AVLARS
    21 Jul @ 7PM

  • Reiss Nelson against £185.8m worth of players in this photo, no problem at all
    21 Jul @ 3PM

  • Reiss Nelson 19/20 - 'Ourself' [@ReissNelson9]
    20 Jul @ 5PM

  • Arsenal players reacting on Instagram story: Emiliano Martinez: “I love this club ” Reiss Nelson: “ let’s go” Pabl…
    19 Jul @ 1AM

  • I think Reiss Nelson might actually be a bee
    18 Jul @ 7PM

  • Jonker revealed there were 3 standout talents at Arsenal when he left. Reiss Nelson, Marcus McGuane and one more: “They’re…
    18 Jul @ 12PM

  • Reiss Nelson might actually be the player that finally surpasses Cristiano Ronaldo’s barclays legacy
    17 Jul @ 5PM

  • "Who would win a race down Wembley way?" "Me. Raheem is not in the question." Ahead of the @EmiratesFACup semi-finals thi…
    17 Jul @ 12PM

  • Alan Shearer on Reiss Nelson’s goal against Liverpool: “I was really impressed, there was no panic at all for someone so youn…
    16 Jul @ 7PM

  • Liverpool will be exceptionally low today. They did not see that coming. They thought Reiss Nelson was a column in Tra…
    16 Jul @ 5PM

  • Goals vs the traditional ‘big 6’ Gabriel Martinelli: 3 Reiss Nelson: 1 Mason Greenwood: 0 Big talents step up at big times…
    16 Jul @ 2PM

  • Alexandre Lacazette and Reiss Nelson fire Arsenal to their first #PL win over Liverpool since 2015 #ARSLIV
    16 Jul @ 12AM

  • Reiss Nelson & Laca giving LFC 19/20 problems but it's Thierry Henry & Pires that i was supposed to believe this LFC team…
    15 Jul @ 9PM

  • Reiss Nelson seeing Van Djik chase after him
    15 Jul @ 7PM

  • Reiss Nelson on career mode selling Saka so he can finally get minutes
    4 Jul @ 7PM

  • I thought Reiss Nelson did really in the first half, was incisive and inventive, contributed well. Drifted out the gam…
    1 Jul @ 9PM

  • Reiss Nelson in the first half against Norwich: ? 100% passing accuracy ? 100% passing accuracy in opp.half ? Most chances cr…
    1 Jul @ 7PM

  • A first Premier League start since December for Reiss Nelson! Four changes for Arsenal... #PL team news and build-up: https…
    1 Jul @ 5PM

  • Yeah, Tierney's just said "it's just cramp" when asked by Reiss Nelson if he was alright.
    25 Jun @ 7PM

  • Joe Willock over Mesut Özil when we need a goal by the way. This is what this club has come too. Reiss Nelson over Martinelli…
    20 Jun @ 5PM

  • No way Arsenal need a goal and they bring on 17 year old Reiss Nelson before 72 million pound Nicolas Pepe
    17 Jun @ 9PM

  • Arsenal stars; Aubameyang, Bellerin and Reiss Nelson, have appeared in a video promoting Made-in-Rwanda outfits. The i…
    12 Jun @ 8AM

  • Reiss Nelson has pace, acceleration, end product, but for me his positional intelligence stands out. There's a reason people…
    10 Jun @ 3PM

  • : Reiss Nelson’s classy nutmeg skill in the Arsenal training session today. That’s absolutely filthy! #afc
    10 Jun @ 8AM

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