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  • "I'm not for selling someone like Mesut Özil because Mesut Özil is the kind of player you want in your team. The amount of c…
    23 May @ 9AM

  • Ajax sensation Hakim Ziyech has revealed a move to Arsenal is his 'ultimate dream' so he can link up with idol Mesut Ozi…
    20 May @ 11AM

  • "Well, I have two clubs. They are Arsenal and Barcelona. That is my ultimate dream. Yes, I actually do have one [a footballi…
    20 May @ 10AM

  • Trophies Mesut Ozil won at Arsenal in the last 6 years = 3. Trophies Tottenham won in their last 30 years = 2. I think Mr.…
    19 May @ 10PM

  • The Ajax superstar is a huge fan of #AFC and Mesut Ozil
    19 May @ 7PM

  • Mesut Ozil risks backlash for dining with Turkish president via @MailSport
    19 May @ 6PM

  • Mesut Ozil and fiancee dine with Turkish president during Ramadan
    19 May @ 3PM

  • So we received this signed jersey from @MesutOzil1088 today and we can't wait to pull a "Nepal" with it Thank you v…
    15 May @ 3PM

  • I can't believe there are people who think the reason Adidas are our new sponsors is because of Mesut Ozil
    14 May @ 2PM

  • "I've carried on working. I know the quality I have." Interview with Mesut Ozil - On being sidelined by Unai Emery, how…
    13 May @ 9AM

  • Sum up Mesut Ozil's season with a picture
    12 May @ 2PM

  • It's good news for Arsenal. Mesut Ozil will reportedly not leave Arsenal this summer. More gossip:
    12 May @ 9AM

  • Who do you like more? Santi Cazorla Mesut Ozil
    12 May @ 7AM

  • Mesut Ozil (2010-2013) - One of the greats
    11 May @ 4PM

  • EXCLUSIVE | The Secret Life of Mesut Ozil Dr Erkut Sögüt reveals never heard before stories about the Arsenal sta…
    10 May @ 5PM

  • Mesut Ozil responds to the Mestalla...
    9 May @ 9PM

  • Arsenal won 13 league titles before signing Mesut Ozil They have won zero since If you only follow Arsenal because of…
    6 May @ 9PM

  • Great teams have great leaders. Arsenal had Mesut Ozil. That typifies this team, talented but all too easy to knock off cou…
    5 May @ 7PM

  • Eden Hazard is the first to reach the 15 assists mark in all top competitions this season. Most assists in 2015-16 …
    5 May @ 2PM

  • Mesut Ozil and Paul Pogba are the most protected footballers in Prem history. To some people they can do no wrong
    5 May @ 1PM

  • Liverpool are the first team in PL history to have two defenders with 10+ assists in one season: Andrew Robertson - 1…
    5 May @ 12PM

  • Pires on Ozil: "You can compare Mesut Ozil to Dennis Bergkamp, because they play just behind the striker. Ozil is a great pl…
    5 May @ 11AM

  • What a disgraceful story... Since when did wearing a Turkish flag chain become ‘controversial’? Mesut Ozil can we…
    4 May @ 10AM

  • Mesut Ozil proudly wears Turkish flag after quitting Germany
    3 May @ 9AM

  • Mesut Ozil insists he is happy at Arsenal and has no issues with Unai Emery.
    2 May @ 9AM

  • "I have two more years on my contract, I don't know what will happen after that" Mesut Ozil discusses why he is happy…
    1 May @ 5PM

  • #AFC | Özil wants Arsenal stay.... Mesut also says that he has no issues with Unai Emery and "everyone inside knew that…
    1 May @ 5PM

  • At London Colney, waiting to sit down with Mesut Ozil.
    1 May @ 3PM

  • Mesut Ozil has as many assists as Kasper Schmeichel in the Premier League since October 23rd, 2018.
    28 Apr @ 2PM

  • Wenger fans taking pleasure from every Arsenal defeat Bum Mesut Ozil fanboys taking pleasure from every Arsenal defeat…
    28 Apr @ 1PM

  • Mesut Ozil misses out through a foot injury. He's played just 23 Premier League games this season
    28 Apr @ 12PM

  • Andrew Robertson has got as many PL assists this season (10) as Jesse Lingard, Kevin de Bruyne, Juan Mata, Mesut Ozil, Sadio…
    26 Apr @ 9PM

  • N'Golo Kante with 8 goals/assists in the PL this season, one more than Mesut Ozil and Dele Alli. The true playmaker.
    22 Apr @ 8PM

  • Mesut Ozil has been directly involved in 52 goals in the #PL at the Emirates Stadium (20 goals, 32 assists); the most of…
    22 Apr @ 3AM

  • Ayoze Perez has scored more Premier League goals than the following players this season: ?Leroy Sane ?Troy Deeney ?Wilfried…
    21 Apr @ 6PM

  • Cheeky Chip! Mesut Ozil with a cool finish to bring Arsenal level. Watch more @PremierLeague clips and highlights in t…
    21 Apr @ 5PM

  • And this is how Arsenal shape up as they prepare to face Crystal Palace at the Emirates! It’s a return for Mesut Ozil #ARSCRY…
    21 Apr @ 3PM

  • Mesut Ozil comes on for Lucas Torreira so he and Troy Deeney can sort it out in the car park...#WATARS
    15 Apr @ 9PM

  • Mesut Ozil had more PL assists in 15/16 than what Moussa Sissoko has in his entire career...
    14 Apr @ 1PM

  • With that assist, Sissoko now has more assists in league play than Mesut Ozil. #COYS
    13 Apr @ 2PM

  • "Have you unlocked Pogba?" He literally has a better G/A ratio this season than Mesut Ozil has in his last 2 seasons Combin…
    13 Apr @ 12PM

  • This is everything from Mesut Ozil (via @MesutOzil1088)
    12 Apr @ 6PM

  • Does Mesut Ozil know these players have families? This is rude.
    11 Apr @ 10PM

  • Mesut Ozil out there ending careers
    11 Apr @ 10PM

  • Tottenham fans comparing Dele Alli to Mesut Ozil. Ozil. 10 major honours including a world cup. Dele. League one run…
    11 Apr @ 8PM

  • 'Do not WASTE your talent by going to Arsenal' @talkSPORTDrive makes emotional plea to @Madders10 to NOT join Arsenal http…
    10 Apr @ 10PM

  • For the 2017/18 season Mesut Ozil passing had a higher impact rating than David Silva and the great Lionel Messi ECOM…
    10 Apr @ 7PM

  • Pelé (before Brazil played Germany 2014 World Cup): I fear every German player with my heart. Mainly Mesut Ozil and Tho…
    10 Apr @ 6PM

  • Sterling is better than Ozil... there's no debate, says Michael Owen
    10 Apr @ 5PM

  • It's the Mesut Ozil cycle...
    8 Apr @ 4PM

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