@P1AFC: I miss Aaron Ramsey already https://t.co/y7hwsCXZFO

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  • I miss Aaron Ramsey already https://t.co/y7hwsCXZFO
    24 May @ 2PM

  • Was widely reported previously but Raul and Vinai’s interview was the first time a senior Arsenal figure has publicly confi…
    23 May @ 4PM

  • Will Aaron Ramsey be a success at Juventus? And how much will Arsenal miss him next season?
    23 May @ 11AM

  • Aaron Ramsey on Instagram https://t.co/vAofQ3RoAa
    22 May @ 3PM

  • Aaron Ramsey at the Allianz Stadium with his wife & children's today. [IG] https://t.co/1erglOHSUz
    22 May @ 2PM

  • So bullying Arsenal means breaking Aaron Ramsey’s leg, well done . Maybe look at head to head record and see who came…
    20 May @ 7PM

  • Aaron Ramsey intends to break off from a family holiday in Portugal to travel to Baku in order to support #Arsenal in the …
    19 May @ 10PM

  • Aaron Ramsey tonight at Juventus Stadium. He’s getting ready... #AFC #transfers #Arsenal #Juventus https://t.co/OHNmt
    19 May @ 7PM

  • Aaron Ramsey is in Turin right now and won’t be returning to London Colney, but he will be heading to Baku for one last…
    19 May @ 2PM

  • Between tears and smiles: tonight, Juventus will celebrate the scudetto for the men's and women's teams, Ronaldo being…
    19 May @ 12PM

  • Aaron Ramsey will be present at the Juventus stadium tomorrow. (He's already in Turin) https://t.co/bcm2u4th1S
    18 May @ 6PM

  • Aaron Ramsey is currently in Turin & he's expected to attend tomorrow's game between Juventus-Atalanta at the Allianz St…
    18 May @ 4PM

  • On this day in 2014: Aaron Ramsey scored an extra-time winner as Arsenal beat Hull City 3-2 in the FA Cup Final to claim thei…
    17 May @ 2PM

  • 5 years ago Aaron Ramsey scored winner in the FA Cup final against Hull City to end our 9 year trophy drought. Two nil dow…
    17 May @ 2PM

  • On this day in 2014 Arsenal won the FA Cup, ending a 9 years trophy drought. Aaron Ramsey scored the winner in a heart…
    17 May @ 1PM

  • Five years since that crazy FA Cup final where Aaron Ramsey sealed Arsenal's win over Hull City. What a moment. https://t.…
    17 May @ 10AM

  • #OnThisDay in 2014, Aaron Ramsey scored the winner in an epic 3-2 come back win against Hull City in the FA Cup final t…
    17 May @ 9AM

  • Despite Aaron Ramsey not being able to feature in the Europa League Final against Chelsea on May 29th due to a thigh injury,…
    16 May @ 11PM

  • Aaron Ramsey on Instagram story: “Last day going into this place”, as he prepares to enter London Colney as an Arsenal player…
    16 May @ 12PM

  • Even Aaron Ramsey’s gonna look shit in this https://t.co/cnNbEOGlZD
    12 May @ 2PM

  • As Aaron Ramsey's Arsenal career came to an emotional end this week, it would be rude not to remember his Bebo account …
    9 May @ 5PM

  • La Parisien claim that Arsenal have now joined the race to sign Ajax box to box midfield star Donny Van de Beek to replace A…
    8 May @ 4PM

  • Edu will be the new technical director of Arsenal. He's already working with Raul Sanllehí. They are looking for a box-to-bo…
    8 May @ 3PM

  • "Aaron Ramsey (@aaronramsey ) All 129 Goals and Assists for Arsenal (2008-2019)" https://t.co/fzwIJJnVlk
    7 May @ 6PM

  • Nope, it wasn’t all a bad dream. Aaron Ramsey really is heading to Juventus in less than two months & we won’t receive…
    7 May @ 9AM

  • Fondly remembering Aaron Ramsey’s Bebo account. https://t.co/iRnPPtaqxi
    7 May @ 8AM

  • Paying Mkhitaryan and Özil nearly £30 million a year but not keeping Aaron Ramsey is criminal. My club is rotten and being m…
    7 May @ 3AM

  • James Maddison is the Aaron Ramsey replacement Arsenal need but won’t sign.
    6 May @ 10PM

  • Aaron Ramsey saying goodbye to the team. If you are not moved by this, you’re not a true Arsenal fan. #ARSBIR #COYG https…
    6 May @ 10PM

  • This is what @Arsenal means to Aaron Ramsey An emotional goodbye after 11 years of brilliant service Arsenal…
    6 May @ 8PM

  • 369 appearances, 64 goals FA Cups "I came here a boy and i'm leaving a man." Petr Cech and Aaron Ramsey…
    6 May @ 8PM

  • Thread of Aaron Ramsey’s career highlights & best moments at Arsenal [2008-2019]: @aaronramsey. #afc https://t.co/WLJxz1Ir00
    6 May @ 6PM

  • Got to feel for Aaron Ramsey, Finishing playing with Alex Iwobi and Mustafi to go play with Ronaldo and Chiellini must be…
    6 May @ 2PM

  • Aaron Ramsey on leaving Arsenal: “I’m very emotional. I’ve spent so many years here. I arrived here a boy at 17 years old & I…
    6 May @ 1PM

  • It was an emotional day for Aaron Ramsey as he said goodbye to the Arsenal fans ahead of his move to Juventus. More: https:…
    6 May @ 9AM

  • A tearful Aaron Ramsey waves goodbye to the Emirates Stadium! "A player of his quality shouldn't be leaving." How do @…
    6 May @ 1AM

  • Aaron Ramsey 369 apps, 64 goals for @Arsenal 262 PL apps, 40 goals, 46 assists Debut aged 17 years, 231 days v Twe…
    5 May @ 10PM

  • Video: Aaron Ramsey crying as he bids fairwell to Arsenal. He has been with the club for eleven years. https://t.co/Xh8
    5 May @ 8PM

  • Petr Cech consoles Aaron Ramsey who had to sit through Arsenal's 1-1 draw with Brighton today https://t.co/brX26GkdlX
    5 May @ 7PM

  • ‘One Aaron Ramsey’. https://t.co/cGbFclbrId
    5 May @ 6PM

  • “One Aaron Ramsey.” https://t.co/RkIamXWllz
    5 May @ 4PM

  • Aaron Ramsey already played his last game for us and today he’s getting a guard of honour for his 12 years service. Are you…
    5 May @ 1PM

  • Aaron Ramsey is leaving, so here’s some of the best memories with Mesut Özil in their 6 years at the Arsenal. https://t.c
    3 May @ 7AM

  • Aubameyang: 31 G+A Lacazette: 28 G+A The next highest contribution by an Arsenal player is Aaron Ramsey with 13 (six goal…
    2 May @ 11PM

  • Laurent Koscielny on Aaron Ramsey: “What I like about Aaron is that we know he signs for Juventus but he is still a professio…
    2 May @ 5PM

  • Massimiliano Allegri on Aaron Ramsey: "He is a fantastic signing. He is a complete player with a lot of energy and great t…
    2 May @ 3PM

  • A guard of honour will be made for Aaron Ramsey and Petr Cech before the final home game of the season against Brighton o…
    2 May @ 9AM

  • Aaron Ramsey - Thanks for everything https://t.co/YxYxmIq8qH
    2 May @ 3AM

  • Aaron Ramsey’s message on Instagram. https://t.co/wXXs5AhV7F
    1 May @ 10PM

  • Imagine if someone had told you in 2017 that Carl Jenkinson would outlast Arsène Wenger, Aaron Ramsey, Theo Walcott, J…
    1 May @ 9PM

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    • 🌊 Flowing team move 😱 Outrageous finish 🤷‍♂️ Nonchalant celebration 👏 @aaronramsey 3️⃣ Ramsey v Fulham (a)
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