@tomgunner14: Arsenal are hopeful Aaron Ramsey will be available to play against Newcastle. https://t.co/9bJiX2kuQR

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  • Should be noted that Arsenal are still putting together names and targets for summer transfer window but these three (Barel…
    25 Mar @ 1PM

  • #CallRob is coming up! Let's get your predictions and possible lineups for #WALSVK after the news that Aaron Ramsey is…
    23 Mar @ 4PM

  • Aaron Ramsey to miss Wales game this weekend. Celebrities world wide can breath a sigh of relief. Literally
    23 Mar @ 3PM

  • BREAKING: @Cymru midfielder Aaron Ramsey ruled out of tomorrow's @EURO2020 qualifier against Slovakia with a thigh injur…
    23 Mar @ 12PM

  • “It pains me every time I go to the Emirates & see how well he is performing, knowing that he won’t be there next season. He…
    22 Mar @ 10AM

  • @Football_LDN's @jamesbenge told @GTRadioPod why he doesn't think Unai Emery will be looking to replace Aaron Ramsey…
    19 Mar @ 7PM

  • Arsenal midfielder Aaron Ramsey has been ruled out of Wales' friendly against Trinidad and Tobago with a thigh injury…
    19 Mar @ 3PM

  • On the much tweeted about subject of upbringing / success and perceived privilege, but on a cheerier note: Who is the most…
    18 Mar @ 6PM

  • Aaron Ramsey vs Norwich (2013) https://t.co/fcBa4UTF6P
    18 Mar @ 4PM

  • Top four so close to being secured for Arsenal. Yet another season salvaged by Aaron Ramsey.
    17 Mar @ 6PM

  • “He never considered football as a tactical game. He is the guy who runs for the whole 90 minutes. He runs more than any pla…
    17 Mar @ 5PM

  • Aaron Ramsey & Mesut Ozil have started just 7 games together this season. Arsenal 0-2 Man City Cardiff 2-3 Arsenal Ar…
    16 Mar @ 3PM

  • Arsenal have now won all six matches that Aaron Ramsey, Mesut Özil, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang & Alexandre Lacazette have all…
    16 Mar @ 2PM

  • Seeing Aaron Ramsey given 110% for the team week in, week out but knowing full well that it’s bringing us closer to hi…
    15 Mar @ 9PM

  • People told me Aaron Ramsey can't play in a pivot. Apparently he would expose Xhaka. That's the biggest myth ever. He can pl…
    15 Mar @ 1AM

  • Aaron Ramsey: "If they stand behind you, protect them. If they stand beside you, respect them. If they stand against you, defeat…
    15 Mar @ 1AM

  • Aaron Ramsey is class personified. He never questioned management when he wasn’t in the XI. He never complained whilst…
    14 Mar @ 10PM

  • Aubameyang passes to Aaron Ramsey, who plays the ball back to the striker. Auba isn't expecting it so has stopped but then…
    14 Mar @ 9PM

  • Arsenal have won all five matches that Aaron Ramsey, Mesut Özil, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang & Alexandre Lacazette have all sta…
    14 Mar @ 8PM

  • One day next autumn, when Aaron Ramsey wakes up in his bed in Turin and feels a little bit lonely in a foreign land, he…
    13 Mar @ 11AM

  • Cristiano Ronaldo has 3 goals and 1 assist in five matches since Aaron Ramsey has signed a pre-contract with Juve. Ramsey r…
    12 Mar @ 9PM

  • “We've had a new manager come in with new ideas and it has been a season of trying to adapt to certain things that he wants…
    12 Mar @ 11AM

  • "Aaron Ramsey went full Ever Banega vs. Man Utd." "Spurs have played like a top-four side just once in 2019." "Mané is the r…
    12 Mar @ 9AM

  • Timely reminder that some Arsenal fans wanted Aaron Ramsey to be left to rot in the reserves.
    11 Mar @ 10PM

  • Aaron Ramsey vs Manchester United (H) MOTM performance on his last game vs a top 6 side [@CannonInsider x @AliArsen…
    11 Mar @ 7PM

  • Aaron Ramsey has turned your favourite midfielder into a motivational speaker https://t.co/vYeI3kwAMt
    11 Mar @ 5AM

  • Let's discuss Aaron Ramsey. Today he ran more than anyone on the pitch. He made more tackles than anyone else and was n…
    10 Mar @ 7PM

  • Tackles won in the first half vs. Man Utd: Aaron Ramsey: 6 All other Arsenal players combined: 1 He's putting in a shif…
    10 Mar @ 5PM

  • We’re going to miss Aaron Ramsey so much
    10 Mar @ 5PM

  • “Aaron Ramsey is one lucky f*cker, he gets to go to Juventus and I’m stuck with these idiots” https://t.co/5hdhwLn0nN
    7 Mar @ 7PM

  • Aaron Ramsey’s pitch. https://t.co/y7bKKTYykv
    7 Mar @ 5PM

  • Erwin Ramdani Scores in Jalak Harupat For Fun. SJH is Erwin Ramdani's Playground like Aaron Ramsey at White Hart Lane. #P…
    7 Mar @ 8AM

  • "Why would you go to @juventusfcen anyway? They're a smaller club than @Arsenal ." Former Arsenal captain Tony Adams do…
    6 Mar @ 4PM

  • Whenever Aaron Ramsey scores: 2011 May: Arsenal - Man Utd (Osama Bin Laden died) 2011 Oct: Arsenal - Tottenham (Steve Jo…
    5 Mar @ 10AM

  • The curse of Aaron Ramsey is real https://t.co/aqujKER85Z
    4 Mar @ 9PM

  • Aaron Ramsey in French is even more fire https://t.co/CpsEpdo7P8
    4 Mar @ 9PM

  • Aaron Ramsey: off to Juventus but still killing celebs with goals.
    4 Mar @ 7PM

  • Can't believe there are weirdos on here blaming Aaron Ramsey for Keith Flint and Luke Perry's death ffs
    4 Mar @ 7PM

  • Stunning portrait of Aaron Ramsey Prince of Wales, Duke of Wembley, Marquis of Turin https://t.co/HwNwgF82QM
    4 Mar @ 2PM

  • "One day Aaron Ramsey will wake up on a bed in Turin, feeling lonely in a foreign land. He will be pleased that he bid…
    4 Mar @ 5AM

  • Visiting fans loving the breakaway goal by Aaron Ramsey. #Wembley https://t.co/7ER8FtzoSA
    3 Mar @ 12PM

  • Wembley is Aaron Ramsey's pitch and we're all just playing on it 2019, Premier League: vs Tottenham Hotspur 2017,…
    2 Mar @ 10PM

  • I love that Aaron Ramsey hates Spurs. I will miss him so much when he’s gone. What a player.
    2 Mar @ 9PM

  • A word for Aaron Ramsey. Attacks Dier for celebrating in front of our fans in December. Scores today and shouts 'This is my…
    2 Mar @ 3PM

  • Aaron Ramsey still scoring the big goals for Arsenal https://t.co/Da39FXUy4R
    2 Mar @ 3PM

    2 Mar @ 1PM

  • Aaron Ramsey puts Arsenal ahead against rivals Tottenham at Wembley! https://t.co/lqY4K5OMgo
    2 Mar @ 1PM

  • Disappointed Özil isn’t starting given his form though when it comes to Wembley...you don’t get better than Aaron Ramsey!…
    2 Mar @ 12PM

  • I'm never forgetting this Insta story from Aaron Ramsey. Absolute class. https://t.co/1tSw7LmNgk
    2 Mar @ 12AM

  • Your final North London Derby, Aaron Ramsey. Let’s make it one to remember https://t.co/4fYkXeUCDH
    1 Mar @ 9PM

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    • RT @Arsenal: Al-Nasr 🆚 Arsenal 📱 Download your new and improved Arsenal App to watch Tuesday's game LIVE App Store 👉 https://t.co/KZzuD3…
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    • 🎶 @GorgonCity delivering an exclusive gig for Arsenal and @TIDAL members Hear what they had to say about The Gunne… https://t.co/AWPOqVgRJK
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    • RT @ArsenalWFC: Simply. World. Class. 🔥 @VivianneMiedema 👏 https://t.co/Rlp6dzR9Tb
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    • Al-Nasr 🆚 Arsenal 📱 Download your new and improved Arsenal App to watch Tuesday's game LIVE App Store 👉… https://t.co/HgJgtbNuwV
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    • ☀️ 32ºC We feelin' good 😁 https://t.co/nQ6M2VHelg
      25 Mar @ 02:47
    • @HenrikhMkh Love it, Micki 🔴👊
      25 Mar @ 02:41
    • Serving food in Dubai? Welbz just had to bring it out again 🤣 https://t.co/4uAaSYDqwh
      25 Mar @ 02:32
    • Our guy @HectorBellerin making friends wherever he goes 👋 #ArsenalInDubai 🇦🇪 https://t.co/ijlr4rzba0
      25 Mar @ 00:11
    • Wow, what a welcome! 🙌 #ArsenalInDubai 🇦🇪 https://t.co/8gYlIGDAYQ
      25 Mar @ 08:46
    • Wholesome mornings ❤️ 📍 The Rashid Centre for the Determined Ones #ArsenalInDubai 🇦🇪 https://t.co/G99eosNhT3
      25 Mar @ 07:41
    • RT @UnaiEmery_: Dubai is an amazing place to keep working and enjoying all together. So grateful for your hospitality. https://t.co/1elel9A…
      24 Mar @ 01:28
    • Special gifts for our special hosts 🎁 Thank you for inviting us to Zabeel Palace 🤝 #ArsenalInDubai 🇦🇪
      24 Mar @ 01:00
    • Bonne chance, Matteo 👊 @MatteoGuendouzi starts for @Equipedefrance Under-21s against Denmark tonight 🇫🇷 https://t.co/M8VVIVf4nH
      24 Mar @ 00:05
    • 🇷🇭 = Royal Highness 🇷🇭 = Rob Holding Looking right at home at the palace, @RobHolding95 🤣 https://t.co/pG4LKuf5D9
      24 Mar @ 09:12