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  • David Brooks

    David Brooks

    @SteveRustad1: It takes courage to protest. To face riot police. Sonic cannon. Tear gas. Tanks. Thank you, protesters, every one of…

  • Amadou Diallo

    Amadou Diallo

    @MamoudouNDiaye: how old were you when you were first aware of police brutality? I was 7 it was Amadou Diallo.

  • Felipe Anderson

    Felipe Anderson

    @StatmanDave: Dan James has registered 6 assists in the Premier League this season. More than: Bernardo Silva (5) Willian (5)…

  • Jurgen Klopp

    Jurgen Klopp

    @BigBoyler: Yes, I would also still work with John Boyega. While we’re at it, I will also work with Greta Gerwig, Rihanna and Jurgen Klo…

  • Nuno


    @johnregehr: new blog post by Nuno Lopes and me: Alive2 Part 2: Tracking miscompilations in LLVM using its own unit tests

  • Ben Chilwell

    Ben Chilwell

    @SiPhillipsSport: Duncan Castles saying Chelsea's move for Ben Chilwell is being partly driven by Ashley Cole. Also says Chilwell has…