@TobyonTV: Peter Crouch is a gift to Twitter https://t.co/bckcAbdNOZ

  • @stokecity: ?? Time is running out, less than 10 minutes remain... Joe Allen - £300 Jack Butland - £300 Peter Crouch - £300 (x2 bidders…
  • @piesportsbooze: Peter Crouch winning on Twitter ???? https://t.co/t0BgyxbLjo
  • @SwearingSport: Peter Crouch playing golf with normal sized clubs is probably the fucking funniest thing you’ll ever see?? https://t.co/z
  • @HistorySport_: Peter Crouch and Andriy Voronin taking a break from Liverpool's pre-season training 2007/08.. https://t.co/osOYXp8caV
  • @FootySuperTips: Peter Crouch is too good at Twitter ?????? https://t.co/MOZ4So3AHH