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  • ?? Ian Holloway has been speaking after #QPR's 2-2 draw at Craven Cottage. Ollie's reaction on the way. #FULvQPR
    17 Mar @ 3PM

  • Big week for Ian Holloway.
    17 Mar @ 2PM

  • Ian Holloway's men lead! @QPRFC are 1-0 up at @AVFCOfficial. >>
    13 Mar @ 9PM

  • @ffsavfc_ my lad once whipped his phone out to take a pic after we scored back in the blackpool glory days. clobbered h…
    12 Mar @ 9PM

  • Happy birthday, Ian Holloway! A man who certainly has a way with words ??
    12 Mar @ 9AM

  • ???? Happy birthday Ian Holloway! Any excuse to bring out this classic quote... ???? #QPR
    12 Mar @ 8AM

  • That is Ian Holloway
    24 Feb @ 6PM

  • #QPR boss Ian Holloway with @philcparry: “I’m a bit jealous really. They’ve got the oomph that we want.”
    21 Feb @ 12AM

  • Ian Holloway thought he was going to sign Tim Cahill for QPR.
    29 Jan @ 5PM

  • I've just spoken to Ian Holloway and he's absolutely devastated by the news. His standout quote, delivered in typical H…
    22 Jan @ 7PM

  • Ian Holloway getting abused of Millwall fans last night.. ZERO f*cks given ??????
    30 Dec @ 11AM

  • Ian Holloway standing there dressed like a Peakey Blinder, whilst a load of Millwall fans call him a C**T!! You literally…
    30 Dec @ 12AM

  • Millwall 1-0 up against QPR Millwall fans to Ian Holloway.
    29 Dec @ 8PM

  • Merry Christmas to everyone except - Lily Allen Ian Holloway Lee Tomlin Conor Ravenscroft ISIS Neil Warnock Welsh peopl…
    25 Dec @ 1PM

  • #QPR away league record: 1??7??games without a win. 1??2??defeats. 5??draws. 3??1??conceded. 1??0??scored. 8??games wi…
    2 Dec @ 7PM

  • On the 3rd November last year JFH was sacked citing ambitions to get in the play-offs. He had won 13 in 47 matches and…
    2 Dec @ 6PM

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