@FULLTIMEREDS: Marcus Rashford comes second to Renato Sanches in Golden Boy award for Europe best young player 2016. #MUFC

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  • @ManUtd: It's the skipper's birthday today... #MUFC https://t.co/ULfcOPTJWB
  • @paulpogba: Let's show how we're United today ???? Chelsea x Man Utd @ManUtd #mufc
  • @ManUtd: "I am Manchester United 100 per cent." A heartfelt message from the boss... #MUFC https://t.co/36pbkcIjlo
  • @RedDevilTimes: 100% behind this man // #MUFC ?? https://t.co/3PP7olKiO4
  • @utdcentre: Retweet if you're ready for United to tear Chelsea apart? #MUFC https://t.co/FpliSlKSWf
  • @ManUtdUpdates_: Giggs: "You don’t stand around on the pitch, swapping shirts and laughing, with the team that's just beat you." #MUFC
  • @ManUtd: Bailly suffers knee injury: https://t.co/7BPXyXAiIN #MUFC https://t.co/bQ3GAZ1IyA
  • @T_Sello: Friendly Reminder: Chelsea FC 4 - 0 Manchester United ????????
  • @ManUtd: They shall not pass. #mufc http://t.co/WzySP5yJIl
  • @ManUtd: 1' - Goal. Chelsea 1 #MUFC 0. Pedro rounds De Gea to score. #CHEMUN
  • @ManUtdUpdates_: Happy 31st Birthday, Wayne Rooney #MUFC https://t.co/pDX6Ekjmzc
  • @indykaila: Gary Neville: "This isn't Jose's team". He spent £159 million in the summer. It absolutely is his team & his mess. #MUFC
  • @forevruntd: Ryan Giggs: “You don’t stand around on the pitch, swapping shirts and laughing, with the team that’s just beat you.” #mufc…
  • @ManUtd: 62' - Goal. Chelsea 3 #MUFC 0. Hazard finds the corner with a low finish. #CHEMUN
  • @MufcSongs: Class from the fans yesterday Losing and still out singing the Chelsea fans at Stamford Bridge #Mufc https://t.co/NwEBfre1
  • @ManUtdReport_: Everything will be okay, things will come good. Win, Lose or Draw we will always support Manchester United. #MUFC https:…
  • @ManUtd: A disappointed Juan Mata says #MUFC will work hard to recover from the defeat at Chelsea: https://t.co/hfJ1Cla8pd https://t.co/…
  • @ManUtd: 70' - Goal. Chelsea 4 #MUFC 0. N'Golo Kante runs through and slots in a low finish. #CHEMUN
  • @forevruntd: G Neville: "When you are a #mufc fan for 30 years, for 50 years, you are going to have difficult times like these & you hav…
  • @StuMathiesonMEN: Smiling, swapping shirts and hugging after beaten 4-0...what next? Applauding opposition fans? #MUFC. At least look li…

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