@City_Watch: Tom Cleverley: "Every area of the field they are organised. Even the nasty side of the game they can do that with players l…

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  • @cityphil73 @9320pod I don't have any faith in trios Stones, Ottamondi and Fernandinho, we lost opportunity to buy… https://t.co/e5Ccx7PDEA
    19 Sep @ 2PM
  • Nice....Surely a Horlock, Ali B & Berkovic comparison with Fernandinho, KDB & Silva has to be the cards! (Not a ba… https://t.co/ANw05W63nT
    19 Sep @ 1PM
  • @OfficialCourtz Would be lovely to have him in there regularly he's class - Fernandinho could do with a rest haha.… https://t.co/R0P27V0PaH
    19 Sep @ 1PM
  • Fernandinho could leave Manchester City in the summer https://t.co/OOoLbo6gb9 https://t.co/JnW2YA9mO6
    19 Sep @ 12PM
  • @KenedyA02622928: @fernandinho_br - Amem ?????
    19 Sep @ 10AM
  • @TStateParties: When you bout to start wilding at a function and yo girl walk in https://t.co/j0k1dyb6lh
    19 Sep @ 9AM
  • Team against #WBA. Would like to see Foden and Diaz play. Sane needs more gametime. Maybe start Fernandinho and bri… https://t.co/4819RUnOkJ
    19 Sep @ 9AM
  • Debate over whether that should have been a penalty, but the bottom line is Fernandinho bundled into Maure - you cannot do that.
    19 Sep @ 8AM
  • Great Danilo interview in Brazil on DJ Fernandinho, Pep call, and how fantastic Man City is. #MCFC… https://t.co/lWDSzEi0rQ
    19 Sep @ 8AM
  • My wife has a nice life. In the homeland of Jesus, Ederson, Danillo, and Fernandinho. Whilst City top of the summit… https://t.co/mLo2cJA4W3
    19 Sep @ 8AM