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  • ???? Ragnar Klavan has been named Estonian Player of the Year for 2017. That's the real quiz.
    10 Dec @ 6PM

  • Ragnar Klavan, Simon Mignolet, Dejan Lovren. Klopp gives them a billion chances but they make the same mistakes over…
    10 Dec @ 5PM

  • Klopp: "But because we didn't buy a new centre-half, he (Lovren) is the problem. We have Joe Gomez who is the future of Engl…
    8 Dec @ 12PM

  • Ragnar Klavan BACK AT IT AGAIN with the sexy turnovers and god like technique skills!
    6 Dec @ 8PM

  • Klopp: "Ragnar Klavan and Joe Gomez are back. They were in training yesterday and I expect them in training today. Joel…
    5 Dec @ 2PM

  • Joe Gomez missing due to illness today. Ragnar Klavan only considered fit enough for bench duty after missing training…
    2 Dec @ 2PM

  • Liverpool’s centre-backs for ?? Dejan Lovren Ragnar Klavan Joe Gomez
    1 Dec @ 11PM

  • Ragnar Klavan has recovered from the illness which kept him out on Wednesday night. Expected to partner Dejan Lovren in the…
    1 Dec @ 1PM

  • Adam Lallana (thigh) and Ragnar Klavan (illness) were not spotted in training today. #LFC
    30 Nov @ 6PM

  • Klopp: "I’m happy about the options that we have. We thought about different options but Ragnar Klavan is ill. If Raggy was…
    29 Nov @ 10PM

  • Adam Lallana's absence is purely precautionary due to a minor muscle strain. Ragnar Klavan misses out due to illness. https://t.c
    29 Nov @ 6PM

  • Klopp on not being able to make change sooner: "In my mind Ragnar Klavan would have been right where Willian shot from."
    25 Nov @ 7PM

  • Big fan of how Ragnar Klavan makes every touch look like a last-ditch tackle, regardless how much time he has.
    25 Nov @ 6PM

  • Ragnar Klavan when asked about joining Liverpool: "Yes, I did not believe it. I asked for some kind of confirmation so Jur…
    23 Nov @ 11AM

  • NEW: Ragnar Klavan says he got Jürgen Klopp to send him a selfie to prove his identity when he signed for Liverpool. https:/…
    23 Nov @ 10AM

  • IN OTHER NEWS Jurgen Klopp sent Ragnar Klavan a selfie to prove that trying to sign him wasn't a hoax ???? ?? https://t.c
    22 Nov @ 5PM

  • Ragnar Klavan on how #LFC have addressed their defensive woes ahead of Sevilla trip...... https:/…
    21 Nov @ 10PM

  • Klopp text Ragnar Klavan to say he wanted him at Liverpool. Klavan didn't believe it was him. So Klopp sent him a selfie ????
    21 Nov @ 9PM

  • Ragnar Klavan WITH/WITHOUT Goals conceded 1/5 Clean sheets 2/1 Mine per…
    21 Nov @ 5PM

  • Ragnar Klavan reveals he never sees Mohamed Salah in training "because he's so fast" https://t.…
    21 Nov @ 3PM

  • Ragnar Klavan: "He is a great player [Salah]. He’s so fast that you don’t even see him too often in training." ?? https…
    21 Nov @ 7AM

  • ?? Ragnar Klavan's pre-Sevilla recap ???? • Feels defence has improved. ?? • Salah 'important' for Liverpool. ?? • Happy to have…
    20 Nov @ 6PM

  • [email protected]_ENG press conference coming up... ?? Jürgen Klopp and Ragnar Klavan ?? 17:15 GMT ? Watch live and free: https://t.c
    20 Nov @ 4PM

  • Matip's absence is likely to see Lovren play against his former club alongside Ragnar Klavan at centre-back. (James Pearce)
    17 Nov @ 11PM

  • The impending returns of ‘world-class’ duo Philippe Coutinho and Adam Lallana are coming at the perfect time as Liverpool pr…
    17 Nov @ 12PM

  • 'World-class' Phil and Adam are so important to us' Read part two of our Ragnar Klavan interview: https…
    17 Nov @ 8AM

  • "A really nice guy, a really good player." ?? @J_Gomez97's performances for the #ThreeLions came as no surprise to Ragnar Klavan:…
    16 Nov @ 8AM

  • Liverpool have won all three matches since Ragnar Klavan came into the side against Huddersfield. Should he carry on at cen…
    9 Nov @ 11AM

  • Mirror: - Ragnar Klavan's pointless 'Zoolander turns' are becoming a brilliant feature of every Li…
    2 Nov @ 11PM

  • He's done it again, he's done it again, Ragnar Klavan, he's done it again.
    1 Nov @ 8PM

  • Hello @FCBarcelona, Coutinho cannot do this so I advise you sign Ragnar Klavan instead, thankyou
    30 Oct @ 8PM

  • ?? Happy 32nd Birthday Ragnar Klavan ??
    30 Oct @ 6PM

  • Football birthdays: Andre (24) Nir Bitton (26) Ashley Barnes (29) Ragnar Klavan (32) Stern John (41) Stefan Kuntz (55) Diego…
    30 Oct @ 4PM

  • He toasted a clean sheet on Saturday and today he celebrates a birthday ?? Enjoy it, Ragnar Klavan! ??
    30 Oct @ 10AM

  • My hero. My mate. Ragnar Klavan.
    29 Oct @ 3PM

  • Extremely Zoolander from Ragnar Klavan yesterday.
    29 Oct @ 9AM

  • A late change for #LFC: Dejan Lovren is replaced by Ragnar Klavan due to injury. Ben Woodburn takes a place on the bench.
    28 Oct @ 3PM

  • What happened to Ragnar Klavan on the way to LIverpool training?!
    26 Oct @ 9PM

  • Ragnar Klavan's Mercedes has seen better days...
    26 Oct @ 7PM

  • Ragnar Klavan, Alberto Moreno, Jon Flanagan, James Milner and Lazar Markovic all find themselves in the same situation. (Jam…
    4 Oct @ 8PM

  • Ragnar Klavan insists the big picture hasn’t changed despite a run of four games without a win and an early exit from the Ca…
    22 Sep @ 9AM

  • #OnThisDay in 2??0??1??6?? Ragnar Klavan scored his debut (and only) goal for @LFC in a 3-0 win at Derby. He's played 29 gam…
    20 Sep @ 1PM

  • More tempting fate, but at £4.2m, Ragnar Klavan looks a real find at the back for Liverpool
    19 Sep @ 10PM

  • Once again, Ragnar Klavan is not even championship level. He's not good at anything, and definitely not at defending.
    16 Sep @ 4PM

  • When you see Ragnar Klavan and James Milner in the starting XI.
    16 Sep @ 2PM

  • Klopp insists an array of alternatives were considered before he opted to keep faith with Dejan Lovren, Joel Matip, Ragnar K…
    15 Sep @ 11PM

  • Ragnar Klavan must be bad if Dejan Lovren plays ahead of him – Steve Nicol
    14 Sep @ 6PM

  • I do feel for Ragnar Klavan. Regardless of his ability (or lack of it) - he's trying his best. Not his fault we don't have d…
    9 Sep @ 8PM

  • If you ever feel like you can't get anywhere in life just remember Ragnar klavan is a professional footballer...
    9 Sep @ 3PM

  • This defence is genuinely eye-bleeding to watch. It’s painful. Ragnar Klavan is Championship quality at best. Woeful player.
    9 Sep @ 1PM

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