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  • BREAKING: Adam Lallana has FINALLY cut his hair! Expect him to now win the Balon d'Or, World Cup, Champions League, X F…
    23 Feb @ 2PM

  • Adam Lallana has got rid of the mop! Big scenes ??
    23 Feb @ 1PM

  • Nice to see Adam Lallana has finally cut his hair.
    23 Feb @ 12PM

  • Adam Lallana for Liverpool u23's! ??
    16 Feb @ 10PM

  • Adam Lallana's frozen feet after the Southampton/Liverpool match yesterday. ????
    12 Feb @ 5PM

  • Liverpool footballer Adam Lallana suffered an unusual post-match injury following a chilly game on the south coast https://t.c
    12 Feb @ 4PM

  • Adam Lallana reveals his frost-bitten toes after yesterday’s Southampton v Liverpool match ????
    12 Feb @ 4PM

  • Liverpool star Adam Lallana's toes turn yellow after match on freezing pitch
    12 Feb @ 9AM

  • “Adam Lallana is definitely losing his toes...” ?? Lallana posted a picture of his FROZEN toes after the game against South…
    12 Feb @ 1AM

  • Adam Lallana's frozen toes after tonight's game. I guess you could call them... White Walkers. I'll get my coat ?????? https:…
    11 Feb @ 8PM

  • Adam Lallana looks like that guy at a party who tells you he grows his own vegetables and makes his own shoes. #SOULIV
    11 Feb @ 7PM

  • Jurgen Klopp putting Adam Lallana & now Dejan Lovren on just to piss off Southampton fans even more I’m certain
    11 Feb @ 6PM

  • "He is in the top three players I’ve played with, he’s incredible." Rickie Lambert with high praise for former #LFC teammate @off…
    10 Feb @ 9AM

  • Adam Lallana for Liverpool u23's! ??
    9 Feb @ 5PM

  • "He is for sure an option for the squad, but an option for the first XI?"
    9 Feb @ 3PM

  • Klopp on Adam Lallana: "He is on the way back again this season. We will not rush it, for sure. He's an option for the squad." Wa…
    9 Feb @ 1PM

  • Mikaela's dream is to meet Adam Lallana & Mo Salah! We have phoned, emailed and pm'd the Club to no avail. Having come…
    8 Feb @ 4PM

  • "@SkyNewsBreak: Footballer Adam Lallana has arrived at scene saying he is a friend of Rahul Moat"
    8 Feb @ 12AM

  • SPOTTED: Adam Lallana's latest match for Liverpool's U23's
    7 Feb @ 10AM

  • Adam Lallana for Liverpool u23's! ??
    6 Feb @ 6PM

  • Jack Wilshere sent off in an under 23 match, 2 game ban. Adam Lallana sent off in an under 23 match, no action taken Can…
    6 Feb @ 3PM

  • Adam Lallana for Liverpool u23's..
    6 Feb @ 8AM

  • Adam Lallana for Liverpool u23's..??
    6 Feb @ 12AM

  • Adam Lallana for Liverpool u23's..????
    5 Feb @ 10PM

  • Adam Lallana, a near 30 year old man just got sent off for trying to fight a kid.
    5 Feb @ 9PM

  • Adam Lallana set to play for Liverpool Under-23s at Tottenham tonight. Danny Ings, Dominic Solanke and Ben Woodburn also li…
    5 Feb @ 12PM

  • Adam Lallana, Danny Ings, Dominic Solanke and Ben Woodburn have been included in Liverpool U23s’ squad for tonight's ga…
    5 Feb @ 12PM

  • Klopp: "Adam [Lallana] will train today completely normal. In an ideal world, he should not be involved for the weekend because th…
    2 Feb @ 6PM

  • Lallana is set to resume full training at Melwood. Full story from today's press conference: https://t.c…
    2 Feb @ 1PM

  • Klopp on staying cool, crazy money and the latest on Adam Lallana's fitness #LFC
    2 Feb @ 11AM

  • Can confirm Adam Lallana could make his debut this weekend against Spurs.
    2 Feb @ 12AM

  • Adam Lallana on Instagram. Philippe Coutinho came back to say his goodbyes today.
    29 Jan @ 6PM

  • Not good news on Adam Lallana ?? #LFC
    29 Jan @ 11AM

  • Jürgen Klopp: "Of course It's been a bit difficult at the moment with the injuries of Jordan and Adam [Lallana]. The t…
    28 Jan @ 10PM

  • #LFC quartet could return to action at Anfield tomorrow, but Jürgen Klopp will be without Adam Lallana. Latest #FACup team news ??…
    26 Jan @ 7PM

  • Lallana: Found a Coutinho replacement yet boss? Klopp: Yes, Adam. Lallana: who? Klopp:..... You Lallana: https://…
    26 Jan @ 4PM

  • So Adam Lallana who is supposed to be “like a new signing” & replacing Coutinho, is out injured, again.
    26 Jan @ 3PM

  • Klopp on Henderson: "We have to think about it. Adam Lallana has a little issue and I'm pretty sure he will be out of…
    26 Jan @ 2PM

  • Michail Antonio: “The best player I've played with is Adam Lallana. I just think he's quality. He's both footed. When I w…
    26 Jan @ 11AM

  • Michail Antonio: “The best player I've played with is Adam Lallana. I just think he's quality. He's both footed. When I was…
    25 Jan @ 8PM

  • Kudos to Adam Lallana for providing the sort of late goal line clearance Liverpool defenders could only ever dream about.
    22 Jan @ 9PM

  • ??: Klopp: “He will [Lallana] be an England starting player again for sure. If Mr Southgate can afford to leave Adam La…
    21 Jan @ 11AM

  • Adam Lallana Wallpaper The forgotten Hero ? Rt’s appreciated!
    15 Jan @ 6PM

  • Andy Robertson going full Adam Lallana on City there
    14 Jan @ 5PM

  • Adam Lallana could make his 400th appearance of his club career today. #lfc #adamlallana #lallana
    14 Jan @ 3PM

  • @AndyK_LivNews In playing terms, focus will undoubtedly fall on Adam Lallana and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. Lallana may be see…
    9 Jan @ 6PM

  • We sold our best player for 140M and we're not replacing him because 29 year old Adam Lallana is fit again LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOO…
    7 Jan @ 10PM

  • In the past 12 months, Joe Hart (1) has more assists than Adam Lallana (0). The media are trying to convince you he’s a suitab…
    7 Jan @ 4PM

  • Imho a fully fit Adam Lallana is better than Coutinho. Typical Liverpool: sell one of the world's best players for an…
    7 Jan @ 3PM

  • Some media outlets in England reporting that Liverpool agreed to fast track the Coutinho move because of Adam lallana’s r…
    6 Jan @ 6PM

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