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  • "I am number 11 until today. So I wear number 11 today. The club will decide my number this year." Mesut Ozil on his #afc…
    12 Jul @ 11AM

  • Our contact at Arsenal has informed us that he believes Mesut Ozil is staying at Arsenal.
    4 Jul @ 7PM

  • Arsenal stars, including new boy Sead Kolasinac, return for pre-season training ahead of new Premier League season https://t…
    4 Jul @ 5PM

  • I don't see Mesut Ozil.
    3 Jul @ 1AM

  • Mesut Ozil is not human.
    1 Jul @ 6AM

  • In a recent interview, Kevin De Bruyne has stated that he "looks up" to Mesut Ozil and wants to "emulate his game". [@HLN…
    23 Jun @ 1PM

  • Mesut Ozil putting as much effort into the new kit photo shoot as he does in big games...
    22 Jun @ 5PM

  • Arsenal fans when they see both Mesut Ozil AND Alexis Sanchez modelling the new home kit ?? (via @TheVerboss)…
    21 Jun @ 6PM

  • Mesut Ozil has signed a new 4 year contract will be announced after the confederation cup
    12 Jun @ 12AM

  • Yazici and assist go hand in hand. This kid is the new Mesut Ozil ????
    11 Jun @ 9PM

  • ?? Tony Adams: Buying Mesut Ozil was an insult to Jack Wilshere - he's just as good | Interview by @jamesbenge #AFC https…
    5 Jun @ 10PM

  • ‘We’ve got Ozil. Mesut Ozil. I just don’t think you understand. He’s Arsene Wenger’s man. He’s better than Zidane!' https://t.…
    4 Jun @ 9AM

  • Arsene Wenger has insisted that Arsenal have no intention of selling Alexis Sanchez or Mesut Ozil this summer [Sky Sports…
    3 Jun @ 3PM

  • "They will stay... and hopefully we can extend their contracts," says Arsene Wenger on Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil https…
    3 Jun @ 1PM

  • Arsenal insist they will reject any offers for Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez
    3 Jun @ 12PM

  • Arsene Wenger is about to do something he's never done before at Arsenal
    3 Jun @ 7AM

  • Arsene Wenger on Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil's contract situation. Love the confidence???? #AFC
    2 Jun @ 10PM

  • Stat leaders in a single Premier League game in 2016/17. ???? Mesut Ozil ?? Eden Hazard ?? Jan Vertonghen ??
    2 Jun @ 7PM

  • With 57% of the vote, you have chosen Mesut Ozil's bit of magic against Ludogorets as your 2016/17 #UCL Goal of the To…
    2 Jun @ 12PM

  • live life to the fullest. fuck what people say. achieve your dreams, Mesut Ozil, Arsenal
    2 Jun @ 10AM

  • £280,000 a week! Mesut Ozil will be reaching for the nearest pen if the gossip is to be believed. More:
    2 Jun @ 6AM

  • EXCLUSIVE: Mesut Ozil set to finally stay at Arsenal and sign new contract…
    2 Jun @ 1AM

  • EXCLUSIVE: Mesut Ozil set to finally stay at Arsenal and sign new contract…
    1 Jun @ 10PM

  • One of Arsenal's club legends believes they should sell Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil this summer: http…
    1 Jun @ 4PM

  • ???? Sanchez and Ozil want to know #Arsenal transfer targets before committing to new deals | ?? by @JamesOlley https://t…
    1 Jun @ 12PM

  • £350,000 a week! That's the amount Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil both reportedly want to stay at Arsenal. Gossip ? https://…
    1 Jun @ 10AM

  • Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil are teaming up to force Arsenal to pay them £300,000 per week https://…
    1 Jun @ 9AM

  • Arsenal should sell Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil, says Martin Keown
    1 Jun @ 8AM

  • Stewart Robson believes Riyad Mahrez would be the ideal replacement if Mesut Ozil leaves Arsenal. Agree?
    1 Jun @ 5AM

  • Selling Arsenal players 'right' - Martin Keown
    31 May @ 11PM

  • Arsene Wenger should sell "overindulged" star players Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil according to Martin Keown.…
    31 May @ 10PM

  • Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil have joined forces to try to squeeze mega-deals out of Arsenal #AFC @johncrossmirror http…
    31 May @ 8PM

  • Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil could still leave Arsenal despite the stability provided by Arsene Wenger agreeing a new two-ye…
    31 May @ 6PM

  • Alexis Sanchez determined to pursue move to #FCBayern. Mesut Ozil to stay but reluctant to sign a new contract. [The Tim…
    31 May @ 3PM

  • Mesut Ozil starts his summer holiday in Los Angeles by visiting swanky Beverly Hills restaurant with friends
    31 May @ 12PM

  • Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil want to leave Arsenal (Times) #AFC #FCBayern #CFC #PSG #MCFC #Juventus
    31 May @ 6AM

  • Arsenal fans on a day where Arsene Wenger agreed a new contract and both Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez confirmed they wa…
    31 May @ 1AM

  • PAPER TALK: Arsenal preparing a last push to keep Alexis Sanchez & Mesut Ozil - worth a combined £30m-per-year. https://t.…
    30 May @ 11AM

  • Arsenal ready to make Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez the highest-paid players in the club's history
    30 May @ 10AM

  • Arsenal prepare £280,000 per-week offers to keep Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez at the club @JWTelegraph
    30 May @ 7AM

  • Arsenal prepare offers to make Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil highest-paid players in club's history @JWTelegraph https://…
    29 May @ 10PM

  • Just been to a Sunday league game and big Phil played shite but you won't hear anything because his name isn't Paul Pogba o…
    29 May @ 7PM

  • @pesleague QUIZ: Name every team Mesut Özil has assisted against for Arsenal. ?? Get over 50% to enter a draw for his shirt -…
    29 May @ 11AM

  • Football Experts = OWNED ????
    29 May @ 10AM

  • Mesut Ozil and Arsene Wenger. #AFC #Ozil #Wenger
    29 May @ 10AM

  • Mesut Ozil has trolled the 'experts' that predicted Arsenal would lose the FA Cup final #AFC - https://t.…
    28 May @ 10PM

  • Chelsea look a bit limp, if I'm honest, but Mesut Ozil has been absolutely flawless so far.
    28 May @ 3AM

  • Mesut Ozil has won 3 trophies in 4 years here, Alexis 2 in 3, Xhaka 1 in 1. Dump that agenda that players want to leave us for…
    28 May @ 1AM

  • Video: Alexis Sanchez films his reaction in the dressing room alongside Mesut Ozil and Granit Xhaka.
    27 May @ 9PM

  • Mesut Ozil chasing down Eden Hazard, smashing him down with the ball. The gangster in Mesut finally expressing itself.
    27 May @ 6PM

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